All New Adventures of the Mighty Crusaders

    (Red Circle, 1983)
™ and ©1983 Red Circle Productions, Inc.
Title becomes Mighty Crusaders (2nd Series) as of issue #4

(From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide)

After the camp triumph of the 1960s incarnation there’s an immense disappointment when beginning to read this series. Oh yes, there are daft plots and daft characters, particularly the Brain Emperor (a guy with a transparent dome covering an otherwise exposed brain), but this is an attempt to play the characters straight from creators not able to transcend mediocrity. Bizarrely, though, instead of forgetting the previous series entirely, there are attempts made to reconcile the continuity of a twenty-year-old, universally ridiculed comic. Fans of the 1960s material shouldn’t despair, though, because in the final issues Rich Margopoulos tries his level best to write a 1980s equivalent. You are referred to #12’s splash page featuring the Crusaders’ building-block flying train, and 13’s lump of red-rock villain. The dialogue is gloriously pompous and expository, and only the competent, although far from exciting, art of Dick Ayers and Chic Stone prevents a total lapse. ~WJ

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Origin of Shield (Joe Higgins); Origin of Comet (John Dickering); Origin of Web (John Raymond); Origin of Black Hood (Kip Burland); Origin of Jaguar (Ralph Hardy); Origin of Fly (Tommy Troy); Origin of Shield (Lancelot Strong)Rich BucklerRich Buckler


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Warriors of Omri continued in Galaxia #2; Wraparound coverRich BucklerRich Buckler, Willie Bllyberg


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Title becomes Mighty Crusaders (2nd Series) with #4Rich BucklerRich Buckler, Dick Ayers