Titles starting with the letter “A”

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TitlePublisherYears Published
A’, AViz1996
A1 (Vol. 1)Atomeka1989-1992
A1 (Vol. 2)Epic1992
A1 (Vol. 3)Atomeka2004
A1 (4th Series)Titan2013
A-10 Comics PresentsA-102010
A-1 Big Book of Crime ComicsBoardman2015
A-1 ComicsLife’s Romances1944-1955
A1 PresentsTitan2014
A1 Presents: Carpe DiemTitan2014
A1 SketchbookAtomeka2004
A1 True Life Bikini Confidential, TheAtomeka1990
A2Z: An Alphabetical DisorderDisorderly1982
A.A.I WarsOcta-Ink2016
Aam-Ka-JutsuE.C. McGilvray III1979
A&A: The Adventures of Archer & ArmstrongValiant2016-2017
AardvarkDave Faggioli1971
Aardvark ComicsAardvark-Vanaheim2017
AARGH!Mad Love1988
Aaron and AhmedVertigo2012
Aaron StripsImage1997, 1999
Aavikon SkorpionitWSOY1994
A-Babies Vs. X-BabiesMarvel2012
Abaddon the DestroyerAmerican Mythology2016
Abandoned, TheTokyopop2006
Abandoned (Desperado)Desperado2007
Abandoned CarsFantagraphics2010
Abandoned Empress, TheYen2021
Abandon the Old in TokyoDrawn and Quarterly2006
AbbadonPaperFilms & Adaptive 
Abbie An’ SlatsUnited Features1948
Abbie An’ Slats (Vol. 2)Ken Pierce1983-1984
Abbott: 1973Boom!2021
Abbott & Costello (Charlton)Charlton1968-1971
Abbott and Costello (St. John)St. John1948-1956
Abbott and Costello: The Classic ComicsEternity1989
ABC: A–Z, Greyshirt and CobwebAmerica’s Best2006
ABC: A–Z, Terra Obscura and Splash BranniganAmerica’s Best2006
ABC: A–Z, Tom Strong and Jack B. QuickAmerica’s Best2005
ABC: A–Z, Top 10 and TeamsAmerica’s Best2006
ABC MonstrosityRenegade Arts2020
ABC’s for SuperheroesAtlas2005
ABC’s of Superpowers, TheLittle Gnome2004
A.B.C. WarriorsFleetway Quality1990-1991
ABC Warriors (DC)DC2004-2005
ABC Warriors: HellbringerRebellion2008
ABC Warriors: Khronicles of KhaosFleetway Quality1993
ABC Warriors: Meknificent SevenRebellion2010
Abc Warriors: Return To MarsRebellion2015
ABC Warriors: Return to Ro-BustersRebellion2016
ABC Warriors: Shadow WarriorsRebellion2009
ABC Warriors: Solo MissionsRebellion2014
ABC Warriors: The Black HoleTitan2002
A.B.C. Warriors: The Mek FilesRebellion2014
ABC Warriors: The Third ElementRebellion2008
A.B.C. Warriors: Volgan WarRebellion2013
AbelAiT/Planet Lar2002
Abenobashi: Magical Shopping ArcadeTokyopop2004
Abenteuer der WeltgeschichteLehning1953
Abenteuer in der Elfenwelt (Bastei)Bastei1984-1992
Abenteuer in der Elfenwelt (Carlsen)Carlsen1997-2000
AberrantAction Lab2018
Aberrant ElitesWhite Wolf2000
Aberrant Project UtopiaWhite Wolf1999
Aberrant Season 2Action Lab2019
Aberrant Word Wide Phase IWhite Wolf2000
Abe Sapien: Dark and TerribleDark Horse2013-2016
Abe Sapien Drums of the DeadDark Horse1998
Abe Sapien: The Abyssal PlainDark Horse2010
Abe Sapien: The Devil Does Not JestDark Horse2011
Abe Sapien: The DrowningDark Horse2008, 2011
Abe Sapien: The Drowning and Other StoriesDark Horse2018
Abe Sapien: The Haunted BoyDark Horse2009
Abe the Aborted Fetus: Roe vs. AbeTrepidation2010
Abe—Wrong for All the Right ReasonsTop Shelf2001
Abiding PerditionArcana2010
Abiding Perdition (Nick Schley’s…)Markosia2005
Abigail (King Diamond’s…)Z22021
Abigail & Rox in the Land of EnchantmentDigital Webbing2007
Abigail And The SnowmanBoom!2014-2015
Ab IratoLion Forge2017
A. BizarroDC1999
A-Bomb (Vol. 2)Anthill 
Abominable Mr. Seabrook, TheDrawn and Quarterly2017
Abominations (Catalan)Catalan1990
Abortion EveNanny Goat1973
About Betty’s BoobBoom!2018
About LoveDigital Manga2011
Above and BelowDrawn and Quarterly2004
Above and BeyondCaliber2018
Above the CloudsMelissa Pagluica 
Above Top Secret ComicsEyes Only1995
Abra Cadaver: The Afterlife Adventures of Harry HoudiniDead Dog2006
Abraham Lincoln: A New Birth of FreedomCampfire2012
Abraham Lincoln Life StoryDell1958
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire HunterGrand Central2010
Abraham Stone (Epic)Epic1995
Abraham Stone: Country Mouse, City RatPlatinum1991
Abraxas and the EarthmanKing Hell2006
Absalom: Ghosts of LondonRebellion2012
Absence of Ink TheaterAbsence of Ink2001
Absence of LightAnderson1998
Absent CaptainOverground2015-2016
Absent FriendsSlave Labor2004
Abslom Daak—Dalek KillerMarvel1991
Absolute All-Star Batman & Robin, the Boy WonderDC2016
Absolute Art of Adam HughesDC2019
Absolute Authority, TheWildstorm2002
Absolute Batman and RobinDC2011
Absolute Batman: Dark VictoryDC2012
Absolute Batman: Haunted KnightDC2014
Absolute Batman: HushDC2005
Absolute Batman IncorporatedDC2014
Absolute Batman: The Black MirrorDC2018
Absolute Batman: The Killing JokeDC2018
Absolute Batman: The Long HalloweenDC2007
Absolute Batman: Year OneDC2016
Absolute Best Harvey Horrors, ThePS Artbooks2016
Absolute Best of By Ned, TheConrad Day2001
Absolute Best of Harvey Horrors, The: Featuring Man in BlackPS Artbooks2016
Absolute Blackest NightDC2013
Absolute BoyfriendViz2006-2008
Absolute CarnageMarvel2019
Absolute Carnage: AvengersMarvel2019
Absolute Carnage: Captain MarvelMarvel2019
Absolute Carnage: Immortal Hulk and Other TalesMarvel2020
Absolute Carnage: Lethal ProtectorsMarvel2019
Absolute Carnage: Miles MoralesMarvel2019
Absolute Carnage OmnibusMarvel2020
Absolute Carnage: ScreamMarvel2019
Absolute Carnage: Separation AnxietyMarvel2019
Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of VengeanceMarvel2019
Absolute Carnage: Symbiote Spider-ManMarvel2019
Absolute Carnage: The Immortal HulkMarvel2019
Absolute Carnage vs. DeadpoolMarvel2019
Absolute Carnage: Weapon PlusMarvel2019
Absolute Crisis On Infinite EarthsDC2011
Absolute Danger GirlWildStorm2004
Absolute Dark KnightDC2006
Absolute Dark Knight III: The Master RaceDC2019
Absolute Dark Nights: MetalDC2022
