Storylines containing “Reads”

0/ABravura Preview Book’Breed story; Power and Glory story; Edge:Falling from Grace (text); Dreadstar Sketchbook; Starslammers: The Sky is Falling
0Bravura Preview Book’Breed story; Power and Glory story; Falling from Grace (text); Dreadstar Sketchbook; The Sky is Falling
SE 1Unknown Worlds of Science FictionA Martian Odyssey; The Last Horizon: A Conversation with Theodore Sturgeon; Journey’s End; The Forest for the Trees!; Fantastic Worlds; Clete; Preservation of the Species; Sinner; Arena; Threads
18NightstalkersAll the Threads, Unraveled
3Marvel AgeAn Interview with Butch Guice; Stories I’d Rather Not Write; Coyote and Dreadstar
41Knights of the Dinner TableBack in the Fold; The Lesson Plan; A Place of Their Own; The Trophy Hunters; Fumble in the Jungle; The GM Wanna-Be; One-Two Punches; The Travelers; HackMasters of Everknight; The Shields of Bandran; Heard It on the Gamevine (text); Tales from the Table (text); Game-Worthy Reads (text); Disks of Wondrous Power (text); Brian’s Small Press Picks (text); Parting Shots (text); From Russia With Dice (text); Interesting Interjections (text)
1Bones of the ChildrenBare Bones; Aftertaste; The Lion and the Cucumber; The Happy Language; Camera Obscura; Close to You; Night Song; Remembering What He Was; The Wicked Web; Suckerbait; The Unclaimed Zones: An Interview with Poppy Z. Brite; An Excerpt from: Exquisite Corpse; Crank & Deceit; A Most Dangerous Game; Transformation; Wayne’s World; Rattling Good Reads; Chance Meeting; Dead Art
1House of Hammer, TheDracula, Castle Dracula, Part 1; Dracula, The Curse Spreads, Part 2; Dracula, The Final Chase, Part 3; Hammer House Biography No.1: Christopher Lee; A Filmography of Christopher Lee; Media Macabre; Captain Kronos—Vampire Hunter; Horror Around The World; Effectively Speaking; Drinkers Of Blood, Stealers Of Souls; Van Helsing’s Terror Tales: Voodoo Vengeance
1/BDreadstar (Malibu)Dreadstar
Bk 3/HCDreadstar (Ominous)Dreadstar 25-40
Bk 2/HCDreadstar (Ominous)Dreadstar 9-24
1VaroomshkaEast of Suez; Meets Sweeny Todd; Takes Down the Wilson Memoirs; On the Hustings; The Great Con Trick; Reads A Christmas Carol; Rounds Up 1970; Joins the Open University; Britannia’s New Clothes; Do You Sincerely Want to Be Healthy?; Joins the Commission Investigating Pornography; Meets the Royalty People; Boards the European Express!; Takes a Trip With the Underground; And the Attack on Yen Harbour!; Meets Rip van Maulding; Helps Sell Rhodesia; Reads A Christmas Pinocchio; The Mummies Curse!!; Has Her First Publishing Party
131Flash (2nd Series)Emergency Stop, Part 2; Threads
162Elvira, Mistress of the DarkEnigma Don’t Pay the Rent!; Night of the Living Threads!
17Doctor Fate (4th Series)Fateful Threads
Bk 3Doctor Fate (4th Series)Fateful Threads
42Gene Autry ComicsGene Autry Crushes The Spider; Gene Autry Reads a Riddle; Hop Sing and the Crank Letter (text); The Ghost Rider (Panhandle Pete)
2Caliber PresentsGideon’s; Traps!; Heart of Darkness Chapter 2; Treads; The Doom Patrol; Moontrap
1/AHellboy: Seed of DestructionIndicia reads title as Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #1 (25th Anniversary Edition) Comics Pro
308Judge Dredd Megazine (Vol. 4)Judge Dredd: Hot Night in 95, Part 2; Shakey Kane Interview; Samizdat Squad: Black Flowers, Part 4; Tim Breadsterrt Interview; Number Cruncher, Part 3; Interview Simon Spurrier & P.J. Holden; Insurrection 11, Part 4
248Judge Dredd Megazine (Vol. 4)Judge Dredd: Regime Change, Part 3; Fiends of the Eastern Front: Stalingrad, Part 4; His Dark Materials; Judge Dredd: Who’s Wally?; Black Siddha: Return of the Jester, Part 4; Over the Rainbow; Easy Prey; Clarking Around; Critical Mass; The Black Museum: Message Inside Reads
10Batman Beyond UniverseJustice Lords Beyond: Ruins of Wayne; Justice Lords Beyond: Dark Reflections; Justice Lords Beyond: New Threads; Justice Lords Beyond: Strange Bedfellows
59Star Spangled War StoriesKick in the Door; The Soldier on Four Wheels; The Track of the Treads; Frogman Battleground
55DreadstarKill Dreadstar; Fallen Angel, Part 1
3Tokyopop Sneaks 2004King of Hell; Model; Threads of Time; Evil’s Return; Eternity; Priest; Princess Ai; Get Backers; Passion Fruit; Warriors of Tao; Et Cetera; Confidential Confessions; Culdcept; Deus Vitae; Doll
175Cerebus the AardvarkMothers & Daughters, Part 25; Reads, Part 1
176Cerebus the AardvarkMothers & Daughters, Part 26; Reads, Part 2
177Cerebus the AardvarkMothers & Daughters, Part 27; Reads, Part 3
178Cerebus the AardvarkMothers & Daughters, Part 28; Reads, Part 4
