Baby Huey the Baby Giant

    (Harvey, 1956-1972, 1990)
™ and © Harvey Comic Publications

Big Baby Huey, a huge yellow duck clad in a giant diaper and endearing bonnet, is a loveable but dim-witted toddler, whose physical appearance is often as amusing as his bumbling slapstick antics.

He has a long history, beginning with his first appearance in Casper the Friendly Ghost #1, in 1949. He was a regular feature in Paramount Animated Comics in the early 1950s, before getting his own regular title in 1956, which ran until 1972. There was a weak attempt at a revival in 1980, but it only lasted one issue. Harvey Comics tried again in 1990, with both this title and a new Baby Huey which also began with issue #100. The second title outlasted this one by six issues, running until June of 1994.

Huey has also appeared in Harvey Hits, Harvey Comics Hits, and a few digests and quarterly comics bearing his name.
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April, 1970
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