Storylines containing “Rock Opera”

50Heavy Metal1:09:00 AM; Bloodstar, Part 6; The Bus, Part 16; Cody Starbuck, Part 1; Gallery; Immorality; The Immortals’ Fete, Part 1; Pillars of P-11507; Rock Opera, Part 17; Tex Arcana, Part 3; The Toll Bridge; Valentina, Part 3
53Heavy Metal5:00:00 AM; The Bus, Part 19; Cody Starbuck, Part 4; Bert; Homo Detritus; The Immoral Majority; The Immortals’ Fete, Part 4; Martelaine; Outland, Part 3; Paradise Lost; Pigs on the Wing; Rock Opera, Part 20; Shore Leave; Yawn
73Heavy MetalAdrenaline; The Ape, Part 8; The Bus, Part 37; Den II, Part 18; Escapee; Hellfire; I’m Age, Part 19; June 2050, Part 5; Lamar Killer of Fools; The Man From Harlem, Part 3; Rock Opera, Part 37; She; Starstruck, Part 5; The City That Didn’t Exist
46Heavy MetalAmbassador of the Shadows, Part 1; Bang, Hah; Bloodstar, Part 2; Gallery Section: Kingdom of the; Gallery Section: Secret Art; Rock Opera, Part 13; There Is a Prince Charming on…; Valentina, Part 2; What is Reality, Papa?, Part 2; Woman
47Heavy MetalAmbassador of the Shadows, Part 2; Bloodstar, Part 3; The Bus, Part 15; Civilian Defense; The Horny Goof; K.O.; Rock Opera, Part 14; Salammbo; The Tip of the Iceberg at Lucca; What is Reality, Papa?, Part 3
48Heavy MetalAmbassador of the Shadows, Part 3; Bloodstar, Part 4; Changes, Part 11; Edward in Love; The Empire Grows Back; Fear Not Your Enemies; The Man With the Suitcase; Milady 3000; Rock Opera, Part 15; Salammbo; Tex Arcana, Part 1; What is Reality, Papa?, Part 4
49Heavy MetalAmbassador of the Shadows, Part 4; Art and the Nazis; Bloodstar, Part 5; Changes, Part 12; Dangerous Curves; Good-Bye, Soldier; Rock Opera, Part 16; Stories from London; Tex Arcana, Part 2; What is Reality, Papa?, Part 5
94Heavy MetalAn Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 1; The Bus, Part 58; Enslaved by the Needle; HM’s Star Dissections, Part 17; The Hunting Party, Part 7; Rock Opera, Part 53; Tex Arcana, Part 26; Triton, Part 2; The Walls of Samaris, Part 2
97Heavy MetalAn Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 4; Bourbon Threat; The Bus, Part 61; El Borbah, Part 8; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 3; The Hunting Party, Part 10; Rebel, Part 1; Rock Opera, Part 55; The Stranger; Tex Arcana, Part 29; The Walls of Samaris, Part 5
99Heavy MetalAn Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 6; Autocracy; Bodyssey, Part 2; El Borbah, Part 10; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 5; Rebel, Part 3; Rock Opera, Part 56; Skydancer; Tex Arcana, Part 30; The Whisper Mystery, Part 1
101Heavy MetalAnother Image; Bodyssey, Part 4; Elephant Cemetery, Part 1; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 7; Metamorphosis; Metropolis; Rebel, Part 5; Rock Opera, Part 57; Sillavango, Part 1; Tex Arcana, Part 32; Trance-End; Trivial Metal, Part 1; The Whisper Mystery, Part 3
52Heavy MetalBloodstar, Part 8; Tex Arcana, Part 5; The Blue Air Compressor (text); Firaz; Outland, Part 2; The Immortals’ Fete, Part 3; Paradise; Whoodoo the Voodoo?; Dax Prometheus, Part 3; Rock Opera, Part 19; The Bus, Part 18
74Heavy MetalDead Reckoning; The Odyssey, Part 1; Powerr to the People; It, or Who Glows There; The Struggle for Suremacy Over the World; The Man from Harlem, Part 4; B.J. Butterfly; The City that Didn’t Exist, Part 2; Metazoa; Hearts Desire, Inc.; June 2050; Crisalida; The Dead Pimp; Quarp in No Win Scenario; The Ape, Part 9; Zora; I’m Age; The Twinkle in Fildegar’s Eye; Rock Opera; The Bus
67Heavy MetalDossier; Freak Show; Chain Mail; Den II; the Ape; Baltard 3; Advanced Videology; Yragael; I’m Age: More Dandelions; Barsoom!; Object; Shakespeare for Americans; Zora; The Voyage of Those Forgotten; Rock Opera; The Bus
9Captain Marvel (9th Series)Lila Cheney’s Fantabulous Technicolor Rock Opera
