National Lampoon #64

National Lampoon     July, 1975

X-Rated 3-D Entertainment

The 3-D Films of Joe Bush; Hollywood, Hooray; The Magic Show; Lou Scattershot’s Magical Marketplace; So You Want to Be a Rock Star; Mel Brooks is God; Glitter Burns; FagHag Magazine; The Great 3-D Show; Nuts; Airport ’69; Idyl; The Ten Worst Movies of All Time; The Mojave Stars; Saturday A.M. T.V.; The Vespers of 1610; Dirty Duck; Thelma Ironthighs; It’s No Joke; Eggs and Gina; Hollywood Briefs; Slice of Life; The Rinse Cycle

 Norman Rubington, Brian McConnanchie, Chris Miller, Gerald Sussman, Ted Mann

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