Storylines containing “Conquering Armies”

1Heavy Metal1996, Part 1; The Adventures of Yriss; Age of Ages, Part 1; Conquering Armies, Part 1; Den, Part 1; Manipulation; Rut; Selenia; Space Punks; Sunspot, Part 1; Sword of Shannara; Traumwatch
11Heavy Metal1996, Part 10; …Subsequently…; Ulysses; The Time Warp; Talapalca; Den; the Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius; Miss Heavy Metal 1978: Roberta; Chain Mail; Space Soap Opera; Conquering Armies; A Rose For Ecclesiastes
2Heavy Metal1996, Part 2; Adventures of Yriss; Age of Ages, Part 2; Conquering Armies, Part 2; Den, Part 2; Harzak, Part 1; Meaobbin Mecru; Sunspot, Part 2, Virgo; Festival; Roger, Part 1; Star-Death of Margaret Omali
3Heavy Metal1996, Part 3; Age of Ages, Part 3; Conquering Armies, Part 3; Den, Part 3; Gail, Part 1; Harzak, Part 2; Night Images; Rockblitz; Sloane; Sunspot, Part 3; Vengeance; Vessel; World Apart, Part 1
4Heavy Metal1996, Part 4; Approaching Centauri; Conquering Armies, Part 4; Crossroads of the Universe; Den, Part 4; Golden Queen; Harzak, Part 3; The Long Tomorrow, Part 1; Nep Simo; Prince of Mist; Sunspot, Part 4; World Apart, Part 2
10Heavy Metal1996, Part 9; A Rose for Ecclesiastes; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 3; Conquering Armies, Part 5; Den, Part 10; Miss Heavy Metal 1978; Space Soap Opera; Talaplaca; Ulysses
1/HCArmiesConquering Armies, Arn’s Revenge