World of Wood

    (Eclipse, 1986-1989)
™ and ©1986 The Wallace Wood Estate. Cover art ©1986 Wood/Blevins/Williamson

From his early work on The Spirit and EC’s science fiction titles (Weird Science, Weird Fantasy) to his 1960s and ’70s work on Daredevil, All-Star Squadron, and Stalker, Wally Wood was one of the finest illustrators and most distinctive talents in comics. However, because of the restrictive commercial and creative climate in mainstream comics at the time he was working, many of Wood’s best ideas only saw print in “ground-level” or fanzine-type publications, such as his self-published title, Witzend.

Wood (who died in the early 1980s) specialized in sword-and-sorcery tales with dark, sexual themes that contrasted brilliantly with the innocent and detail-rich quality of his artwork. Eclipse’s mini-series, The World of Wood, presents many under-distributed or unpublished science-fiction and fantasy stories by Wood, inked and colored by some of his longtime associates such as Al Williamson and Marie Severin.

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Dave Stevens CoverIndicia says #2; AdultWally Wood, Archie GoodwinWally Wood, Dan Adkins


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 Indicia for #1 corrected; AdultWally WoodWally Wood


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 AdultGerry Boudreau, Nicola Cuti, Wally WoodWally Wood


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 AdultBill Dubay, Wally Wood, Nicola CutiWally Wood


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 Reprints from Flying Saucers #1, Forbidden Worlds #3; B&WBill Dubay, Wally Wood, Gerry BoudreauWally Wood, Al Williamson