Raw (Vol. 2) #3

Penguin     January, 1991

The Mouseum of Natural History; Marcel, the Little White Man of Iwindo; Memories of an African; On a Sliver of River; Little Bastard; Krazy Kat; North Americans; I Remember Peggy; Thrilling Adventure Stories; Everybody’s Buddy; Garish Feline; Proxy; Maus, Chapter 10: Saved; A Day in the Life of Cowboy Henk; Written on the Wind; Columbus Returns and Reconsiders; Binky Brown Meets Olympic Legends; Eyesore; The Bowing Machine; The Boulevard of Broken Dreams; And Now a Word from Our Sponsor; The Most Obvious Question; Between the Lines; Repulsion; A Fulfilling Carrer

 Alan Moore, art spiegelman

 Kim Deitch, Gary Panter, art spiegelman, Chris Ware, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Drew Friedman, Justin Greenwood, Lynda Barry, Gustave Doré

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