Storylines containing “Revenge”

321Wonder Woman (1st Series)…Doctor Cyber’s Revenge!; Huntress: The Final Blackout
48Outlaws of the West1 Share of Murder; The Revenge Seeker; The Set-Up (text); Trail of Death; The Badmen
1Illustrated Chips (1st Series)A Bad Bad Boy, and his Wicked Revenge
1Heavy Metal: 25th Anniversary SpecialA Bit of Madness: the Great Ornament; The Devil’s Cauldron; Lady Halloween’s Horrendous Revelations: Halloween; Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Werewolves; Jerry Mail: Protection Guaranteed; Halloween: The Pumpkin’s Revenge!; The Scourge of the Gods: Book 1
4Captain Paragon and the Sentinels of JusticeA Blueprint for Revenge!; Commando D: While the City Sleeps!
6Chronicles of King Conan, TheA Death in Stygia; Passage; Son of the Barbarian King; Call of the Wild; The Sleeping Lion; Revenge on the Black River
20Usagi Yojimbo (Vol. 1)A Kite Story; Revenge of the Tokage God
5Untold Tales of Punisher MaxA Little About Revenge
54Wild WesternA Man Named Colt; Revenge on the Range; Inside the Fort; Where Rides the Rustler?; Wagon Boom
28Personal LoveA Past to Forget; Empty Heart; Love’s Revenge
2Ragman (Mini-series)A Ragged Revenge
368BatmanA Revenge of Rainbows
6Fifties TerrorA Safari of Death; Headless Horror; The Red Spider; The Ghosts’ Revenge
1DC Comics Presents: The Atom (2nd Series)A Small Revenge; Small World; Lessons In Time, Part 1
66National LampoonA Strong Back is a Terrible Thing to Waste; The Resister’s Revenge; Scholastic Scams and Academic Ploys; National Lampoon’s Annual College Football Preview: The Top Ten Teams for 1975; Tangled All Up in Ivy; More Tales of the Adelphian Lodge: Pinto’s First Lay; Normal State College Daily Klaxon; Adenoidal College Course Catalogue; Modern Poetry Class Notes; Pages Left out of the Vassar Yearbook; Famous Collegiate Stunts and Pranks; Exsquire
14Spider-Man MagazineA Tail of Revenge!, Carnival of Chaos!, Lights… Camera… Shocker!
7Double DuosA Terrible Revenge; The Blue Hotel
2042CommandoA Time For Revenge
13Tales of HorrorA Woman’s Revenge; Ghost with a Torch; Disaster Included; The Little Children; The Vampire Goes West
18Navy CombatAboard a Commie Ship; Report from Korea (text); We Prowl the Seas, for Revenge; Squadron Leader; Strike by Night; Backfire
20Vault of Horror (E.C.)About Face; The Reluctant Vampire; Grandma’s Ghost; Revenge is the Nuts
9Vault of Horror, The (RCP)About Face; The Reluctant Vampire; Grandma’s Ghost; Revenge is the Nuts
1Chosen MortalsAbsalom’s Revenge; Good News
2C-M-O ComicsAdventure on Silver Lake; Flaming Revenge; Making Dreams Come True; The Hooded Vengence; Air Corps-A 4-H Club Story; The Castle of Doom; C-M-O on Parade
2Archie & Friends Double DigestAdventures in the Wonder Realm, Part 2; Stamp Scamp; New Old Fad!; The Doggie Bag; Bold Hold; Loan Moan; Trapped; Greeting Card; Skid Row; The Love Bug Will Get Ya If You Don’t Watch Out!; Action Faction; Burn Concern; Miss Beazly’s Gag Bag; Painter’s Helper; Snooze Cruise; It’s Snow Time!; And Now… Here’s Reggie!!; Growl Howl; Can a Sled Be Smarter Than Archie?; Cold Wash; Clatter Chatter; Reggie: Sweet Revenge; Open the Door, Dilton!; Archie 3000!: Archie’s Adventures in Babysitting; Betty and Veronica 3000!: Mirror Mirror; Warm Wishes!; Gym Jam; Costume Capers
