Storylines containing “The Clown”

2019Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival (A2CAF)10 Things I Love About Comics; A2CAF 10th Anniversary; Frumpy the Clown; The Ten Greatest Comics Readers of All Time!; Waldo Brakefluid; Macfluff Goes Home; Muddy; Summertime When I Was 10…; Top Ten Weirdest Ways to Die in a Shakespeare Play!; 10 of Claire Malone; The Adventures of Reginald Barkley
8832000 A.D.Babe Race 2000, Part 1; The Clown II: Behind the Painted Mask, Part 3; The Grudge-Father, Part 6; Robo-Hunter: The Robotic Revenge of Dr. Robotski, Part 3
8862000 A.D.Babe Race 2000, Part 4; Bradley: The Sprog Prince, Part 2; The Clown II: Behind the Painted Mask, Part 6; Luke Kirby: Sympathy for the Devil, Part 8
8872000 A.D.Babe Race 2000, Part 5; Bradley: The Sprog Prince, Part 3; The Clown II: Behind the Painted Mask, Part 7; Luke Kirby: Sympathy for the Devil, Part 19
4Harvey Magazine for KidsBaby Huey’s Great Easter Adventure; The Lion and the Elephant; Art Gallery; Zoo Crew; Club Ha-Ha; 2 Twins Named Max: Ride ’em Cowboy; Look, Mom, I made it Myself!; The Long-Nosed Goblins; Baby Huey’s Ducktionary; Casper: Casper in Cyberspace; Puppet Magic; Ruby Slippers & Ed; Songs You Might Need in a Pinch; The Clowns of C.I.R.C.U.S.: The Color of Funny
3Oni Double FeatureBacon, Part 1; Car Crash, Part 2; Frumpy the Clown
111Justice League of AmericaBalance of Power!; Beware! The Black Star Shines!; Mystery of the Clowning Criminals; Mystery of the Santa Claus Pirate!; Mystery of the One-Man Museum; Attack of the Star-Bolt Warrior!
19Gotham City SirensBehind the Bat, Behind the Clown
Anl 1983Spider-Woman (Marvel UK)Beware the Spider-Woman—Bounty Hunter!; Inside Story; Bring On…The Clown!; The Hulk and Spider-Woman: Doctor of Madness!
3Slave Labor StoriesBiill the Clown; Frozen Embryo; Jake Gunther vs. the NFL; Tales of the Odd Folk; Hero; The Nature Fixer Uppers
10Green Lantern (3rd Series)Bring in the Clowns
334Jughead (Vol. 1)Bring in the Clowns; Supreme Temptation; Wet Set; Handy Hound; Computer Recruiter; Appreciation; puzzle: Jughead’s Computer Puzzle!!; Countdown
387Bunty Picture Story LibraryBring On the Clowns !
22Spider-WomanBring On…The Clown!
22Spider-Woman (UK Edition)Bring On…The Clown!
2One PieceBuggy the Clown
199Bunty Picture Story LibraryCarole - The Clown Maker
65Casper’s GhostlandCasper: How Odd!; Casper: Handy Haunt; Wendy: Claude the Clowning Cloud; Wendy: Her Powerful Pals; Casper: The Lonesome Fireplace; Casper: The Ghost Trapper; Spooky: Cardland
127Friendly Ghost, Casper, TheCasper: The Clown That Cried!; Casper: The Invisible Foe; Casper: The Scoundrels Unmasked; Spooky: Genies Aplenty
6Casper Strange Ghost StoriesCasper: The Happy House; Casper: The Un-Happy House; Casper: How to Smile; Casper: The Clown the Cried!; Casper: The Scoundrels Unmasked; Spooky: Genies Aplenty
34DeadpoolChapter X, Part 1; Sending In The Clowns
3-2Double Cross!Chopsticks My Ass!; Send In the Clowns* *Except For the Dead One.; Dr. Know-It-All; I Just Love Deliveries: Pussy-Whipped
Anl 1958SwiftChucko the Clown; Sponges Under the Sea; The Rolling Stones; Polly and the Dog Show; Tarna–Jungle Boy
11Wendy the Good Little Witch (Vol. 2)Claude the Clowning Cloud; Her Powerful Pals; Casper: The Lonesome Fireplace; Nightmare: Picnic Perils
6DirtbagCrowd Control; Deeno in Tourist Trap; Bill the Clown; The X-FliesGraham Lousy Day
2Elvira, Mistress of the DarkCurse & Tell, Part 1; Send In The Clowns
4Abbott and Costello (St. John)Cut the Clowning!; The Chubby Cyclone (text); Canvasback Costello (text)
124Betty and Veronica Double DigestDifferent Worlds; Moody & Snooty; Hands of Policy; Patriotic Spirit; A Carof Her Own; Send in the Clowns; Sore Chore; Phone Groan; Everything is Beautiful; A Date to Remember; Capsule Caper; Look Who’s Watching; Trashed; Vacation Situation; And Away go Problems Down the Drain; Medical Alert; Party Animal; On the Money; The Job; Video Victim; the Date; To Teevee or Not to Teevee; Making a Scene; Drippy Drama; Net Loss; Dine & Dunce; Little Miss Fixit; Just Plane Trouble; Strange arrangement; A Bit Mousey
