Storylines containing “Genesis”

2Haunt of Fear, The (Gladstone)A Biting Finish!; Horror in the Freak Tent!; A Tasty Morsel; Seeds of Death!; The Chosen One; Genesis; Vicious Circle; Adam Link in Business
4EverwindsA Woman’s Touch; Genesis; Mouster U.S….CrTme-Filled Conspiracy; Avici; Awesome Girl…Bahama Mama; Mouster U.S….Creme-Filled Conspiracy
7Who’s Who in the DC UniverseAqualad; Barbara Gordon; Blockbuster; Brother Power The Geek; Checkmate; The Chief; The Creeper; Darkseid’s Elite; The Demon; Elongated Man; Felix Faust; Global Guardians; Jan Arrah; Justice League America; Killer Croc; Major Force; New Genesis; Oberon; Parasite; Perry White; Phase; Shade the Changing Man; Tweedledee & Tweedledum; Wonder Woman Supporting Cast
2All New Adventures of the Mighty CrusadersAtlantis Rising, Part 2; The Genesis Conspiracy; No More Heroes; Warriors of Omri
1Tomb of Dracula (Magazine)Black Genesis; The Newest Dracula; Love at First Bite; Legend: According to The Movies
Bk 1-2’BreedBook of Genesis
Bk 1/HC’BreedBook of Genesis
1Pact, The (Emerald Wasp)Book One Genesis
361Amazing Spider-Man, TheCarnage, Part 1; Savage Genesis
361-2Amazing Spider-Man, TheCarnage, Part 1; Savage Genesis
361Amazing Spider-Man, The (Aus. Edition)Carnage, Part 1; Savage Genesis
1Division 13Carnal Genesis
2Division 13Carnal Genesis
3Division 13Carnal Genesis
4Division 13Carnal Genesis
30/ATransformers (Idea + Design Works, 2nd Series), TheChaos, Part 4; Genesis
30/BTransformers (Idea + Design Works, 2nd Series), TheChaos, Part 4; Genesis
30/CTransformers (Idea + Design Works, 2nd Series), TheChaos, Part 4; Genesis
9Strange Tales (2nd Series)Cloak & Dagger: The Luminous Lady; Doctor Strange: African Genesis!
8Alpha Flight (1st Series)Cold Hands Cold Heart; Genesis
8Alpha Flight (1st Series, Canadian Edition)Cold Hands Cold Heart; Genesis
1K-Z Comics PresentsColt; Genesis, Part 1
183Justice League of AmericaCrisis On New Genesis or Where Have All The New Gods Gone?
547BatmanDark Genesis
1Dollar Comics: Swamp ThingDark Genesis
1Swamp Thing (1st Series)Dark Genesis
2DC Special SeriesDark Genesis; The Man Who Wanted Forever
1Roots of the Swamp ThingDark Genesis; The Man Who Wanted Forever
Bk 12Swamp Thing (2nd Series)Darker Genesis
35Captain Marvel (1st Series)Deadly Genesis
35Captain Marvel (UK Edition)Deadly Genesis
1Punisher 2099Deadly Genesis
Bk 1X-Men: Deadly GenesisDeadly Genesis; Petra; Darwin; Sway; Kid Vulcan; What Emma Doesn’t Know
Bk 1/HCX-Men: Deadly GenesisDeadly Genesis; Petra; Darwin; Sway; Kid Vulcan; What Emma Doesn’t Know
80Creepy (Magazine)Dear Uncle Creepy; The Imagineers; Second Genesis; The Fable Of Bald Sheba; Proof Positive; Just Like The Night; The Axe-Man Cometh; The Last Chronicle
1Pete’s BackyardDreamer; Genesis
3EquinoxEquinox Genesis, Part 3
1EquinoxEquinox: Genesis
1/AEquinoxEquinox: Genesis
2EquinoxEquinox: Genesis, Part 2; The Curse of Babylon
1Doctor Who Classics Series 4Exodus; Revelation!; Genesis!
9Doctor Who Graphic NovelExodus; Revelation; Genesis; Nature of the Beast; Time Bomb; Salad Daze; Changes; Profits of Doom; The Gift; The World Shapers
1Giant-Size MarvelFantastic Four: Madrox The Multiple Man!; Avengers: Nuklo—The Invader That Time Forgot!; Defenders: Too Cold a Night For Dying!; Spider-Man: Man-Wolf At Midnight!; Invaders: The Coming of the Invaders!; X-Men: Second Genesis!; Werewolf By Night: Tigra The Were-Woman!
FCBD 1Fearless Dawn/Asylum Press SamplerFearless Dawn: The Belly of the Beast; Warlash: Enter the Bladeviper; Black Powder Preview; Farmhouse; Eeek!; Deadline of Death; Easy Prey; What’s Down in the Basement, Horace Greely?; Warlash: Zombie Mutant Genesis; Undead Evil
8Monsters UnleashedFever in the Freak House; Several Meaningless Deaths (text), Part 1; One Hungers; A Martian Genesis
1/BYoung X-MenFinal Genesis
Bk 1Young X-MenFinal Genesis
2Folk FunniesFolk Funnies; Helpful Head Hits; The Captain’s Catsup; Blowin’ It; Gunslinger’s Lament; Genesis; The Adventures of Pancake-Man
4Eternals (3rd Series)From Genesis To Revelations
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