Absolute DaytripperDC2019
Absolute DC: New FrontierDC2005
Absolute DeathVertigo2009
Absolute DuoSeven Seas2017
Absolute Final CrisisDC2012
Absolute FlashpointDC2018
Absolute FlipbookRed Giant2018
Absolute Fourth World by Jack KirbyDC2020
Absolute Green ArrowDC2014
Absolute Green Lantern/Green ArrowDC2015
Absolute Green Lantern: RebirthDC2010
Absolute Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps WarDC2012
Absolute Identity CrisisDC2011
Absolute Infinite CrisisDC2016
Absolute JusticeDC2009
Absolute Justice League OriginDC2017
Absolute Justice League: The World’s Greatest Super-HeroesDC2017
Absolute Kingdom ComeDC2006
Absolute League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The: Black DossierDC2007
Absolutely MADE.C.2007
Absolute Monarch SyndromeProject H2013
Absolute MultiversityDC2022
Absolute PlanetaryWildStorm2008
Absolute PowerJoe Sayers2005
Absolute PrometheaWildStorm2009–2010
Absolute RoninDC2008
Absolute Sandman, TheDC2006
Absolute Sandman OvertureDC2018
Absolute ScarletDC2018
Absolute Superman/BatmanDC2016
Absolute Superman For TomorrowDC2010
Absolute Swamp ThingDC2019
Absolute Top TenDC2012
Absolute TransmetropolitanDC2014
Absolute VertigoVertigo1995
Absolute V For Vendetta, TheVertigo2009
Absolute WatchmenDC2011
Absolute WildC.A.T.S. by Jim LeeDC2017
Absolute Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello and Cliff ChiangDC2016
Absolute Y: The Last ManVertigo2015
Absolute ZeroAntarctic1995-1996
Absolute ZeroesRonin2005-2006
Absolution: Happy KittyAvatar2013
Absolution: RubiconAvatar2013
Absolution: The BeginningAvatar2013
Abstract Comics AnthologyFantagraphics2009
Abstract Fantasy: ManiaNate Pollard2002
Absurd Adventures of Archibald Aardvark, TheImage2009
Absurd Art of J.J. Grandville, TheTome 
Absurd TalesAardbart and Son Press2004
Abusilum SketchbookOlde Towne2007
Abyss, TheDark Horse1989
Abyss (2nd Series)Red 52007-2008
Abyss (Abyss)Abyss1970
Abyss: Family IssuesRed 52011
AC Action Hero RetroAC2007
Academy Waltz And Other Profound Transgressions (Berkeley Breathed’s…)Idea + Design Works2015
Acá los MaistrosEditorial Toukan2003
AC AnnualAC1990-1992, 2005
ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.Yen2017-2018
AcceleratorsBlue Juice2013-2016
Accelerators, The: Forwards and BackwardsBlue Juice2020
Accelerators, The: MomentumBlue Juice2015
Accelerators: RelativityBlue Juice2016
AccellLion Forge2017-2018
Accel WorldYen2014
Acceptable LossesQueer2020
AccidentalLark Pien2005
Accidental Centaurs, TheMoonbase2004
Accidental Centaurs Plain Brown WrapperMoonbase 
Accidental Centaurs Year OneMoonbase2009
Accidental Death, AnFantagraphics1993
Accident ManDark Horse1993
Accidents and Old Lace and Other StoriesFantagraphics2020
Acclaim Adventure ZoneAcclaim 
Acclaim Comics Valiant HeroesAcclaim1996
Acclaim Reader: Year One and Counting…Acclaim1997
Accomplishments of the Duke’s DaughterSeven Seas2018
AccumulatorBuffalo Nickel2000
Accursed Inheritance of Henrietta Achilles, TheGraphic Universe2020
Accursed Vampire, TheQuill Tree2021
Accused, TheMarvel2016
ACDMyth Division2019
Ace & StarletCodex2020-Present
Ace! ComicModelbrisk 
Ace ComicsMcKay1937-1949
Ace Comics PresentsAnimated Comics Enterprises1987
Ace-Face: The Mod with the Metal ArmsAdHouse2009
Ace KilroyKO2011-2012
Ace Malloy of the Special SquadronArnold1951-1952
Ace McCoyAvalon2000
Ace of DiamondsLone Star2000-2001
Ace of SpadesZuZupetal1993
Ace of Spades (Crush Dice)Crush Dice1973
Aces: Curse of the Red BaronAiT/Planet Lar2008
Aces High (E.C.)E.C.1955
Aces High (RCP)RCP1999
Ace SuperheroesAdventures Illustrated1995
ACG Christmas SpecialAvalon1999
ACG Collected Works: Adventures into the UnknownPS Artbooks2014
ACG Collected Works: Forbidden WorldsPS Artbooks2011-2014
ACG Collected Works: Skeleton HandPS Artbooks2012
ACG’s Civil WarAvalon1995
ACG’s Halloween SpecialAvalon1998
ACG Special CollectionAvalon2000
Achewood: The Great Outdoor FightDark Horse2008
Achewood: The Great Outdoor Fight (Oni)Oni2020
Achilles IncSource Point2019
Achilles StormBrainstorm1997
Achilles Storm: Dark SecretBrainstorm1997
Achilles Storm/RazmatazAja Blue1990-1991
Achille Talon (Dargaud)Dargaud 
Achille Talon (Dargaud, Pocket BD)Dargaud 
Acid Bath Case, TheKitchen Sink1992
AcidboyStarhead Comix1996
Acid Boy (Revenge)Revenge1996
Acid JaxxDestiny Valley2001
Ack the BarbarianInnovation1991
AcmeFandom House1987-1989
ACME CatalogChronicle2006
Acme Novelty Date Book, TheFantagraphics2006
Acme Novelty Library, TheFantagraphics1993-2008
Acme Novelty Library Annual Report to Shareholders and Rainy Day Saturday Afternoon Fun Book, ThePantheon2005
Acme Novelty Library Final Report to Shareholders and Saturday Afternoon Rainy Day Fun Book, ThePantheon2005
Acolyte, TheMad Monkey1993
Acolyte ChroniclesAzure2012
Acolyte Chronicles (2nd Series)Azure2012-2014
Acredale Kolor Komics KollectionWild Lion2003
Across the Pond PresentsAcross the Pond2004
Across the TracksAbrams Comicarts2021
Across the Universe: The DC Universe Stories of Alan MooreDC2003
ActHoughton Mifflin Harcourt2020
Action (Edizioni Star)Edizioni Star1993-2015
Action (Red Clown)Red Clown1975
Action 21ITC1988-1989
Action 2020Rebellion2020
Action Adventure ComicsKey1955
Action Adventures of John Jacobs and the Power Team, TheJohn Jacobs1991
Action Bible, TheDavid C. Cook2010
Action ComicsDC1938-2011, 2016-Present
Action Comics (2nd Series)DC2011-2016
Action Comics (Aus. Edition)Federal1985
Action Comics (Canadian Edition)DC1983–1987
Action Comics (Panini Brasil, 1st Series)Panini2017-2018
Action Comics: 80 Years of SupermanDC2018
Action Comics: Futures EndDC2014
Action Figure Collection (Tim Seeley’s…)Image2017
