Storylines containing “The Ape”

2Movie Monsters2001: A Space Odyssey; 1 Million Years, B.C.; The Celluloid Superman; Monster Bugs; Frankenstein; Planet of the Apes Scrapbook; Rodan; Remembering Bela
Anl 1Planet of the Apes (2nd series)A Day on the Planet of the Apes
4Planet of the Apes (1st series)A Riverboat Named Simian; Gunpowder Julius; Planet of the Apes, Part 4; Trial
2Joe Kubert PresentsA Time of Life… A Time of Death; Sam Glanzman: A Sailor’s Life; U.S.S. Stevens: Squish Squash; Angel and the Ape
73Heavy MetalAdrenaline; The Ape, Part 8; The Bus, Part 37; Den II, Part 18; Escapee; Hellfire; I’m Age, Part 19; June 2050, Part 5; Lamar Killer of Fools; The Man From Harlem, Part 3; Rock Opera, Part 37; She; Starstruck, Part 5; The City That Didn’t Exist
70Heavy MetalAemorraghe; Amino Men; The Ape, Part 5; The Bus, Part 34; Den II, Pa
66Heavy MetalAmusing Stories; The Ape, Part 1; The Bulge; The Bus, Part 30; Classics from the Intergalactic; Day in the Log of the Cit
10Who’s Who in the DC UniverseAngel & The Ape; Dial H for Hero; Dorthy Spinner; Draaga/Death Rite; Element Girl; Firestorm; Flash II; Flash Supporting Cast; Garryn Bek; Hippolyte; Joe Potato; Jonni Thunder; Kilg%re; Lady Shiva; Lords of Chaos & Order; Nimbus; Patchwork Man; Robin; Shark; Starfire; Thorn; Velvet Tiger; Waverider; Wild Dog
77ShowcaseAngel and the Ape
37Dark Horse ExtraAngel, Part 2; Heart of Fire, Part 3; Planet of the Apes, Part 2
27Planet of the Apes (1st series)Apes of Iron; Battle for the Planet of the Apes, Part 6; Conquest of Blood
2/HCACG Collected Works: Adventures into the UnknownBat by Night; Condemned .. to Live!; Bewitched Bali; The Sands Of The Desert (text); The Spirit of Frankenstein (Part 2); The Case Of The Malignant Mummy; Gather ’Round…; Journey into the Unknown; The Devil’s Disciple; The Moss Man (text); The Swami’s Secret; Ghost Mother (text); The Ape Demon; The Mummy’s Cloth; Drums of the Undead; The World beyond the Mirror; The Case of the Roman Curse; The Evil One; The Ghost from Algol; The Spirit of Frankenstein (Part 3); The Sargasso Specter; The Man Who Went to the West; Shadow of the Panther; No Answer (text); The Thing at the Bottom of the Sea; Haunted Boy; When the Shaman Walked; The Gray One (text); The Spirit of Frankenstein (Part 4); Clouded Crystal (text); The Man in the Mirror; The Poet Who Returned From The Dead; The Boy Who Could Fly; The Boy Who Cried Wolf; Alaska’s Phantom City; Vampire’s Castle; The Spirit of Frankenstein (Part 5); The Civic Spirit; Vision of Death; Ha
2009DCU Holiday SpecialBatman: Silent Knight; Superman: Man of Snow; Flash: Flash Before Christmas; Beast Boy & Doom Patrol: Christmas of Doom; Superboy: Party Gift; Martian Manhuner: Reason for the Season; Angel & The Ape; Sgt. Rock: Peace on Earth; Enemy Ace: Stille Nacht; B’Wana Beast: Hunt for Christmas; Captain Marvel: Home for Christmas; Deadman: Unbearable Loss; Red Tornado: Night Before Christmas Story; Huntress: Naughty or Nice; Ragman: Seeing the Light; Adam Strange: Auld Lang Syne
34Limited Collectors’ EditionBatman: Silent Night, Deadly Night!; Captain Marvel: Bill Batson’s Xmas!; Angel & the Ape: The $500,00 Doll Caper!; Teen Titans: A Swingin’ Christmas Carol!; Superman: Christmastown, U.S.A.!
21Book and Record SetBattle for the Planet of the Apes
21Power Record ComicsBattle for the Planet of the Apes
24Planet of the Apes (1st series)Battle for the Planet of the Apes, Part 2; The Doomsday Spawn; The Shadows of Haunted Cathedraulus
25Planet of the Apes (1st series)Battle for the Planet of the Apes, Part 3; A Taste of Mutant Hate; The War Machines
5Cracked DigestBelieve It or NO!; When All of Television Goes 3-D; On Capitol Hill; Cracked Guide to Martial Arts, The; Cracked Interviews the Hobo King; Hudd & Dini; Wild and Wacky Westerns; Cracked Looks at the Neighborhood Movie House; Cracked Late Late Late Late Movie! - Escape From the Boredom of the Apes; Success In Your Chosen Career; Jogging Through History; Killer-Diller Section: Going Great Guns; Water Storage; Daze & Knights; Goryson’s Gorrilas; Skyfighters of World War 1, The; Judo Academy; Train Robber, The; Shut-Ups; Board Her, Men!; Great Moments in Hospitality - Upper Congo, 472 A.D.
