Storylines containing “Robocop”

1Punisher, The (UK)Circle of Blood; Robocop: The Movie Adaptation
1Inside ComicsEditorial: The View from; Inside; CNN: Comics Network News; The Younger Image: Rob Liefeld; Every Little Girl Wants to be a Cat: Catwomans Past; Beyond The Looking Glass: Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie; Amazing Spider-Artist: Mark Bagley; Robocop: Driver’s Ed; The Technicolor Beat; Between the Covers; This Thing of Darkness; Happy Birthday, Peter Parker; The One and Only Genuine Original Warren Eerie Number One; Centerfield at Diamond Distribution; Inside Comics Hot Picks; Not Mint: The Rise and Fall of a Comic Retailer; The Inside Comics Puzzler Contest; Sketchbook: Mark Bagley Draws Spider-Man; The Inside Comics Master Trivia Contest; The Inside Comics Price Guide
1Dark Horse ComicsPredator: Rite of Passage, Part 1; Time Cop: A Man Out of Time, Part 1; Renegade, Part 1; Robocop, Part 1
2Dark Horse ComicsPredator: Rite of Passage, Part 2; Renegade, Part 2; Time Cop: A Man Out of Time, Part 2; Robocop, Part 2
Bk 1/ARobocop versus the TerminatorRoboCop vs. The Terminator Gallery Edition
6Dark Horse ComicsRobocop: Invasions, Part 1; Mad Dogs, Part 3; Predator: Blood Feud, Part 3; Indiana Jones And The Shrine Of The Sea Devil, Part 4
7Dark Horse ComicsStar Wars: Tales of the Jedi, Part 1; Mad Dogs, Part 4; Robocop: Invasions, Part 2; Predator: Blood Feud, Part 4
9Dark Horse ComicsStar Wars: Tales of the Jedi, Part 3; Who is X?, Part 2; James Bond: Light of My Death, Part 2; Robocop: Invasions, Part 4
237CrackedThe Attack of Don Martin; False Rumors About CRACKED; Radzilla; CRACKED Fold-Up; CRACKED Olympic Lens; Press and Jerk; The Return of the Ron Rover; One Shots; CRACKED Olympic Lens II; Couch Potato Catalogue; Canine the Barkbarian; The Uggly Family; The Revenge of Don Martin; Robocops and Roborobbers; Form & Function: Baseball; History of CRACKED; Hudd & Dini; Head of the Klass Report Cards; CRACKED Olympic Lens III; Olympic One Shots; Don Martin’s Last Word; The Sabotuer Handbook; Shut Ups
3Dark Horse ComicsTime Cop: A Man Out of Time, Part 3; The Shrine of the Sea Devil, Part 1; Robocop, Part 3; Aliens: Horror Show, Part 1