Action Figure: From the Journals of Richard MarzelakBaboon2006
Action Figure KingdomSteve Conte2010
Action Files, TheModern Curriculum 
A.C.T.I.O.N. Force (Lightning)Lightning1987
Action Force (Marvel UK)Marvel UK1987-1988
Action Force Monthly (Marvel UK)Marvel1988-1989
Action Geek!Angry Artgeek2000
Action Girl ComicsSlave Labor1994-1998
Action HeroesStarlog1989-1991
Action Heroes Archives, TheDC2004
Action Heroes PlusQuasimojo1997
Action Heroes: The Creation of Captain AmericaRosen2007
Action Heroes: The Creation of Iron ManRosen2007
Action Heroes: The Creation of Spider-ManRosen2007
Action Heroes: The Creation of the Fantastic FourRosen2007
Action Heroes: The Creation of the Incredible HulkRosen2007
Action Heroes: The Creation of the X-MenRosen2007
Action Lab: Dog Of WonderAction Lab2016-2017
Action Lab PresentsAction Lab2016
Action ManPanini1998-2005
Action Man (IDW)Idea + Design Works2016
Action Man A.T.O.M.Panini2005
Action Man: RevolutionIdea + Design Works2016
Action Man X-Missions AnnualPedigree 
Actionopolis (Shannon Denton’s…)Antarctic2001
Action PhilosophersEvil Twin2005–2007
Action Pickle KingdomSteve Conte2010
Action Picture LibraryFleetway Quality1969-1970
Action Planet ComicsAction Planet1996-1998, 2000
Action PresidentsHarperCollins2018
Action Presidents: WashingtonEvil Twin2013
Action Satisfaction SupremeZen Rankin2006
Actions Speak (Sergio Aragonés…)Dark Horse2001–2002
Action TankScout2021
Action Tank, TheDC2021
Action Tank (Mike Barry)Mike Barry2017-2020
Action Time BuddiesAntarctic2013
Action Time Buddies: NinjasAntarctic2013
ActionverseAction Lab2015-2016
Actionverse, Featuring StrayAction Lab2017
Action War Picture LibraryM. V. Features1965
Active ComicsBell1942-1946
Activist: A Story of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas ShootingZuiker2019
Activists!Stabur Press 
Activity, TheImage2011-2013
Actor Comics PresentsCentury2006
Actress and the Bishop, TheDesperado2009
Acts of Evil!Marvel2020
Acts of Vengeance: AvengersMarvel2020
Acts of Vengeance Crossover OmnibusMarvel2011
Acts of Vengeance: Marvel UniverseMarvel2020
Acts of Vengeance OmnibusMarvel2010
Acts of ViolenceNew Reliable2011
Actual ConfessionsMarvel1952
Actual RogerAlterna2018
Actual RomancesMarvel1949
Adachi and ShimamuraYen2021
A.D.: After DeathImage2016-2017
Ada LeeNBM2001, 2003
A.D.A.M.Toy Man1988
Adam-12Gold Key1973-1976
Adam.3Dark Horse2015
Adam Among the GodsAazurn2008
Adam and EveSpire1975
Adam and Eve A.D.BAM1985
Adam Bomb ComicsBlue Monkey1999
Adam Eterno: A Hero For All TimeRebellion2021
Adam: Legend of the Blue MarvelMarvel2009
Adam och EvaBetel1978
Adam Sarlech: A TrilogyHumanoids2016
Adam StrangeDC1990, 2003
Adam Strange (2nd Series)DC2004-2005
Adam Strange Archives, TheDC2004, 2006, 2008
Adam Strange/Future Quest SpecialDC2017
Adam Strange SpecialDC2008
Adam Strange: The Silver Age OmnibusDC2017
Adam WildSergio Bonelli2014-2016
Adam WreckAlterna2017
Adam Zero The Last Man of EarthRonin2008
Adapted Victor Hugo, TheNBM2004
Ad AstraKi-oon2014
Ad Astra (Edizioni Star)Edizioni Star2014
Adastra in AfricaFantagraphics1999
Addam OmegaAntarctic1997
Addams Family, theGold Key1974-1975
Addams Family Episode GuideCosmic Chronicles 
Addams Family, The: The BodiesIdea + Design Works2019
Add-ZeroMetal Box2000
Adele & the BeastNBM1990
AdelitaEl Salto Comics / DeLilia Images2003
Adept, TheImmortal Studios2020
AdHouse Books FREE Comic Book Day Comic BookAdHouse2004
Adlai StevensonDell1966
Admit OneMICA2002
A.D.: New Orleans After the DelugePantheon2009, 2010
Adolescent Power Fantasies (Tom Arvis’…)SureShot2000-2009
Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters, TheEclipse1986-1989
Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters (Dynamite)Dynamite2008
Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters ClassicsParody1992
Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters in 3-DEclipse1986
Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters: Lost and Alone in New YorkParody1993
Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters Massacre the Japanese InvasionEclipse1989
Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters: The Lost TreasuresParody1993
Adolf (Tonkam)Tonkam 
Adoption, TheMagnetic2020
Adorable Beastling, TheAction Lab2019
AD PoliceViz1994
AdrenalineA Wave Blue World2006-2007
Adterix OmnibusHodder Dargaud1982
Adult Action Fantasy Featuring: Tawny’s TalesLouisiana Leisure1990-1991
Adult FrankensteinEros2006
Adults Only! Comic MagazineInkwell1979, 1985, 1987
Adult Star StoriesHippy Comix2003
Advanced Dungeons & DragonsDC1988-1991
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (IDW)Idea + Design Works2019
Advanced TalkScott Campbell2005
Advance KnightGrand Central2009
Advance TeamTor2012
Advent RisingDC2004
Advent Rising: Rock the PlanetMajesco2005-2007
AdventureD.C. Thomson1921-1961
Adventure ComicsDC1938-1983, 2010-2011
Adventure Comics (2nd Series)DC1999
Adventure Comics (3rd Series)DC2009-2010
Adventure Comics (Canadian Edition)DC1982-1983
Adventure Comics (Federal)Federal1983-1986
Adventure Comics (Murray)Murray1979-1980
Adventure Comics (UK Edition)DC1978-1981
Adventure Comics Featuring SuperboyK.G. Murray1949
Adventure Comics Special Featuring The GuardianDC2009
Adventure FindersAntarctic2017-2018
Adventure Finders (Vol. 2)Action Lab2019
Adventure Finders: Adventure, Monsters and Treasure!Action Lab2020
Adventure IllustratedNew Media1981
Adventure in LeatherTandy Leather1961
Adventure Into Fear OmnibusMarvel2020
Adventure Into MysteryMarvel1956-1957
Adventure Into The PastGeneral Electric1949
Adventure is My CareerStreet & Smith1945
