Storylines containing “Heilman”

15Heavy Metal1996, Part 13; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 6; Barbarella, Part 5; Colonization; Evolution; Fable; Galactic Geographic, Part 4; Heilman, Part 1; More Than Human, Part 1; New Tales of the Arabian Nights: Shaherazade; Report V.I.; Sabre; Them Changes
16Heavy Metal1996, Part 14; Barbarella, Part 6; Death of Orlaon; Frontispiece; Gail, Part 2; Galactic Geographic, Part 5; Heilman, Part 2; Last Voyage of Sinbad; More Than Human, Part 2; Orion, Part 4; Q Claf 1; Story of the Acrylic Magus and…
20Heavy MetalNew Tales Of The Arabian Nights: Sindbad In The Land Of The Jinn; Exterminator 17; Orion, Part 8; Diabolical Planet: The Great Trap: The Spatial Adventures Of M. White, Part 4; Major Grubert And The Hermetically Sealed Garage Of Jerry Cornelius; Galactic Geographic: Explorer Colony 6; Empire; Surgical Tactics; Heilman: Epilogue; So Beautiful And So Dangerous, Part 2; The First Night After Touchdown On Earth