7Adventures On the Planet of the ApesBeneath the Planet of the Apes
7/AAdventures On the Planet of the ApesBeneath the Planet of the Apes
1Beneath the Planet of the ApesBeneath the Planet of the Apes
20Book and Record SetBeneath the Planet of the Apes
20Power Record ComicsBeneath the Planet of the Apes
7Planet of the Apes (1st series)Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Part 1; Enslaved
1-9Brothers MAD, TheBlack and Blue Hawks!; The Dave Garrowunway Show; NDDDS ad; Advice To Nice Men Who Want to Get Into the Army; Shermlock Shomes in The Hound of the Basketballs; Fosless Fooznick; Shadow!; Confidentially; Alice in Wonderland!; Newspaper Dept.; Woman Wonder!; Newspaper Strips; Melvin of the Apes!; Scenes We’d Like to See: The Woodman
1026Phantom, The (Frew)Blackie; The Ape Idol of the Durugu; The Secret of Magic Mountain; The Tale of the Gooley-Gooley Witch; The Blue Giant
15Law of Dredd, TheBlock War; Uncle Ump’s Umpty Candy; The Mad Computer; The Long Walk; The Ape Gang
132Comics RevueBuz Sawyer: Africa, Part 2; Gasoline Alley, A Home for Rufus, Part 2; The Phantom: The Vacation, Part 4; Sky Masters: Alfie, Part 6; Tarzan of the Apes: Korak’s Story, Part 2; Krazy Kat: Manks!, Part 3; Casey Ruggles: Jenny, Part 4; Steve Canyon: British Spy, Part 3; Modesty Blaise: Durango, Part 3
1New! Comics (Tweedle-Yin Tweedle-Yang)Cafe of the Apes; Another Comic About Mourning Coffee; Big Trouble Comicz; Our Fellow Man Dan; Adjusting Fine Thanx; Pass the Salt; Mr. Fun; Eudora Leaves Story Ville; Rock Creek Relic; Cheeky Little; Gagworthy People; The Modern Geisha; Interlude; Haze and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Bus
2Thun’da ComicsCave Girl: The Ape God of Kor
9Planet of the Apes (Marvel UK)Chaos in the Forbidden Zone; The Apes on Tv (text); Ka-zar: The Battle of New Britannia; Doctor Doom: The Dread Alliance
12Planet of the Apes (1st series)City of Nomads; Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Part 1
3Jungle Comics (A-List)Congo King; Death Stalks the Congo; Snarzan the Ape
889Deadpool Team-Up (2nd Series)Conquest of the Island of the Apes
18Planet of the Apes (1st series)Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, Part 2; Rites of Bondage; To Serve the Slayers
1/HCConspiracy on the Planet of the ApesConspiracy on the Planet of the Apes (text story)
198Strange AdventuresDanger! Earth is Doomed; The Apes with Bizarre Powers
3Inferior Five, TheDarwin of the Apes!; The Treehouse of the August Moon!; Cap’s Hobby Center; Darwin and the Fools in Oompah!
74Heavy MetalDead Reckoning; The Odyssey, Part 1; Powerr to the People; It, or Who Glows There; The Struggle for Suremacy Over the World; The Man from Harlem, Part 4; B.J. Butterfly; The City that Didn’t Exist, Part 2; Metazoa; Hearts Desire, Inc.; June 2050; Crisalida; The Dead Pimp; Quarp in No Win Scenario; The Ape, Part 9; Zora; I’m Age; The Twinkle in Fildegar’s Eye; Rock Opera; The Bus
9Savage Sword of Conan (Dark Horse)Death Dwarves of Stygia; Night of the Rat!; The Hill of Horror; The Ape-Bat of Marmet Tarn; The Leopard Men of Darfar; The Blood Ruby of Death!; The Lady of the Tower!; The Informer; One Night at the Maul; When a God Lives!; The Gift; The Siren; The Iron Lions of the Kharamun
2SpoofDeath Hurts; Tarz an’ The Apes!; Brawl In The Family
19Planet of the Apes (1st series)Demons of the Psychedrome; Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, Part 4; The Savage is King
67Heavy MetalDossier; Freak Show; Chain Mail; Den II; the Ape; Baltard 3; Advanced Videology; Yragael; I’m Age: More Dandelions; Barsoom!; Object; Shakespeare for Americans; Zora; The Voyage of Those Forgotten; Rock Opera; The Bus
15Planet of the Apes (1st series)Dreamer in Emerald Silence; Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Part 4; In the Cradle of a Father’s Sins
5Jungle ComicsEmpire of the Ape Men
19Book and Record SetEscape from the Planet of the Apes
19Power Record ComicsEscape from the Planet of the Apes
16Planet of the Apes (1st series)Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Part 5; When the Calliope Cries Death; And Who Shall Inherit the Meek?
5Planet of the Apes (1st series)Evolution’s Nightmare; Planet of the Apes, Part 5; Into the Forbidden Zone
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