Storylines containing “The Bus”

1Vancouver Special"S" Is For Summer; East Van T; Stay As You Are.; How I Got My Change Purse; 101 Things to Do When You’re Young & Foolish (…and Your Flight Is Delayed in Vancouver); No Relation; Overheard on the Bus One Day…; Earnesto the Friendly Whale; Skytrain Skippy; When I Was a Kid; The (Fun Fun) Adventures of Tintin N’ MeCaptain Space Man; Nudging Buddy
50Heavy Metal1:09:00 AM; Bloodstar, Part 6; The Bus, Part 16; Cody Starbuck, Part 1; Gallery; Immorality; The Immortals’ Fete, Part 1; Pillars of P-11507; Rock Opera, Part 17; Tex Arcana, Part 3; The Toll Bridge; Valentina, Part 3
83Heavy Metal1992; Alien in New York; Bird Dust; The Bus, Part 47; Er
22Heavy Metal1996, Part 15; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 10; The Bus, Part 1; Dreamland; Exercise in Gold; Exterminator 17, Part 4; Gail, Part
23Heavy Metal1996, Part 16; The Bus, Part 2; Exterminator 17, Part 5
40Heavy Metal2005; A Message From the Shadows; A Seventies Retrospective; The Alchemist Supreme, Part 3; The Bus, Part
53Heavy Metal5:00:00 AM; The Bus, Part 19; Cody Starbuck, Part 4; Bert; Homo Detritus; The Immoral Majority; The Immortals’ Fete, Part 4; Martelaine; Outland, Part 3; Paradise Lost; Pigs on the Wing; Rock Opera, Part 20; Shore Leave; Yawn
89Daredevil (Lev Gleason)67-76 or Which is it?; Give ’Em the Business; Contents of the Cave (text); The Not-So-Free Press
19Daisy and DonaldA Case of Grumps; Fame and Fortune; Getting the Business; Gyro’s Helping Hand
19/ADaisy and DonaldA Case of Grumps; Fame and Fortune; Getting the Business; Gyro’s Helping Hand
73Heavy MetalAdrenaline; The Ape, Part 8; The Bus, Part 37; Den II, Part 18; Escapee; Hellfire; I’m Age, Part 19; June 2050, Part 5; Lamar Killer of Fools; The Man From Harlem, Part 3; Rock Opera, Part 37; She; Starstruck, Part 5; The City That Didn’t Exist
1Archie & Friends Double DigestAdventures in the Wonder Realm, Part 1; Dilton’s Doofy Inventions; The Great Haunt Hunt; Boobology; Symptomania; Plane Crazy; Secrets of the Deep; Hare Raising; Given the Business; The Faculstein Monster!; Fall for It Classic!; Stamp of Approval; Call to Arms; Mr. Weatherbee Pinup; Heated Discussion; A Close Shave!; Prize Rise; Sliding Scale; Communication Gap; Lob Job; Snow Go; Kiss Bliss!; Archie 3000!: Flower Power!; Veronica 3000!: Veronica’s Planet!; Sculpture Schemer; Dilton’s Double
70Heavy MetalAemorraghe; Amino Men; The Ape, Part 5; The Bus, Part 34; Den II, Pa
61Heavy MetalAhh, Earth…; Artificial Boundaries; At The Middle of Cymbiola, Part 5; The Bus, Par
96Heavy MetalAlbinos; An Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 3; The Bus, Part 60; El Borbah, Part 7; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 2; The Hunting Party, Part 9; It’s Not a Bad Life; Matter of Time: Chronology; Tex Arcana, Part 28; The Walls of Samaris, Part 4
34Heavy MetalAlien Comix; The Bus, Part 7; Comix, Part 1; Exit/In
47Heavy MetalAmbassador of the Shadows, Part 2; Bloodstar, Part 3; The Bus, Part 15; Civilian Defense; The Horny Goof; K.O.; Rock Opera, Part 14; Salammbo; The Tip of the Iceberg at Lucca; What is Reality, Papa?, Part 3
66Heavy MetalAmusing Stories; The Ape, Part 1; The Bulge; The Bus, Part 30; Classics from the Intergalactic; Day in the Log of the Cit
94Heavy MetalAn Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 1; The Bus, Part 58; Enslaved by the Needle; HM’s Star Dissections, Part 17; The Hunting Party, Part 7; Rock Opera, Part 53; Tex Arcana, Part 26; Triton, Part 2; The Walls of Samaris, Part 2
95Heavy MetalAn Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 2; The Bus, Part