9DecayEditoral; Killeroo: Redneck Wonderland; News; Oz Zombie; Review - Barrier; Sisters: Cheerleader Massacre; Avcon Adelaide - Convention Pictures; Preview - Sisters; Supanova Sydney - Convention Pictures; Tales 2 Tremble By: Host; Bits; Desert Island; Spider Eggs; The Room; Skeleton Crew; Strange Appetite; Night of the Clowns; Review & Competition - Insidious; Killeroo Reborn; Splatt The Zombie Cat
1Bozo (2nd Series)Facts About Clowns (text); Circus to the Moon; The Chimp Who Made a Monkey Out of Bozo; The Worm Who Had the Strangest Tale; The Clown in Show Business (text); Make Up and Costumes of Clowns (text)
135Viz, TheFat Slags, Champion the Wondws Arse, Nude Motor Cycle Girl, Scat of the Antartic, Biffa Bacon, Mongol Hoarder, Fru T Bun, Billy the Fish, germy O’Phobe, The Bottom Inspectors, Drunken Bakers, Rat Boy, Gilbert Ratchet, Desert sland Teacher, Great Scottish Footballing Moments, Mrs Brady Old Lady, You are The Clown, Roger Mellie & Mel Gibson Presents The Suffering of the Christ
168Archie Digest MagazineFishy Motive; If People’s Thoughts were Labelled Like Products; Grammar Grapple; The Game of the Name; Send in the Clowns; Money Honey; Throne for a Loop; Triassic Lark, Part 1-4; The Tip Off; Signs of Success; I’m Stuffed; M.V.P. Spree; Chain Reaction; Pe
9Patty CakeFisty the Clown; The Best; That’s the Way the Ball Bounces; Jose; No Rhyme or Reason
285Four Color Comics (2nd series)Fitting A Door; Bozo the Clown and His Minikin Circus; Balloon Scam; Rolling Along
34Star Spangled ComicsFrom Rags to Ruin!; A Greek Tragedy; The Haunted Hunter; The Man Who Collected Crimes; Father Neptune; The Colonel and the Clown
81Police ComicsGargantua, the Phi Beta Gorilla; The Haunted House; Boomerang (text); Boo-Hoo, the Clown Who Wasn’t Funny
2Nightmare Factory, TheGas Station Carnivals; The Clown Puppet; The Chymist; The Sect of the Idiot
1Wham!General Nitt And His Barmy Army; The Wacks; Kelpie The Boy Wizard; The Tiddlers The Kids From Canal Road School; Billy Buns And His Wonderful Specs; Eagle Eye Junior Spy; Danny Dare He’s Dan Dare’s Number One Fan; Biff He’ll Have A Bash At Anything; The Humbugs; The Pest Of The West; Georges Germs; Footsie The Clown
Dlx 2Gotham City SirensGotham City Sirens Book 2; Strange Fruit; Beginning Again; Ending Again; Yrotsih; Behind the Bat, Behind the Clown; Hell Hath No Fury; Judgment on Gotham, Part 3; Family Matters; X Friends
48Summer LoveHeartbreak Beach; The Cover Girl and the Clown; The Swingers
3War BattlesI Was Under Secret Orders; Escape; Rear Guard (text story); Sub-Killer!; Heartbreak Hill!; The Clown of Death!
7DirtbagIf It ain’t Broke, Fix It; true Takes from the Periphery; The Monorail Rider; Life Bytes; Billie the Clown in Military Intelligence; If You See Bill on the Road, Kill Him
154Betty & MeIt’s Up to You to Cover the Bases! (PSA); A Perfect Match; The Clean-Up Hitter (Ora-Care ad); Meow Row; As Soon as Possible; Send in the Clowns
7762000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Babes in Arms, Part 1; Finn: Book 1, Episode 7; The Harlem Heroes: Grey Ghost Overflight, Part 1; Tales From Beyond Science: Long Distance Calls; The Clown, Part 3
7772000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Babes in Arms, Part 2; The Clown, Part 4; Finn Book 1, Part 8; The Harlem Heroes: Grey Ghost Overflight, Part 2; Tales From Beyond Science: The Music Man
7782000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Babes in Arms, Part 3; The Clown, Part 5; Finn Book 1, Part 9; The Harlem Heroes: Grey Ghost Overflight, Part 3; Tales From Beyond Science: Tales of Edwin Spendlove
7792000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Babes in Arms, Part 4; The Clown, Part 6; Finn Book 1, Part 10; The Harlem Heroes: Grey Ghost Overflight, Part 4; Tales From Beyond Science: Mysteries of the Organism
8412000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Down Among the Dead Men; The Clown; Tharg the Mighty: The Perilous Perm of the Purple Nurples; Purgatory, Part 8; Tharg’s Terror Tales: Even Death May Die
7752000 A.D.Judge Dredd: First of the Many, Part 1; The Clown, Part 2; Finn Book 1, Part 6; Skizz II: Alien Cultures, Part 9; Tales From Beyond Science: The Music Man
7742000 A.D.Judge Dredd: Koole Killers, Part 3; The Clown, Part 1; Finn Book 1, Part 5; Skizz II, Part 8; Tales From Beyond Science: The Men in Red
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