Adventure Kid: The Original MangaManga 182001
Adventure KingdomAndrews McMeel2021
Adventure Novels and Short StoriesChesterfield1938-1939
Adventure Novels and Short Stories (Adventure House)Adventure House2007
Adventure of the Copper Beeches, TheTome1992
Adventure of the Naval Treaty, TheTome1992
Adventure of the Peerless Peer, TheAspen1974, 1976
Adventure PublicationsAdventure1988
Adventure RoadVista Graphics1982
Adventurers, The (Aircel)Aircel1986
Adventurers, The (Book 1)Adventure1986-1987
Adventurers, The (Book 2)Adventure1987-1989
Adventurers, The (Book 3)Adventure1989-1990
Adventurers of Liberty City, The80 Pork2006-2007
AdventuresSt. John1949-1950
Adventures and Activities Ahoy!:01 First Second 
Adventures for BoysBailey1954
Adventures in 3-DHarvey1953-1954
Adventures in Adherence!VH2003
Adventures in Cartooning:01 First Second2009
Adventures in CrimeAction Lab2017
Adventures in ElectricityGeneral Electric1946-1947, 1950
Adventures in Ham-Fisted HaberdasheryJulian Boyer2013
Adventures in Jet PowerGeneral Electric1950
Adventures in Jet PropulsionGeneral Electric1947
Adventures in OzIdea + Design Works2006
Adventures In Reading Starring the Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1)Marvel1990
Adventures in Reading Starring the Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2)Marvel1992
Adventures in Science SeriesGeneral Electric1948-1959
Adventures Inside the AtomGeneral Electric 
Adventures in the DC UniverseDC1997-1998
Adventures in the DC Universe AnnualPedigree1999
Adventures in the MystwoodBlackthorne1986
Adventures in the Rifle BrigadeVertigo2000, 2004
Adventures in the Rifle Brigade (Image)Image2016
Adventures in the Rifle Brigade: Operation BollockVertigo2001
Adventures Into DarknessStandard1952-1954
Adventures into Mindless Self IndulgenceImage2010
Adventures Into TerrorMarvel1950-1954
Adventures into the UnknownACG1948-1967
Adventures into the Unknown (A+)A+1990-1991
Adventures Into The Unknown ArchivesDark Horse2012-2015
Adventures Into Weird WorldsMarvel1952-1954
Adventures Into Weird Worlds Comics (Thorpe & Porter)Thorpe & Porter1952
Adventures in WonderlandLev Gleason1955
Adventures Made in AmericaRip Off 
Adventures of AaronChiasmus1995
Adventures of Aaron (2nd Series)Image1997
Adventures of a Comic Con GirlAntarctic2012
Adventures of Adam & Bryon, TheAmerican Mule1998
Adventures of Adrienne James, TheHeavy Metal2021
Adventures Of Aero Girl, TheAction Lab2015
Adventures of a Kung Fu Robot, The: How to Make Peanut Butter, Jelly, and Kung Fu SandwichAmp!2016
Adventures of Alan Ladd, TheDC1949-1951
Adventures of a Lesbian College School Girl, TheNBM 
Adventures of Alibi Jones, TheEarthbound2011
Adventures of Alice, ThePentagon1945-1946
Adventures of Aspen Mascots, TheAspen2018
Adventures of Augusta Wind, TheIdea + Design Works2012
Adventures of Augusta Wind, The: The Last StoryIdea + Design Works2016
Adventures of Auranella, TheK.G. Murray1972
Adventures of Bagboy and Checkout Girl, TheAcetylene2002
Adventures of Bannerman, TheBig Red Rocket1994
Adventures of Baron Munchausen, TheNow1989
Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius, TheImage1999
Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius 2.0, TheOni2000
Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius 3: Monkey TalesOni2003
Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius, The: Secret Crisis Origin FilesOni2004
Adventures Of Basil And MoebiusMagnetic2015
Adventures of Bayou Billy, TheArchie1989-1990
Adventures of Bayou Billy, The (Canadian Edition)Archie1989-1990
Adventures of Billy Broccoflower, TheT&A1991
Adventures of Bio Boy, TheSpeakeasy2005
Adventures of Blake & MortimerCatalan1989-1990
Adventures of Blake & Mortimer (CineBook)Cinebook 
Adventures of Blanche, TheDark Horse2009
Adventures of Blondie Strange, TheTelltale1997
Adventures of Bob Hope, TheDC1950-1968
Adventures of B.O.C., TheInvasion1986-1987
Adventures of Brick Bradford, TheFeature Productions1944-1954
Adventures of Browser & Sequoia, TheSaberCat1999
Adventures of Brutusman, TheStorm1996
Adventures of Buck Danny, The: Mission: ApocalypseAmusement International Limited1988
Adventures of ByronScout2020
Adventures of Byron (Urbnpop)Urbnpop2017
Adventures of Byron: Comic CapersScout2020
Adventures of Byron: War of the RotisserieScout2021
Adventures of Canada JackEducational Projects1945
Adventures of Captain AmericaMarvel1991-1992
Adventures of Captain Jack, TheFantagraphics1986-1989
Adventures of Captain Nemo, TheRip Off1992
Adventures of Captain Rochester, TheRochester Electronics2007–2008, 2010, 2014
Adventures of Captain Save a Hood and Peter Proper, TheGhetto 
Adventures of Captain Striper, TheFoot Locker1993
Adventures of Carl, TheBoomtown2005
Adventures of Carrie Giver, TheT. R. Rose2006
Adventures of Cat Passmore: Sub:HumanMineo2021
Adventures of Charlz from Marz, TheDreamerLand2009
Adventures of Chrissie Claus, TheHero1990, 1994
Adventures of Chuk the BarbaricWhite Wolf1987
Adventures of Cordella Swift, TheMatt Garvey & Aleksander Bozic2016
Adventures of Cthulhu Jr. and Dastardly Dirk, TheSource Point2019
Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix, TheMarvel1994
Adventures of Dagny the Immortal TantrikaDAB Enterprises2004
Adventures of Daniel Boom aka Loud Boy, TheGrosset & Dunlap2008
Adventures of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis, TheDC1952-1957
Adventures of Dexter Breakfast, TheEl MacFearsome Comic Squares2006
Adventures of Dieter Lumpen, TheIdea + Design Works2016
Adventures of D’IsraeliAutocratik1999
Adventures of Dr. GravesA+ 
Adventures of Dr. McNinja, TheDark Horse2011