179Cerebus the AardvarkMothers & Daughters, Part 29; Reads, Part 5
180Cerebus the AardvarkMothers & Daughters, Part 30; Reads, Part 6
181Cerebus the AardvarkMothers & Daughters, Part 31; Reads, Part 7
182Cerebus the AardvarkMothers & Daughters, Part 32; Reads, Part 8
183Cerebus the AardvarkMothers & Daughters, Part 33; Reads, Part 9
184Cerebus the AardvarkMothers & Daughters, Part 34; Reads, Part 10
185Cerebus the AardvarkMothers & Daughters, Part 35; Reads, Part 11
186Cerebus the AardvarkMothers & Daughters, Part 36; Reads, Part 12
1Let’s Not ’n Say We Did FunniesMr. Nobody; That’z Life!!; Hoony Harf; Stays Home ’n Reads a Good Book!!; Judy Tunafish; Mr. O.K.; Mutsy Mutt; Spaz-o the Teen-age Clown; Pops Again!!; Sweet Dream Blues
18Green Lantern (4th Series)Mystery of the Star Sapphire, Part 1; Despotellis Spreads Fear
1/HCNational Lampoon’s Big Book of LoveNews On The March; Classic Cover; Tools Of Love; My Penis; Rape Mysteries; My Vagina; Condoms Through The Ages; Sexual Aptitude Test; What Every Young Woman Should Know; First Blow Job; Two-Way Comics; How To Tell What Girls Are Like Under Their Clothes; Foto Funnies; Clampax Instructions; Playbore’s Dirty Jokes; How To Drive Fast On Drugs While Getting Your Wing-Wang Squeezed And Not Spill Your Drink; Underwear For The Deaf; Worst Case Scenario Handbook; Gray’s Anatomy Of Love; What Kind Of Man Reads Pl*yb*y?; How To Write Love Letters; Quest Of Love; 19 New Ways To Be Offensive At A Wedding; Nancy Reagan’s Guide To Dating Dos And Don’ts; How To Talk Dirty In Esparanto; First Homosexual Experience Comics; David Eisenhower’s Rubber Riot; The Engagement Guide; Valentine’s Day Massacre; Time Bastard; Third Base Magazine; How To Be Loathsomely Repellant To Women; Old Love Stories; Pornography For The Dumb; Mothers Little Helper; Love: The Gathering
247CrackedPeter Pan Reads a Bedtime Story; Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper; One Summer’s Day in Bayonne; Great Moments in History Not In History Books; Star Drek the Next Generation; Hudd & Dini; Guillotine Gags!; Having a Wonderful Time; Shut-Ups; Fairy Tale Characters Then… and Now…; One Partly Cloudy Day Downtown; Skata Curb; Whiners & Losers Who Draw Badly; Lover’s Lane; A Sad Day in Megalopolis; The World World of Sports; The Musketeers; Confessions of a Party Dog, Suds MacFrenzie, A Crummy Affair; Beam Us Up, Scotty!; Columbum; One Balmy Day on a Desert Island
2First Six PackPsychoblast, Shatter, American Flagg, Jon Sable, Dreadstar, Whisper
Bk 9Cerebus the AardvarkReads
Bk 9-2Cerebus the AardvarkReads
Bk 9-3Cerebus the AardvarkReads
Bk 9-4Cerebus the AardvarkReads
Bk 9-5Cerebus the AardvarkReads
3WackoReel People; Buzz-Offs; 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Get a Job in the Reagan Administration; Saying the Wrong Thing at the Wrong Time; Eight is Too Many Kids: Disadvantages of Large Families, The; WACKO-isms; Teacher News - a Grade School Newspapers for Teachers; Warning Labels on Everything; Comic Book Heroes From Everyday Life; Shakespeare For Today’s Modern Age; Murray’s Law; Zany Magazine Covers; A WACKO Look at the Water Shortage; How to Tell if a Sporting Event is Fixed; Credos For Weirdos; Real-Life Family Dolls We’d Like to See; Diplomas We’d Like to See Hanging on Professionals’ Walls; You Know You’re a Real Optimist When…; When the Miss Piggy Craze Spreads Out Everywhere; A Modern-Day Alphabet Book; How to Get Your Teenager to Run Away From Home; WACKO Awards Given for Modern-Day Achievements; Off-Days for Rapunzel; Numbers Taken Literally; WACKO Interviews the Last of the Big-Time Vaudeville Agents; Better Not Believe it!; Mischief Stickers
1Funnybook (Almighty)Rock’n Roll Hootchie Koo; Hero of the Beach!; Step Up to the Small Time!; Assault on the Bastion of Decency!; Attack of the Sludge Creatures; The Prayboy Anatomy; God; 32-pc. Pornography Politics Set; Let’s See What’s Wrong With the World; How You Can Fight Pornography; God Reads Comics! (BC)
Bk 2/HCDeadly Hands of Kung FuShall I Love The Bird Of Fire?; Soulslayer; And When I Died; To Storm the Gates of Hell; Bridge of Sorrow, Bridge Of Pain; The Angry Dragon… Kills!; Samurai; Swordquest; To Slay the Savior; Dark Waters of Death!; Between Two Hates!; An Ending; The Beginning; To CLaw The Eyes of Night!; Who Is The White Tiger?; Revenge is the Jack Of Hearts, Tiger; Tiger, Tiger…Burning Bright; The Dragon Is Waiting; White Tiger; Death is a Game Called Handball!; Flesh of My Flesh; Threads of Evil…Web Of Hate!; Sword of Vengeance; Safe Streets
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