1Avengers: Roll CallAgamotto; Avengers Update; Avengers Academy; Black Widow Update; Bride of Nine Spiders; Captain America Update; Carina; Cat People; Charlie-27; Doctor Minerva; Doorman; Druid; Flux; Victoria Hand; Hawkeye Update / Sky Cycles; Hawkeye’s Weaponry; Hecate; Hellfire; Hulk Update; Hyena; Iron Man Update; Jimmy Jupiter; Karnak; Kyknos; Loki Update; Magistrati; Power Man; Revengers; Scarlet Beetle; Secret Avengers; Sekhmet; Serpent Crown; Skymax (Sk’ym’x); Thor Update; Trickshot; Tyrak; Under Siege (event); Vorms; Ba-Bani; Jason Beere; Death Tiger; Fat Man; Hellrazor; Kallusians; Para-Man; Raptor
GIVE 1eAdultComics.comAgents XXX; School Girls’ Revenge; Sexbus; Becky Valiant; Battle Bitches; Super Babes Force; Quest for Fun; Vixine; Miss Warrior
53Josie & the PussycatsAlexandra’s Liberation; Work of Art; Brawn is Beautiful; Something Fishy!; Voodoo’s Revenge
1Superman and the Legion of Super-HeroesAlien World; Illegal Aliens; Lightning and Shadows; Chameleons; Revenge of the Rejects; Sun Rise
1/HCSuperman and the Legion of Super-HeroesAlien World; Illegal Aliens; Lightning and Shadows; Chameleons; Revenge of the Rejects; Sun Rise
8TabooAll She Does Is Eat; Satan and the Saviour; Devil Boy; President ’Doosh’ Quimby; The Disaster Area; Revenge; johnny 23; Cat Lover; Twilight; Bid Return [IBC]
29Western Tales of Black RiderAmbush Signal; Makunda; The Old-Timer; He Rides for Revenge; The Blasters
117House of SecretsAn Eye For An Eye; Don’t Cry For Uncle Malcolm; Revenge For The Deadly Dummy!
3Spider-Man UnlimitedAn Obituary for Octopus; Captive Fire; Ren-Tech’s Revenge
1781CommandoAnd Now - Revenge
12Creeps, The (Warrant)And The Dead Spake, Fake Noose, Enemies of Rome, Mary Shelley In Frankenstein’s Castle, A Monstrous Affair, Ripper’s Revenge, Vampire Planet
1Marvel 75th Anniversary CelebrationAnniversary; Captain America Foils the Traitor’s Revenge; Alias; That Parker Boy; Walkabout; Marvel Comics We Never Made
37Casper and NightmareApplied Scaring; Don’t Make Mother Mad; Nature’s Revenge; A Change of Heart; Crazy Weather; Right Boohind You
4Total CarnageArmy of Darkness, Part 4; Batman Vs Predator, Part 4; The Mask: What Revenge Means To Me, Part 2; Grendel: War Child, Part 4
5/AStreet Fighter II (Udon)Assassin’s Code; Karin’s Revenge!
5/BStreet Fighter II (Udon)Assassin’s Code; Karin’s Revenge!
5/CStreet Fighter II (Udon)Assassin’s Code; Karin’s Revenge!
5/DStreet Fighter II (Udon)Assassin’s Code; Karin’s Revenge!
3Jetsons Giant SizeAstro’s in Love; Away from it All; Sum Toi’s Revenge; Rosey is Replaced; Why Don’t You Dig, Dad?; Let George Do It; I Guess I Told Him!; Sensored; Air Castle; Teacher Tells Tales (text story); Elroy has the Answer!; Rise, Slaves!; George’s New Car
68Marvel Super-Heroes (Vol. 1)At Last I Will Have My Revenge
114Incredible Hulk, TheAt Last I Will Have My Revenge!
114Incredible Hulk, The (UK Edition)At Last I Will Have My Revenge!
21Arak Son of ThunderAt Last— Albracca; Revenge of the Last Merovingian
21Arak Son of Thunder (Canadian Edition)At Last— Albracca; Revenge of the Last Merovingian
Anl 9Spectacular Spider-Man, TheAtlantis Attacks, Part 6; The Serpent in the Shadow; Free Fall; The 25 Most Important Women in My Life; Sweet Revenge; Sage of the Serpent Crown, Part 6; The Golden Serpent
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