Adventures of Dr. Zen Buddua, TheEd Masters1992
Adventures of Dolo Rômy, TheDôlo Blue1989
Adventures of Doorknob Bob, TheJason Shiga1997
Adventures Of Drippy The Newsboy, TheConundrum2015
Adventures of Ebonyc, TheStreetdreams Productions 
Adventures of Edgar Mudd and Elaine, TheWet Earth 
Adventures of Evil & Malice, TheImage1999
Adventures of Factorman, The (Vol. 6)Caremark1998
Adventures of Felix the CatHarvey1992
Adventures of Finn & Friends, TheDC2006
Adventures of Ford Fairlane, TheDC1990
Adventures of Graphics ManMPHS2005
Adventures of Gus-Man, TheRooster Teeth2007
Adventures of Hack and Slash, TheMint1994
Adventures of Hanno & Loris, TheShanda2004-2005
Adventures of Hergé, TheDrawn and Quarterly2011
Adventures of Homelessman, TheFastPencil2011
Adventures of Homer Cobb, TheSay-Bart1947
Adventures of Homer GhostMarvel1957
Adventures of Huckleberry FinnEternity 
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Barron’s)Barron’s2008
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (Campfire)Campfire2010
Adventures of Jack Tar, TheAmerican Visuals1940
Adventures of Jellaby, TheCapstone2014
Adventures of Jell-o Man and Wobbly, TheWelsh1991
Adventures of Jerry Lewis, TheDC1957-1971
Adventures of Jo-Joy, TheW.T. Grant1945-1953
Adventures of Josh & Company, TheBob Alleger1990
Adventures of Kal-El, TheK.G. Murray1982
Adventures of Kelly Belle, The: Peril on the High SeasAtlantis 
Adventures of Kelly Belle, The: Search for the Golden MonkeyAtlantis1996
Adventures of Kool-Aid Man, TheArchie1993
Adventures of Lazarus Lamb, TheKnockabout 
Adventures of Liara RouxLiara Roux2021
Adventures of Liberal Man, ThePolitical1996-1997
Adventures of Little Andy Royd, TheOog & Blik2003
Adventures of Little Archie, TheArchie2004, 2008
Adventures of Little Orphan Annie Comics, TheDavid McKay1940-1942
Adventures of Luna, The: Lost in TimeNuance 
Adventures of Luther Arkwright, The (Dark Horse)Dark Horse1990, 1997
Adventures of Luther Arkwright, The (Never)Never1982
Adventures of Luther Arkwright, The (Proutt)Proutt1982
Adventures of Luther Arkwright, The (Valkyrie)Valkyrie1987-1989
Adventures of Mac and Trouble, TheRusty Ink2014
Adventures of Mark Tyme, TheJohn Spencer & Co. 
Adventures of Martial T. Holiday, TheKamase1995-1996
Adventures of Max Mallard, the Boy with Ducks for Hands, The2Tongues2008
Adventures of Meal Magic Kid, TheMeal Magic2007
Adventures of MGM’s Lassie, TheDell1949
Adventures of Mia, TheMonkeysuit2003
Adventures of Mighty Max, TheGame Players1993
Adventures of Mighty Mouse (1st Series)St. John1952-1955
Adventures of Mighty Mouse (2nd Series)Literary Enterprises1955-1963
Adventures of Mighty Mouse (3rd Series)Gold Key1979-1980
Adventures of Miru, TheAction Lab2016
Adventures of Mr. Crypt & Baron Rat, TheAlterna2019
Adventures of Mr. PyridineFantagraphics 
Adventures of Misty, TheForbidden Fruit1991-1993
Adventures of Monkey, TheWomp 
Adventures of Mouse, The: The Last of the Ancient Data LordsNautilus1990
Adventures of Nilson Groundthumper and Hermy, TheDark Horse2014
Adventures of Oat Willie, TheAustintatious1987
Adventures of Ogner Stump and Assorted Comix and Stories, TheRocktopus!2008
Adventures of Olivia, TheJabberwocky1991
Adventures Of Orangeman & Orangewoman, TheM & B Marketing Solutions2012
Adventures of Paul, TheDrawn and Quarterly2005
Adventures of Peter Wheat, TheSterling1950
Adventures of Peter Wheat, The: The Complete SeriesHermes2019
Adventures of Phoebe Zeit-Geist, TheKen Pierce1986
Adventures of Pinky Lee, TheMarvel1955
Adventures of Pioneer PetePioneer Chicken1978-1980
Adventures of PipsqueakArchie1959-1960
Adventures of PoloRoaring Brook2008
Adventures of Professor Thintwhistle and His Incredible Aether Flyer, TheFantagraphics1991
Adventures of Puss-In-Boots, The: Amazing Tails!Titan2016
Adventures of Quik Bunny, TheMarvel1984
Adventures of Rabbi Harvey, TheJewish Lights2006
Adventures of Rabbit and Bear PawsLittle Spirit Bear2006
Adventures of Raymond Childe, TheSons of Sam2000
Adventures of Red SonjaDynamite2006
Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog, TheDC1952-1959
Adventures of Rheumy Peepers & Chunky Highlights, TheOni1999
Adventures of Rick Raygun, TheStop Dragon1986-1987
Adventures of Riggin’ BillRemington Morse 
Adventures of Robin Hood, TheGold Key1974-1975
Adventures of Robin Hood, The (Brown Shoe.)Brown Shoe1956
Adventures of Robin Hood, The (Sungravure)Sungravure1956-1958
Adventures of RomaApple1993
Adventures of Saladeen, The: Keeper of the FlameMCH1978
Adventures of Sandee the Supermodel, The (Isaac Mizrahi Presents…)Simon & Schuster1997
Adventures of Scooter McDoogal, TheEducation2002
Adventures of Slimer, TheNow1989
Adventures of Sly Cooper, TheSony2004
Adventures of Snake PlisskenMarvel1997
Adventures of SpawnImage2007-2008
Adventures of Spencer Spook, TheAnimated Comics Enterprises1986-1987
Adventures of Spider-Man, TheMarvel1996-1997
Adventures of Spider-Man/Adventures of the X-MenMarvel1996-1997
Adventures of Steve, TheAunt James2004
Adventures of Stickboy, TheStinky Armadillo 
Adventures of Superboy, TheDC1991
Adventures of Superboy, The (2nd Series)DC2010
Adventures of SupergirlDC2016
Adventures of Superhero Girl, TheDark Horse2012
Adventures of SupermanDC1987-2006
Adventures of Superman (2nd Series)DC2013–2015
Adventures of Superman (Canadian Edition)DC1987
Adventures of Superman by George PerezDC2020
Adventures of Superman: Gil KaneDC2012
Adventures of Superman: José Luis García-LópezDC2013
Adventures of Tad Martin, TheCaliber 
Adventures of Team ARIN, TheAmerican Registry for Internet Numbers2006-2007
Adventures of Team Pom, TheNobrow2021
Adventures of Terrik Zion, TheTristan Whitehouse2019
