National Lampoon #20

National Lampoon     November, 1971


The Science Fiction Horror Movie Pocket Computer; Beneath the Planet of the Puerto Ricans; The Disrespectful Summons; Doctor Jekyll’s Surgical Supply Catalogue; Up Against the Wall, Forefathers!; The Mammal That Suckled Its Young; Dragula, Sick Jokes of the Seventies; Creepy Cut-Outs; The Most Sensational Traffic Jam Since Hiroshima and Other Pranks; What Marks on the Neck?; The Orchid; Witchcraft and the Black Arts; The Incredible Shrinking Machine; The Phantom of the Rock Opera

 Gahan Wilson, Tom Leopold, Christopher Guest, Edward Gorey, Doug Kenney, Ea G. le Gousse, Roger Corman, C.B. Griffith, Tony Hendra, Christopher Rush, Gene Kearney, Michael O’Donoghue, Sean Kelly, John Weidman, Michel Choquette, Michael Sullivan, Bill Skurski

 Gahan Wilson, Edward Gorey

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