Storylines containing “Forerunner”

Anl 1978Logan’s Run (Brown & Watson)Logan’s World; Can You Escape from the City of Domes? (activity); All in the Mind (text story); Where Did Logan and His Companions Escape from? (activity); Reawakening (text story); Star File: Gregory Harrison Alias Logan (feature); Logan’s Forerunners (feature); Logan’s Run (game); Sunrise… Moonset; Depths of Terror (text story); Rem and the Robots (feature); Space Age Travel (feature); Deadly Truce (feature); Logan’s Runners (feature); City of the Nighthawks; Find You Way to Sanctuary (activity)
7Countdown to AdventureThe Home Front to Serve Rann; Forerunner, Part 7; Counting Down
6Countdown to AdventureThe Home Front, Rescue Parties; Forerunner, Part 6; Love and War
4Countdown to AdventureThe Home Front: First, Do No Harm; Forerunner, Part 4; Friends and Foes
5Countdown to AdventureThe Home Front: Patient Zero; Forerunner, Part 5; Lost In Space
8Countdown to AdventureThe Home Front; Heroic Measures; Forerunner, Part 8; Endgame
3Countdown to AdventureThe Home Front; In the Time of the Plague; Forerunner, Part 3; The Realms of the Conjurors
1Countdown to AdventureThe Home Front; New Kids on the Block; Forerunner, Part 1; The Origin of the Species
2Countdown to AdventureThe Home Front; Working Man’s Blues; Forerunner, Part 2; The Origin of Species