Storylines containing “Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne”

11Heavy Metal1996, Part 10; …Subsequently…; Ulysses; The Time Warp; Talapalca; Den; the Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius; Miss Heavy Metal 1978: Roberta; Chain Mail; Space Soap Opera; Conquering Armies; A Rose For Ecclesiastes
12Heavy Metal1996, Part 11; Abracax Effect; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne; Barbarella, Part 2; Den, Part 12; Diabolical Planet; Galactic Geographic, Part 1; Hitchhike; Lost; Orion, Part 1; Paradise 9; Ruse; Self-Portrait; Underground Comic; Urm, Part 2
15Heavy Metal1996, Part 13; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 6; Barbarella, Part 5; Colonization; Evolution; Fable; Galactic Geographic, Part 4; Heilman, Part 1; More Than Human, Part 1; New Tales of the Arabian Nights: Shaherazade; Report V.I.; Sabre; Them Changes
22Heavy Metal1996, Part 15; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 10; The Bus, Part 1; Dreamland; Exercise in Gold; Exterminator 17, Part 4; Gail, Part
24Heavy Metal1996, Part 17; A Mass for the Dead; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Pa
8Heavy Metal1996, Part 8; A Visit to Jivaskilla Technexp; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 2; Ballade; Bird of Dust; Blue Terror; Den, Part 8; Feet Upon the Stomach; How’s the Nightlife on…; Master; Polonius, Part 4; World Apart, Part 5
10Heavy Metal1996, Part 9; A Rose for Ecclesiastes; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 3; Conquering Armies, Part 5; Den, Part 10; Miss Heavy Metal 1978; Space Soap Opera; Talaplaca; Ulysses
29Heavy MetalA Space Story; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 14; Amber II
17Heavy MetalAge of Ages, Part 6; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 7; Frontispiece; Gail, Part 3; Galactic Geographic, Part 6; Georg
26Heavy MetalAh! The Pierrot; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 12; Alien, Part 2; Blast Bartleby; Dan
32Heavy MetalAirtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 16; Barlowe’s Guidebook to Extrate; Egg-Stained Wine; Elric, Part 2; Galactic Geographic, Part 11; Homer’s Idyll; Jim; Moon Flight; Rowlf, Part 1; Shelter, Part 4; The Stars My Destination; Zooks, Part 3
13Heavy MetalAirtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 5; Barbarella, Part 3; City of Flowers; Galactic Geographic, Part 2; Orion, Part 2; Urm the Mad
18Heavy MetalAirtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 8; At Play in Time and Space; Croatian; Gail, Part 4; Chain Mail; …Additionally…; New tales of the Arabian Nights
19Heavy MetalAirtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 9; Blob; Cu
28Heavy MetalNew Tales of the Arabian Nights, Part 14; Sindbad in the Land of the Jinn; The Great Trap, Part 3; The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius, Part 26; Stingaree; Citizens Beware; The Bus; ’Rears its Ugly Green Head; Zooks; Ecch! The Young Gnome (text); Shelter; Telefield, Part 5; Attila the Frog; Down Deep; Starcrown, Part 5; Multiple Choice
21Heavy MetalNew Tales Of The Arabian Nights: Sindbad In The Land Of The Jinn; Hit Man, Part 1; The Thousandth Contract; The Fury Of Vengeance; Exquisite Corpses; The Sign; Orion, Part 9; Exterminator 17; Off-Season; Tarot; The Airtight Garage Of Jerry Cornelius; The Colored Lights And Frequent Electrical Fires Attract A Certain Primitive Animal; So Beautiful And So Dangerous, Part 3; …Mankind Has Taken A Giant Leap…; The Development Of An Intergalactic Corporation: A Treatise