97Heavy MetalAn Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 4; Bourbon Threat; The Bus, Part 61; El Borbah, Part 8; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 3; The Hunting Party, Part 10; Rebel, Part 1; Rock Opera, Part 55; The Stranger; Tex Arcana, Part 29; The Walls of Samaris, Part 5
98Heavy MetalAn Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 5; Bodyssey, Part 1; The Bus, Part 62; El Borbah, Part 9; The Fighter; Fragments; Goodbye; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 4; Le Chat; Rebel, Part 2; Superflite
100Heavy MetalAn Author in Search of Six Cha…, Part 6; Bodyssey, Part 3; The Bus, Part 63; The Destroyer; El Borbah, Part 11; HM’s Hollywood Hell, Part 6; Rebel, Part 4; Robots; Sillavango: Holiday; Skydancer; Tex Arcana, Part 31; The Whisper Mystery, Part 2
79King-Cat Comics and StoriesAn Open Letter to Patrick R. Porter (text); Dog-Walking Poem; That’s Life; Science Club: “5 Dollars”; Science Club: “Prince Charming”; Science Club: “Mags”; Science Club: “Epilogue”…; Night Poem; Étant Donnés; Pepper and Her Babies (text); Behind the Bushes; Grandpa John; A Trip to Dickeyville
84Heavy MetalAn Unmarried Pillsbury Doughperson; The Bus, Part 48; Headcut 3000; HM’s Star Dissections, Part 7; I’m Age, Part 30; June 2050, Part 17; My Vampires: A Memoir
59Heavy MetalAt The Middle of Cymbiola, Part 3; The Bus, Part 24; Den II, Part 4; Happy Future: The Autonomous…; I’m Ag
44Heavy MetalAwaken; Blind Citadel; The Bookshelf; The Bus, Part 13; Changes, Part 9; Comix, Part 10; Comix International; Flix, Part 10; Interference; Little Tiny Comics, Part 3
64Heavy MetalBack and Forth; At The Middle of Cymbiola, Part 7; Blade Runner: This is the City; The Bus, Part 28; The Concorde; Den II, Part 9; Futuropolis Section; The Gladiators; H. Fertig Inadvertent
158Jughead’s Double DigestBattle of the Bots; Heart Art; A Pair With Flair; Appetite for Art; Voice Control; A Menu for Writing; Class Gas; Play’s the Thing!; Hot Dog: Canine Conniption; Hot Dog: Dog-Gone; Proof Spoof; No Place Like Home; Square Flair; Buck Pluck; Career Sphere; The Real Test; Money Honey; Crunchin’ and Grinnin’; You Are What You Eat; I’d Rather Be Daydreaming; Little Jughead: Track Star; Little Archie and Me: The Busy Bee; Little Jughead: The Right Sound; It’s Not Working Out; Jughead’s Gag Bag; Burgers Bonanza; Wrestle Mania!; The Taste Buds Who Knew Too Much; Menu Mischief; Success Finesse; Bite Plight; Play Mates; Roller Coaster Mania!; Nose Job; Hair Ball Bonanza
15Super-Magician ComicsBlackstone on Skull Island!; The Invisible Killer; The Counterfeit Blood Bank!; Blackstone’s Superstamp Trick!; The Bushmasters Strike!; Australian Sea Rovers (text); Dead Men’s Gold! (text)
45Heavy MetalBloodstar, Part 1; The Bus, Part 14; Changes, Part 10; Comix, Part 11; T
52Heavy MetalBloodstar, Part 8; Tex Arcana, Part 5; The Blue Air Compressor (text); Firaz; Outland, Part 2; The Immortals’ Fete, Part 3; Paradise; Whoodoo the Voodoo?; Dax Prometheus, Part 3; Rock Opera, Part 19; The Bus, Part 18
54Heavy MetalBorn Again; The Bus, Part 20; Cody Starbuck, P
4Gold Key SpotlightBrain, Brain, Go Away; The Daily Bulletin; The Bus Fuss
136Captain Marvel AdventuresCaptain Marvel Battles Hallucination; The Space Pyramid (text); The Practical Jokers (Captain Kid); Television Trickery; The Busy Bee (Colonel Corn and Korny Kobb); The Witch of Haven Street
23Black Panther (Vol. 2)Cat Trap, Part 2; More of the Business
26Nova (5th Series)Chapter XXVI: Look What the Bus Dragged In
601Archie Giant Series MagazineComic Con Conniptions; Getting The Business; Hot Car Hot Dog