Adventures of the 19XXPaul Roman Martinez2011
Adventures of the Amazing Wonder Watt, TheFirst National Bank of Chicago 
Adventures of the Aspen UniverseAspen2016
Adventures of the Bailey School Kids, TheGraphix2021
Adventures of the BatmanMJF1995
Adventures of the Big BoyBig Boy1956-2000
Adventures of the Big Boy (Paragon)Paragon1976-1983
Adventures of the Commercenaries, TheFandom House1990
Adventures of the Dover BoysArchie1950
Adventures of the FlyArchie1959-1965
Adventures of the Galaxy RangersMarvel UK1988
Adventures of the Grand Vizier Iznogoud, TheCinebook2008
Adventures of the JaguarRadio1961-1963
Adventures of the Little Green Dinosaur, TheLast Gasp1972-1973
Adventures of the Mad Hunda Day Day, TheThaumaturge1995
Adventures of the Mad Tsar, TheBlack Panel2021
Adventures of the MaskDark Horse1996
Adventures of The OVoyager1993
Adventures of the Outsiders, TheDC1986-1987
Adventures of the Outsiders, The (Canadian Edition)DC1986
Adventures of Theown, ThePyramid1986
Adventures of the Right HandNewsuit2004
Adventures of the Screamer BrothersSuperstar1990-1991
Adventures of the Screamer Brothers (Vol. 2)Superstar1991
Adventures Of the Snow Man, The (Frank Frazetta’s…)Dark Horse2015
Adventures of the Super Mario Bros.Valiant1991
Adventures of the Super SonsDC2018-2019
Adventures of the Thing, TheMarvel1992
Adventures of the Vital-ManCornerstone Design1991-1992
Adventures of the X-Men, TheMarvel1996-1997
Adventures of Tintin, TheMammoth 
Adventures of Tintin, The (Casterman)Casterman2006
Adventures of Tintin (Egmont)Egmont 
Adventures of Tintin, The (Little, Brown)Little, Brown1990-1997
Adventures of Tintin, The (Methuen)Methuen 
Adventures of Tony Millionaire’s Sock Monkey, TheDark Horse2000
Adventures of Toucan Sam, TheKellogg’s1994
Adventures of Tymm, The: Alien CircusPlatinum2008
Adventures of Unemployed Man, TheLittle Brown2010
Adventures of Viagraman, TheBrain Kebab2000
Adventures of Winky DinkPines1957
Adventures of Yaakov & Isaac, TheMahrwood2004
Adventures of Yoko, Vic & Paul, TheCatalan1989
Adventures of Young Det, TheNetcomics2008
Adventures of Young Dr. Masters, TheArchie1964
Adventures of Zannablù, TheDentiblù2008
Adventures of Zombie Dog, ThePlush Cartel2015
Adventures on BrissMagi1996
Adventures on Space Station FreedomTadcorps1992
Adventures on the FringeFantagraphics1992-1993
Adventures on the Planet of the ApesMarvel1975-1976
Adventure Streamline ComicsAnglo-American1950
Adventure Strip DigestWCG1994-1996
Adventures With the DC Super HeroesDC2000
Adventures With the DC Super Heroes: Power HouseDC2005
Adventure TimeBoom!2012-2018
Adventure Time (Panini Italy)Panini 
Adventure Time: 100 ProjectBoom!2018
Adventure Time 2015 SpoooktacularBoom!2015
Adventure Time 2016 SpoooktacularBoom!2016
Adventure Time 2017 SpoooktacularBoom!2017
Adventure Time: Banana Guard AcademyBoom!2014
Adventure Time: Beginning of the EndBoom!2018
Adventure Time: BMO BonanzaBoom!2018
Adventure Time: Candy CapersBoom!2013
Adventure Time ComicsBoom!2016-2018
Adventure Time Cover ShowcaseBoom!2012
Adventure Time: FinnBoom!2019
Adventure Time: Hero Time With Finn and Jake: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Genuine LegendInsight Editions2016
Adventure Time: How to WarriorInsight Editions2016
Adventure Time: Ice KingBoom!2016
Adventure Time: JakeBoom!2019
Adventure Time: MarcelineBoom!2019
Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream QueensBoom!2012
Adventure Time: Marceline Gone AdriftBoom!2015
Adventure Time: Marcy and SimonBoom!2019
Adventure Time Original Graphic NovelBoom!2013
Adventure Time/PeanutsBoom!2012
Adventure Time: Princess BubblegumBoom!2020
Adventure Time/Regular ShowBoom!2017
Adventure Time: Season 11Boom!2018
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Adventure Time: The Flip SideBoom!2014
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Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Bash BluesBoom!2019
Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake Card WarsKaboom!2015
Adventure VanGolden Apple2018-2019
Adventure With The Brothers: The Cult EscapeBarbour Christian1991
Adventure Zone, The:01 First Second2018
Adventurous Decade, The: Comic Strips in the ThirtiesHermes2005
Adventurous Uncle Scrooge McDuck, The (Walt Disney’s…)Gladstone1998
ADV Manga Summer 2004 SamplerADV Manga2004
Advocator Presents, TheAdvocator2019
Aegis (1 2 3 Comics)1 2 3 Comics2009
Aeon FluxDark Horse2005–2006
Aeon Flux: The Herodotus FileMTV1995
Aeon FocusAeon1994
AeonianStefani Manard2019
Aerobicide: the Extreme Ninja WorkoutDusk2017
Aerobics For Bad GirlsAndrews McMeel1989
Aero Into the AetherBlack Swan1980
Aertimisan: War of SoulsAlmagest1997-1998
Aesop’s Desecrated MoralsMagnecom 
Aesop’s FablesFantagraphics1991
Aether & EmpireBlue Juice2016
Aetheric MechanicsAvatar2008
Aetos the EagleOrphan Underground1994-1995
Aetos the Eagle (Vol. 2)Ground Zero1997
Affable Tales for Your ImaginationLee Roy Brown 
AffinityNo Gravity2017
Aflame Inferno (Edizioni Star)Edizioni Star2011-2012
A-Force (2nd Series)Marvel2016
A-force PresentsMarvel2015
Afraid of EverythingIdea + Design Works2020
AfricaMagazine Enterprises1955
AfrikaDark Horse2012
Afroboy and PuffgirlReggie Byers2020
Afro SamuraiSeven Seas2008
After 9/11: America’s War On Terror (2001- )Hill and Wang2008
After ApocalypseParagraphics1987
After, The: ArcadiaGrayHaven2017
AfterburnRed 52008
Afterburn: CrossfireRed 52019
Afterburner Tales of the Cool and the WickedRobert Stewart 
After, The: CleburneGrayHaven2017
After DarkMillennium1995
After Dark (AfterShock)AfterShock2021
After Dark (Radical Publishing)Radical2010
