Heavy Metal: 15 Years of #1 Hardcover

HM Communications

Includes 64 more pages; ca. 1992

Foreward, Heavt Metal: The First Fiften Years, Den’s Farewell, Earth Versus Saturn, Bourbon Thret: Episode #310, HM’s Star Dissections: Attack of the 50 Foot, Comic Artist, The Bus: What Is It with the Bus?, The Iron Wheel, Valentina: Reflection, The Stolen God, Berlin at Dawn, I ? the Earth, Symbols, Sunpot, Sunpot; Chapter 1, Sunpot: Chapter 2, Sunpot: Chapter 3, Sunpot: Chapter 4, Sunpot: Chapter 5, Sunpot: Chapter 6, the Adventures of Glenn Dykstra, I’m Age, A Matter of Time, Jpo De Pojo, Double V: Dead Man Wear Toupes, Exquisite Corpses, Manuel Montano and the Case of the Nudist Colony Rip-Off, Lorna: Mouse Club, Dieter Lumpen, Children of the Future, Monday

 Julie Simmons-Lynch, Kevin Eastman, Richard Corben, Tanino Gaetano, Patricia Wong, Drew Freidman, Angus McKie, Zeljko Pahek, Guido Crepax, Fernando rubio, Angel De La Calle, Carlos Buiza, Josep Beroy, Vaughn Bodé, Jack Adler, Antonio Navarro, Jeff Jones, Juan Gimenez, Joost Swarte, Daniel Torres, Phil Trumbo, Miguelanxo Prado, Jorge Zentner, Paolo Serpieri, J.D. King

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