Storylines containing “Galactic Geographic”

12Heavy Metal1996, Part 11; Abracax Effect; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne; Barbarella, Part 2; Den, Part 12; Diabolical Planet; Galactic Geographic, Part 1; Hitchhike; Lost; Orion, Part 1; Paradise 9; Ruse; Self-Portrait; Underground Comic; Urm, Part 2
14Heavy Metal1996, Part 12; An Image; Barbarella, Part 4; Fed Up; Galactic Geographic, Part 3; Going to Pieces; Jungle Gym; Lost Time; Margerin; Orion, Part 3; Ozone Alley; Tap-Dancing on a Tender…; The Day; The Uptight Garbage of Jerry Corne; Urm, Part 3
15Heavy Metal1996, Part 13; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 6; Barbarella, Part 5; Colonization; Evolution; Fable; Galactic Geographic, Part 4; Heilman, Part 1; More Than Human, Part 1; New Tales of the Arabian Nights: Shaherazade; Report V.I.; Sabre; Them Changes
16Heavy Metal1996, Part 14; Barbarella, Part 6; Death of Orlaon; Frontispiece; Gail, Part 2; Galactic Geographic, Part 5; Heilman, Part 2; Last Voyage of Sinbad; More Than Human, Part 2; Orion, Part 4; Q Claf 1; Story of the Acrylic Magus and…
17Heavy MetalAge of Ages, Part 6; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 7; Frontispiece; Gail, Part 3; Galactic Geographic, Part 6; Georg
32Heavy MetalAirtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 16; Barlowe’s Guidebook to Extrate; Egg-Stained Wine; Elric, Part 2; Galactic Geographic, Part 11; Homer’s Idyll; Jim; Moon Flight; Rowlf, Part 1; Shelter, Part 4; The Stars My Destination; Zooks, Part 3
13Heavy MetalAirtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 5; Barbarella, Part 3; City of Flowers; Galactic Geographic, Part 2; Orion, Part 2; Urm the Mad
194Heavy MetalDossier; Galactic Geographic; A Bit of Theory…; Why Have Sex?; The Trend; Angel Dust; War; The Forgotten Planet; Fistfull of Blood; The Pugilist; Star-Crossed
234Heavy MetalDossier; Tarot Cards; Galactic Geographic; Hell; Friends; Intergalactic; Sataka
181Heavy MetalFantasies; We Don’t Need a Thirsty Hero!; Storm: The Slayer of Eriban; Flopi: The Fascination of Television; Gallery; The Trend; Galactic Geographic; The Rats in the Walls; Ari-l; Simon Coldwater; The Pill; G-Squad; Flopi: Incomprehensible
216Heavy MetalGalactic Geographic; Gallery on Chris Achilleos; Dossier; Mudwogs #1; Requiem #3; Sepie’s Garden; Germination; Sins of the Father; Six Seconds In Hell; Dryness
217Heavy MetalGalactic Geographic; Gallery on Edgar Espino; Dossier; The Morning After; Friendly Advice; A-Crazy-A; Borgia-Blood for Vivo A; 72 Mudwogs; Shock Thereapy; Soul Crusher; Caveman
213Heavy MetalGalactic Geographic; Gallery on Ken Meyer Jr.; Dossier; How to Broach the Subject?; Watch Out for Used Cars!; No More; Oni Nights; Yui, Part 3; Demon Winds, Part 2; The Good, the Bad, and the Not-So-Bad; Pipe Dreams
219Heavy MetalGalactic Geographic; Gallery on Lucio Parrillo; Dossier; Body-Building; Mudwogs #4; Caveman; Darkwatch; The Last Battle; Roadside Service; Trenches; A Mother’s Love; Petra’s Tale; Planetary Archives: The Romans
218Heavy MetalGalactic Geographic; Gallery on Max Bertolini; Dossier; Dumb Dogs; Mudwogs #3; The Winchester Club; Felicidad: Cloud Story; Scenes From the Border; The Depths of Gnar; Spatium; P-HPC; Another Whisky, Jack?
