Storylines containing “The Mad Scientist”

11Frankenstein (The Monster Of…)And In The End—!?; The Mad Scientist!
16Cheval NoirGazonkas; The Great Power of the Chninkel; Rork; The Voyage to Italy; The Forever War; Joy of Falling; The Mad Scientist
11World of FantasyPrisoner of the Fantastic Fog; Nightmare at Midnight; The Sinister Stone; He Never Reached the Ground!; He’s Coming to Get Me!; The Mad Scientist!
17Cheval NoirRork; The Forever War; The Great Power Of The Chninkel; The Voyage To Italy; Adrift; The Eyeball Kid; The Mad Scientist
18Cheval NoirThe Eyeball Kid; The Mad Scientist; The Great Power Of The Chninkel; The Voyage To Italy; The Forever War
15Cheval NoirThe Great Power of the Chninkel, Part 3; The Eyeball Kid, Part 6; Our Secret Shame; The Voyage to Italy, Part 3; Rork: Passages: The Great Secret; The Mad Scientist, Part 1; A Leg; Post-Apocalypse!; The Forever War Book 2, Part 2
51Marvel Family, TheThe Mystery of the Living Statuettes; The Baldness Plague; Mary Marvel Chases the Will O’Wisp; Handy Weapon (text); The Mad Scientist; The Mystery of the Square World
6Detective ComicsThe Mystery of the Lost Ape; Mystery of the Wholesale Kidnappings, Part 2; The Disappearing Diamonds; The Claws of the Red Dragon, Part 6; Tropical Trouble (text); A Bum Disguise; The Investigation of Captain Hanley; The Mad Scientist; Slam Bradley in Mexico
10Saint, TheThe Saint Smashes the Communist Menace!; The Saint Fights the Mad Scientist and His Zombies!