Storylines containing “World Apart”

3Heavy Metal1996, Part 3; Age of Ages, Part 3; Conquering Armies, Part 3; Den, Part 3; Gail, Part 1; Harzak, Part 2; Night Images; Rockblitz; Sloane; Sunspot, Part 3; Vengeance; Vessel; World Apart, Part 1
4Heavy Metal1996, Part 4; Approaching Centauri; Conquering Armies, Part 4; Crossroads of the Universe; Den, Part 4; Golden Queen; Harzak, Part 3; The Long Tomorrow, Part 1; Nep Simo; Prince of Mist; Sunspot, Part 4; World Apart, Part 2
5Heavy Metal1996, Part 5; Age of Ages, Part 4; Black Queen; Coincidence; Den, Part 5; Fever; Green Hand; Hamilton Potemkine; The Long Tomorrow, Part 2; Our Own Little Mardis Gras; Package For You, Missus Jones; Polonius, Part 1; Roger, Part 2; World Apart, Part 3
6Heavy Metal1996, Part 6; AAARRRZZZ; Den, Part 6; Is There a Demon Lover in the House?; It’s a Small Universe; Last Vodka on Smirnov; Major Fatal; Night Grass; Orcyb; Polonius, Part 2; Teonanactl Genese; World Apart, Part 4
8Heavy Metal1996, Part 8; A Visit to Jivaskilla Technexp; Airtight Garage of Jerry Corne, Part 2; Ballade; Bird of Dust; Blue Terror; Den, Part 8; Feet Upon the Stomach; How’s the Nightlife on…; Master; Polonius, Part 4; World Apart, Part 5
Bk 2Exiles (Marvel)A World Apart
Bk 2-3Exiles (Marvel)A World Apart
175Football Picture Story MonthlyA World Apart
401Football Picture Story MonthlyA World Apart
88X-Men (2nd Series)A World Apart
8Exiles (Marvel)A World Apart, Part 1
9Exiles (Marvel)A World Apart, Part 2
10Exiles (Marvel)A World Apart, Part 3