Comic Cavalcade #4

DC     September, 1943

Fall 1943

The Purloined Pressure Coordinator; A Pair of Kings; The Biography of a Nazi; Have You Read Any Good Books Lately?; Speedy Alibi (text); Mark Time, Mister; The Man Who Wouldn’t Put His Lights Out; Turncoat Terrorism; Hop Harrigan and the Coconuts (text); Winky Turns Wrestler

 William Moulton Marston, Gardner Fox, Ted Udall, Evelyn Gaines, Jon L. Blummer, Sheldon Mayer, Irwin Hansen, John Wentworth

 Harry G. Peter, Jon Chester Kozlak, Howard Purcell, Paul Reinman, Jon L. Blummer, Sheldon Mayer, Irwin Hasen, Louis Ferstadt

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