236Heavy MetalGalactic Geographic; Gallery on Monte Moore; An Interview with Syd Mead; Tarot Cards; The Head; Requiem, Part 6; Hellfire Club; Lithium Fall; The Chinese; The White Serpent; Chuck the Rabid Dog; The Shiflett Brothers
215Heavy MetalGalactic Geographic; Gallery on Victoria Frances; Dossier; How to Stay Fit; What Next?; The Starke Mansion Affair; The Mark of the Devil; The Season of Werewolves; Metal Avalon; Vampire Syndrome; Wildflower—Little Devil Run!; Caveman; City of Ghosts
204Heavy MetalGalactic Geographic; Gallery; Dossier; Tripping Out; Wet Dreams #2; Fistful of Blood; The Intruder; Roxi Rangers
230Heavy MetalGalactic Geographic; Like a Machine; Requiem; The Vampire Dreams; Pherone; Family Man; Inclination; Anemia; Metallici and the Miserables
235Heavy MetalGalactic Geographic; Michael Golden Interview; Tarot Cards; Dead Meat; Lola Cordova; Colt the Outlander: Wanted Dead or Alive; A Dark Inheritance
220Heavy MetalGalactic Geographic; Mudwogs #5: The Toll Bridge; Recreation; Glam & Comet: The Lord of the Rings; THe Keeper of the Master 6: The Lost Village; Color 126; Hate Jazz; Zen; Asia’s Nightmares
221Heavy MetalGalactic Geographic; Mudwogs #6; Driving Home; Claus & Simon: Kings of Escape; The Shrink; S.K.P.; Way Beyond; Four Legs Good; Race Yukon of the R.G.M.P.
229Heavy MetalGalactic Geographic; The Inferno; The Sea and Me; Regulator #3: Ophidia; Forbidden Parts: A Tale of Argstein; Sataka; Pherone
214Heavy MetalGallery on Anthony A. Paluzzi; Galactic Geographic; Dossier; Who’s Got a Headache?; Means of Excitement; Regulator #2; The Way of the Assassin; Silent Wrath; Winter; Game Over; Demon Wind #3
195Heavy MetalGallery on Justin Sweet; Dossier; Galactic Geographic; Granadilha-The Crimes of the Body; Light; Sex And Love; Partner Blues; 24 Hour Man; Fistfull of Blood; Kybor’s Rain; Appearances; Tourist
1Heavy Metal: Sci-Fi SpecialGallery on Sanlulian; Galactic Geographic: The Passing of the Airwhales…; Human Contact; A Princess Dreams; Contact; Sharky; The Keepers of the Maser 2; The Keepers of the Maser: Kolony: The Essential Survival Guide
178Heavy MetalGallery: Claybourne Moore, Dossier, Galactic Geographic: Meeting of Civilizations, The Trend: Gothic Rock Revisited, Hell: The Coma, Lorma: Leviathan, Contact, The Inquisitor, The Cat, Why the Heroes Never Take Vacations, The Shallows, The Vultures, and the Bridge, In the Beginning was Darkness
179Heavy MetalGallery: David Blott, Dossier, The Trend: Bringing Up Psycho, Galactic Geographic: Meeting of Civilizations, The Gutsy Raphael, A Day in Paris…, Dayak 3: Zaks, Costume Party, The Eighth Prisoner, An Many More Happy Birthdays, Chantel
175Heavy MetalGallery: Ken Kelly, Dossier:Jeffery Goldsmith Interview, Galactic Geographic: Green Planet of Eternal, Chantal: The Prisoner, The Last Witness, Black Deker: Yellow Moon, Virtual Happiness, Taxi: Heroes Don’t Work Alone, Indecision, The Slow Boat to Vega, Why Dwarves are Small
180Heavy MetalGallery; Simon Coldwater; Snake: Double Pair; Sha - The Shadow One; Angel Makes a Friend; The Trend; Galactic Geographic; A Lesson In Ethics; One Flew Over A Nest of Trouble; Fur Trade; Shopping with Flopi; Extinction
20Heavy MetalNew Tales Of The Arabian Nights: Sindbad In The Land Of The Jinn; Exterminator 17; Orion, Part 8; Diabolical Planet: The Great Trap: The Spatial Adventures Of M. White, Part 4; Major Grubert And The Hermetically Sealed Garage Of Jerry Cornelius; Galactic Geographic: Explorer Colony 6; Empire; Surgical Tactics; Heilman: Epilogue; So Beautiful And So Dangerous, Part 2; The First Night After Touchdown On Earth