After Dark (Sterling)Sterling1955
AfterdeadA Fine Line2007
After EarthDynamite2012
After Earth: InnocenceDynamite2012
After EdenRed 52017
After HoudiniInsight2018
After HoursViz2017
After LandAlternative2016
After-Life (Caleb Thusat)Caleb Thusat2017
Afterlife in GothlandNBM2002
Afterlife With ArchieArchie2013-2018
Aftermass/AdrenalinDark Monolithic1995
Aftermath (Chaos)Chaos2000
Aftermath (Devil’s Due)Devil’s Due2004
Aftermath (Gulf Coast)Gulf Coast1984
Aftermath (Humanoids)Humanoids2010
Aftermath, The: Big CleanHeavy Metal2016
Aftermath DetroitEat Bird?2012
Afternoon at McBurger’sFantagraphics2021
After Realm, TheImage2020
After-School BitchcraftYen2020
Afterschool CharismaViz2010-2016
Afterschool Charisma (Ki-oon)Ki-oon2011-2015
After School Hanako-kunYen2021
After School NightmareGo!Comi2006-2009
Afterschool Nightmare (Edizioni Star)Edizioni Star2008
After School Sex Slave ClubIcarus2008
After School VanillaFakku2016
Aftershock: Artists Respond To Disaster In JapanBiguglyrobot2011
After/Shock: Bulletins from Ground ZeroLast Gasp 
Aftershock: GenesisAfterShock2016
After, The: Smash and GrabGrayHaven2017
After the CapeImage2007
After the Cape IIImage2007-2008
After the FallMagnetic2021
After The FireIdea + Design Works2010
After the Gold RushGold Rush2016
After the RainNBM 
After the Rain (Vertical)Vertical2018
After the SnooterTop Shelf2003
After the Spring: A Story of Tunisian YouthIdea + Design Works2019
After, The: Through The Eyes of ChildrenGrayHaven2017
After Watchmen…What’s Next?DC2009
AfterworldRock Bottom 
Agachados de Ruis, LosEditorial Posada1968
Against Blackshard: 3-D—The Saga of Sketch, the Royal ArtistSirius1986
Against HopeDark Horse2020
Against Pain/GirlsRon Rege, Jr.2001
Against Pain: Revelation 3:20Ron Rege, Jr.2003
Against the GrainSterling1997
Against the WorldEvoluzione2021
Age Called BlueNetcomics2009
Agency, TheImage2001-2002
Agency, The (Fantagraphics)Fantagraphics2018
Agency, The (Think Alike)Think Alike2014
Agent 1.22Agent1222015
Agent 007 James BondInterpresse1965
Agent 9Razorbill2021
Agent 13Hermes2012
Agent 13: Acolytes of DarknessTSR1990
Agent 13: The Midnight AvengerTSR1988
Agent 47: Birth of the HitmanDynamite2017-2018
Agent 212, L’Dupuis1986-2006
Agent “00” SoulTwist Records 
Agent BooTokyopop2006
Agent Carter: Season Two DeclassifiedMarvel2016
Agent Carter: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th AnniversaryMarvel2015
Agente InternacionalLa Prensa SCL1966-1970
Agente XPanini2003-2004
Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton AbbeyAndrews McMeel2013
Agent GedonPig Iron1980
Agent Jill CannonH-Bomb2003
Agent Liberty SpecialDC1992
Agent Marc SaundersArdden2012
Agent MooseFeiwel & Friends2021
Agents of AtlasMarvel2006–2007, 2009–2010
Agents of Atlas (2nd Series)Marvel2009
Agents of Atlas (3rd Series)Marvel2019-2020
Agents of Atlas Complete CollectionMarvel2018
Agents of Atlas Vs.Marvel2010
Agents of E.A.R.T.H.Mineo2021
Agents of LawDark Horse1995
Agents of P.A.C.T.Chapterhouse2017
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Marvel2016
Agent SoloDiverse Comics2021
Agent Three ZeroGalaxinovels1993
Agent Three Zero: The Blue Sultan’s Quest/Blue Sultan- Galaxi Fact FilesGalaxinovels1994
Agent UnknownRenegade1987-1988
Agent: WildDork Empire INK2015
Agent XMarvel2002-2003
Agent X9 (Interpresse)Interpresse1976
Agent ZPickle2004
Agenzia AlfaSergio Bonelli1997-Present
Age of ApocalypseMarvel2012-2013
Age Of Apocalypse (2nd Series)Marvel2015
Age of Apocalypse (Editorial Televisa)Editorial Televisa2016
Age of Apocalypse: The ChosenMarvel1995
Age of BronzeImage1998-2007, 2009, 2012-2013
Age of Conan: BelitMarvel2019
Age of Conan: ValeriaMarvel2019
Age of Darkness, TheHeavy Metal 
Age of Desire (Clive Barker’s…)Desperado2009
Age of HeroesMarvel2010
Age of Heroes, TheHalloween1996-1998
Age of Heroes, The: WexImage1998
Age of Innocence: The Rebirth of Iron ManMarvel1996
Age of Insects, TheCritical Mass2008
Age of License, AnFantagraphics2014
Age of ReptilesDark Horse1993-1994, 1996
Age Of Reptiles: Ancient EgyptiansDark Horse2015
Age of Reptiles OmnibusDark Horse2011
Age of Reptiles: The HuntDark Horse1996
Age of Reptiles: The JourneyDark Horse2009–2010
Age of Selfishness, The: Ayn Rand, Morality, and the Financial CrisisAbrams2015
Age of the Deities/Gaurn Chronicles FlipbookBlue Inferno1997
Age of the Sentry, TheMarvel2008
Age of the WolfRebellion2014
Age of UltronMarvel2013, 2015
Age of Ultron (Panini)Panini2013
Age of Ultron (Panini Deutschland)Panini2013
Age of Ultron Coloring BookMarvel2015
Age of Ultron CompanionMarvel2014
Age of Ultron SonderbandPanini2013
Age of Ultron vs. Marvel ZombiesMarvel2015
Age of X AlphaMarvel2011
Age of X-Man AlphaMarvel2019
Age of X-Man: Apocalypse & the X-TractsMarvel2019
Age of X-Man: NextgenMarvel2019
Age of X-Man OmegaMarvel2019
Age of X-Man: Prisoner XMarvel2019
Age of X-Man: The Amazing NightcrawlerMarvel2019
Age of X-Man: The Marvelous X-MenMarvel2019
Age of X-Man: X-TremistsMarvel2019
Age of X: UniverseMarvel2011
Aggie MackSuperior1948-1949
Aggregate, TheSplit Decision2019
Aggrestuko: Meet Her WorldOni2021
Aggretsuko: Down the Rabbit HoleOni2021
Aggretsuko: Meet Her FriendsOni2020
Aggretsuko: Meet Her WorldOni2021
Aggretsuko: Out of OfficeOni2021
Aggretsuko: Super Fun SpecialOni2021
Agnes QuillSlave Labor2006
Agnez Mo Presents: Don’t Wake UpZ22021
Agonizing Love: The Golden Era of Romance ComicsHarperCollins2011
Agony AcresAA21995-1997
Agony in BlackChanting Monks1998-1999
Águila BlancaLa Prensa1955-1968
Aguila NegraEditorial Brugera1948
Águila SolitariaEditora Cinco Cultura y Entretenimiento1976
AhleaRadio Comix1997