5War Heroes (Dell)Crocodiles (text with photos); The Battle of the Hill… (Guadalcanal); Battle Over Bizerte; Sgt. Meyer Levin Ace Bombardier Hero from Brooklyn; Heroism Rewarded in the Merchant Marine—-; Sergeant Bombproof; Tolya Fights for Russia; Captives Courageous; Tank Buster; Gen. Eichelberger’s Boys; Highest Award for Gallantry; The Sea of Blood (text story); Two Months in the Bush; Pot Shooting Cook; General Patton; Attacked from Behind (text with photos)
13DaffyDaffy; Test Pest; High and Dry; Full of Beans (Text); Oh, Boy! Boys!; Nosy but Nice; Getting the Business; Daffy Duck
13/ADaffyDaffy; Test Pest; High and Dry; Full of Beans (Text); Oh, Boy! Boys!; Nosy but Nice; Getting the Business; Daffy Duck
74Heavy MetalDead Reckoning; The Odyssey, Part 1; Powerr to the People; It, or Who Glows There; The Struggle for Suremacy Over the World; The Man from Harlem, Part 4; B.J. Butterfly; The City that Didn’t Exist, Part 2; Metazoa; Hearts Desire, Inc.; June 2050; Crisalida; The Dead Pimp; Quarp in No Win Scenario; The Ape, Part 9; Zora; I’m Age; The Twinkle in Fildegar’s Eye; Rock Opera; The Bus
3Don Martin MagazineDoctor Dork; A John and Marsha Story; How the West Was Weird: Goon in the Saloon; Beauty or the Beast; How The West Was Weird: Blunder and Lightning; Sound Bytes for the Digitally Impaired; The Nutheads; The Businessmen in Yellowstone Park; Parting Shot: Late One Night in Suburbia
28Richie Rich Digest MagazineDollar Forgets; The Plain Playhouse; The Bad Mouthed Parrot; Wealthy Boy; The Monster Machine; Monsters Unveiled; Watchdog of the Year; Cadbury: The Stiff-Upper-Lip-Award; The Riddle of Oppus Rich; The Riddle Undone; Unburied Treasure; Nurse Jenny: Hurting to Know You; Bright Mama; A Day Off for Cadbury; Giving Him the Business
102Heavy MetalDossier, Bodyssey, The Moviegoer, Tex Arcana, Elephant Cemetary, The Bus, Catch Up,Tthe Whisper Mystery, The Sleeping Princess, Gallery Frank Frazetta, HM’s Hollywood Hell, Zabeth on Astrochnouff, Chain Mail, Silavengo, Rebel
67Heavy MetalDossier; Freak Show; Chain Mail; Den II; the Ape; Baltard 3; Advanced Videology; Yragael; I’m Age: More Dandelions; Barsoom!; Object; Shakespeare for Americans; Zora; The Voyage of Those Forgotten; Rock Opera; The Bus
100Archie’s Pals ’n GalsDump Chump; Archie’s Gag Bag; Some Feat; A Bird in the Bush; Pass the Buck; Energy Crisis; A Time of Strength; Lump Frump; Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hide
3Threat!Easy Come, Easy Go; Attack of the Bush Toads; Two Half Pages; Family Ties; View From a Borrowed Dodge
2Donald Duck Album (Walt Disney’s…)First come, First Serve; Getting The Business; Invention Prevention; Star Performance; All’s Fair; Fenced Out; Up For Grabs
11Mad ClassicsFools of Rock; When Corporate Sponsorship of Public Schools Goes too Far!; The Legend of Beggar Vance; Mads Fantabulaman-O-Lantern Stencil; James Bond Villains Pet Peeves; Spy vs. Spy; The Simpsons by the Numbers; The Lighter Side of…; In the Barlet West Wing… In the Bush West Wing Melvin & Jenkins’ Guide to Politics; Monroe &…Health Class; Angle; Mad’s Celebrity Cause-of-Death Betting Odds: George W. Bush; A Mad Look at Vanity; The Intimidator LX2000 Owner’s Manual; Know Your Ghosts; Mad’s Photo Personals Guide; Mad’s Rediscovered Covers; Mad’s Complete Guide to Shipping Your Aging Relative off to a Nursing Home; What is a Hollywood Liberal?; New Questions Based on the Stanley Kraplan SAT Prep Course; Mad Mumblings; Mad Marginals XL; Maimed Flesh Magazine; Legitimate Grips of Your Average Serial Killer; Drek-ula; What Else is Physically Wrong with Vice-President Dick Cheney?; Drawn Out Dramas
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