106Heavy MetalModern Image; Tex Arcana Meets the Toast of Europe, Part 25; The Jealous God, Part 3; Jessie, This is Sahamis Base Calling, Part 2; Rock Opera, Part 60; The Duel; The Bus, Part 66; Foxxhole; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 12; Papa Superstar; The Trial of Marlon Malone
55Heavy MetalNil-Gish; B.J. Butterfly; Gallery: The Art Of Philippe Druillet; The Nikopol Trilogy: The Immortals’ Fete; Tales Of The Galactic Inn: Domestic Unit 3M; Outland; Fever; Rock Opera; The Bus, Part 23
105Heavy MetalRock Opera, Part 59; Jessie, This is Sahamis Base Calling, Part 1; The Bus, Part 65; Elephant Cemetery, Part 5; Slot Machine; Poe! Phooey!; Tex Arcana Meets the Toast of Europe, Part 35; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 11; The Lord of Eltingville has the Answers; The Jealous God, Part 2
104Heavy MetalRock Opera; Mara’s Edge; Khantrax’s Bedtime Story; Sillavengo Disappears; The Jealous God, Part 1; Slot Machine: Risks; Elephant Cemetery, Part 4; Weird Soup; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 10; Tor Johnson in New York; Rebel, Part 8; Timescooter
60Heavy MetalShakespeare for Americans; The Mercenary; The Incal Light: Hail Darkness!; Tales of The Galactic Inn: Hycrotan’s Story; Nightmare Death; Den II; Gideon Faust: Warlock at Large; An Unmarried Machine; Stolen Moments; The Appointment; At The Middle of Cymbiola; In the Beginning; Gallery: Alonso Smith; The Bus; Zora; I’m Age; Rock Opera; Editorial: Wally Wood
76Heavy MetalStarstruck: The Right Bait; The Amazin’ Case o’ the’ Disappearin’ Chickens; I’m Age; The Bus, Part 40; Catharsis; Adventures in Editing; Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone; Zenobia; Release Date; The City That Didn’t Exist, Part 3; Crunch!; Doomscult; Everyday Strangeness; The Odyssey, Part 3; I Got Them Apartment Dweller’s Blues; The Man From Harlem; June 2050; Rock Opera
69Heavy MetalThe Bus, Part 33; Den II, Part 14; Freak Show; I’m Age, Part 15; June 2050, Part 1; A Lot of Nothing; Rock Opera, Part 34; Starstruck, Part 1; Tex Arcana, Part 9; The Voyage of Those Forgotten, Part 7; Yragael, Part 8; Zora, Part 10
77Heavy MetalThe Bus, Part 41; The City That Didn’t Exist, Part 4; Enoch; HM’s Star Dissections, Part 1; I’m Age, Part 23; June 2050, Part 10; The Odyssey, Part 4; The Peace; RanXerox, Part 1; Rock Opera, Part 40; Shoe; Snow Whitish; Starstruck, Part 9; Zora, Part 16
79Heavy MetalThe Bus, Part 43; The City That Didn’t Exist; The Hunt for Louth; I’m Age, Part 25; June 2050, Part 12; The Odyssey, Part 6; Professor Neutron; RanXerox, Part 2; Rock Opera, Part 42; Tex Arcana, Part 11; The Way of the Worlds; Zora, Part 18
80Heavy MetalThe Bus, Part 44; The Elevator; HM’s Star Dissections, Part 3; I’m Age, Part 26; June 2050, Part 13; Lolla, Part 1; Nimble Fingers; RanXerox, Part 3; Rock Opera, Part 43; Tex Arcana, Part 12; Third Song: God’s Tower
58Heavy MetalThe Mercenary; Den II, Part 3; Tex Arcana, Part 8; Mirror of Dreams; Rose Light Grove; White House; At the Middle of Cymbiola, Part 2; Skull and Crossbones; The Immortals’ Fete, Part 8; I’m Age; Rock Opera; The Bus, Part 23
20National LampoonThe Science Fiction Horror Movie Pocket Computer; Beneath the Planet of the Puerto Ricans; The Disrespectful Summons; Doctor Jekyll’s Surgical Supply Catalogue; Up Against the Wall, Forefathers!; The Mammal That Suckled Its Young; Dragula, Sick Jokes of the Seventies; Creepy Cut-Outs; The Most Sensational Traffic Jam Since Hiroshima and Other Pranks; What Marks on the Neck?; The Orchid; Witchcraft and the Black Arts; The Incredible Shrinking Machine; The Phantom of the Rock Opera
81Heavy MetalWRAB; Valentine the Pirate; Tex Arcana Meets the Toast of Europe, Part 2; I’m Age; The Fourth Song: The Fright of the Great Spectacle; June 2050; …And I Threw in a Hat…; The Spirit; Ranxerox; As in a Dream; The Odyssey; LollaHM’s Star Dissections; Rock Opera; The Bus: The Big Questions