Storylines containing “El Borbah”

96Heavy MetalAlbinos; An Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 3; The Bus, Part 60; El Borbah, Part 7; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 2; The Hunting Party, Part 9; It’s Not a Bad Life; Matter of Time: Chronology; Tex Arcana, Part 28; The Walls of Samaris, Part 4
97Heavy MetalAn Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 4; Bourbon Threat; The Bus, Part 61; El Borbah, Part 8; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 3; The Hunting Party, Part 10; Rebel, Part 1; Rock Opera, Part 55; The Stranger; Tex Arcana, Part 29; The Walls of Samaris, Part 5
98Heavy MetalAn Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 5; Bodyssey, Part 1; The Bus, Part 62; El Borbah, Part 9; The Fighter; Fragments; Goodbye; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 4; Le Chat; Rebel, Part 2; Superflite
99Heavy MetalAn Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 6; Autocracy; Bodyssey, Part 2; El Borbah, Part 10; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 5; Rebel, Part 3; Rock Opera, Part 56; Skydancer; Tex Arcana, Part 30; The Whisper Mystery, Part 1
100Heavy MetalAn Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 6; Bodyssey, Part 3; The Bus, Part 63; The Destroyer; El Borbah, Part 11; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 6; Rebel, Part 4; Robots; Sillavango: Holiday; Skydancer; Tex Arcana, Part 31; The Whisper Mystery, Part 2
1Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics, TheOld Gangsters Never Die; Torpedo 1936: The Switch; The Money-Making Machine Swindlers; 87th Precinct: Blind Man’s Bluff; The Murderer of Hung; Murder, Morphine and Me; El Borbah: Love in Vein; The Spirit: The Portier Fortune; Secret Agent X-9; Commissario Spada: Strada [Street]; Lily-White Joe; The Crushed Gardenia; Ms. Tree: Maternity Leave; Roy Carson and the Old Master; Mary Spratchet; Alack Sinner: Talkin’ With Joe; The Button; Kane: Rat in the House; Who Dunnit?; Mike Lancer and the Syndicate of Death; Mike Hammer: Dark City; The Court; The Sewer; I Keep Coming Back
78Heavy MetalThe Bus, Part 42; The City That Didn’t Exist, Part 5; El Borbah
85Heavy MetalThe Bus, Part 49; El Borbah, Part 2; Forbidden Passions; HM’
87Heavy MetalThe Bus, Part 51; Alien, Part 3; Bunker 6A; El Borbah, Part 4; He Came Fro