Aho-Girl: A Clueless GirlKodansha2017
AidaIro Illustrations: Toilet-bound Hanako-kun ArtbookYen2021
Aida-ZeeNate Butler Studio1990
AIDS AwarenessChaos City1993
AIDS NewsPeople of Color Against AIDS Network1988
A.I. Love YouTokyopop2004-2005
Aim (Vol. 2)Cryptic1998
Aim to DazzleAlternative2003
Ai no KusabiDigital Manga2007–2008
Aion (WildStorm)WildStorm2009
AI Ore!Viz2011-2013
Ai-Ore! (Edizioni Star)Edizioni Star2011
Air (E-Z Cheese)E-Z Cheese2002
Air AceStreet & Smith1944-1947
Air Ace Picture LibraryFleetway Quality1960-1970
Air & SpaceUltimate Sports2004
Airboy (Image)Image2015
Airboy - 1942: Best of EnemiesMoonstone2009
Airboy ComicsHillman1945-1953
Airboy: Dangerous LiaisonsMoonstone2013
Airboy: DeadeyeAntarctic2012
Airboy: G8Moonstone2012
Airboy Meets the ProwlerEclipse1987
Airboy-Mr. Monster SpecialEclipse1987
Airboy Presents AirfightersMoonstone2011
Airboy Presents Air VixensMoonstone2011
Airboy versus the AirmaidensEclipse1988
Air Fighters ClassicsEclipse1987-1989
Air Fighters ComicsHillman1941-1945
Airfighters Meet Sgt. Strike SpecialEclipse1988
Air GearDel Rey2006-2015
Air Gear (Panini Italy)Panini2007
Air Hawk Magazine (John Dixon’s…)Horwitz 
Airmaidens SpecialEclipse1987
Airmen, TheMansion1995
Air Pirates FunniesHell Comics1971
Air Pirates Funnies (Newsprint)Air Pirates Studio1972
Air Pirates Pirate EditionMouse Liberation Front1971
Air RaidersStar1987-1988
Airship EnterpriseAntarctic2015-2016
Air Space (Artisan)Artisan2002
Airtight Garage, TheEpic1993
Air War Picture StoriesPearson1961-1962
Air WarriorsFantaCo1994
Air War StoriesDell1964-1966
Air War Stories (It’s Alive)It's Alive2019
Aishiteruze BabyViz2006-2007
Ai Yori AoshiTokyopop2004-2007
Ajax Adventure AnnualPopular1952
Ajin: Demi Human (Edizioni Star)Edizioni Star2015
A.K.A. GoldfishCaliber1988, 1996
Akame Ga Kill!Yen2015
Akame Ga Kill! (Panini Italy)Panini2015
Akame Ga Kill! ZeroYen2016
Akame Ga Kill! Zero (Panini Italy)Panini2017
AkaneiroDark Horse2013
Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor, TheSeven Seas2017
AK Comics Middle East HeroesAK 
AK Comics Studio SamplerAK Comics2003
Akemi (Vol. 2)Sypher1999
Akihabara @ DeepMedia Blasters2009
AkikoSirius1996-2000, 2006
Akiko on the Planet SmooSirius1995, 1998
Akiko on the Planet Smoo: The Color EditionSirius2000
Akiko Pocket SizeSirius2004
Akim (Interpresse)Interpresse1977
Akim (Lange und Haak)Lange und Haak1976
Akim (Sergio Bonelli)Sergio Bonelli1976-1983
Akim der Sohn des Dschungels (1st Series)Lehning1953-1954
Akim der Sohn des Dschungels (2nd Series)Norbert Hethke Verlag1993-1994
Akim der Sohn des Dschungels (3rd Series)Norbert Hethke Verlag1995
Akim Held des DschungelsLehning1958-1959
Akim Held des Dschungels Sammlerausgabe GbNorbert Hethke Verlag2002
Akim Herr des DschungelsNorbert Hethke Verlag1977-1978
Akim il Figlio della JunglaTomasina1952
Akim Neue Abenteuer (1st Series)Lehning1956-1959
Akim Neue Abenteuer (2nd Series)Norbert Hethke Verlag1983-1984
Akim Sohn des Dschungels (1st Series)Norbert Hethke Verlag1988-1994
Akira (Carlsen)Carlsen1998
Akira (Dark Horse)Dark Horse2000-2004
Akira (Glénat Italia)Glénat Italia1990
Akira (Kodansha)Kodansha2009
Akira (Panini Italy)Panini1998
Akira Cine-MangaTokyopop2003
Akira Poster-zineIanus1991
Akira Toriyama’s Manga TheaterViz2021
Akuma No RiddleSeven Seas2015-2016
Akuma-She IllustrationsVerotik1999
Alabaster: Grimmer TalesDark Horse2019
Alabaster ShadowsOni2015
Alabaster: The Good, The Bad & The BirdDark Horse2015-2016
Alabaster WolvesDark Horse2012
Alack Sinner: The Age of DisenchantmentIdea + Design Works2018
Alack Sinner: The Age of InnocenceIdea + Design Works2016
Aladdin (Conquest)Conquest1993
Aladdin (Disney’s…)Marvel1994-1996
Aladdin Cine-MangaTokyopop2004
Aladdin Cinestory (Disney’s…)Joe Books2016
Aladdin: Legacy of the LostRadical2010
Alamo: The Comic BookAntarctic2004
Alamo Value PlusAlternative2013
Alan DraconAmigo2016
Alan Ford (Editoriale Corno)Editoriale Corno1969-1982
Alan Ford (Max Bunker)Max Bunker1983-2017
Alan Ford StoryMondadori2009
Alan Ford Supercolor EditionMondadori2016
Alan Ford TNT EditionMondadori2013
Alan Ford T.N.T. GoldMax Bunker1996
Alan MacBride (BD Must)BD Must2020
Alan Moore: JerusalemLiveright2016
Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary GentlemanTop Shelf2003
Alan Moore’s Exit InterviewAirwave2006
Alan Moore Spells It OutAirwave2005
Alan Moore: StorytellerUniverse2011
Alan Moore: Wild WorldsWildStorm2007
Alarming AdventuresHarvey1962-1963
Alarming TalesHarvey1957-1958
Alas! ComicsSasa Rakezik1991-1999
Alazar Lord Of The ThighsBrainstorm1998
Alazar’s Bondage SeriesEros1994-1995
Alazar’s Busty BabesBrainstorm1998
Alazar’s Chest QuestBrainstorm1997
Alazar’s Pleasure & PassionBrainstorm1997
Albedo (1st Series)Thoughts & Images1983-1989
Albedo (2nd Series)Antarctic1991-1993
Albedo (3rd Series)Antarctic1994-1996
Albedo (4th Series)Antarctic1996, 1999
Albedo (5th Series)Antarctic2004-2005
Albert and the OthersDrawn and Quarterly2007
Albert Einstein: Time MasonAction Lab2018
Alberto Breccia’s DraculaFantagraphics2021
Albi ArdimentoEdizioni Fratelli Crespi1969-1971
Albi dei Super-Eroi, GliEditoriale Corno1973-1975
Albi dei Supereroi, Gli (Marvel Italia)Marvel Italia1998-1999
Albi del FalcoMondadori1954-1970
Albi del Grande Blek, GliDardo Editore1963
Albi della RosaMondadori1954-1967
Albi dell’IntrepidoUniverso1946-1976
Albi di Capitan Miki, GliDardo Editore1962
Albi di Topolino, GliMondadori1967-1982
Albi D’oro (1st Series)Mondadori1937-1940
Albi D’oro (2nd Series)Mondadori1946-1952
Albino Spider of DajetteVerotik1997
Albi Nuovi Tutto StoriaGeis 
Albion: OriginsTitan2007
Albi SprintEdizioni Fratelli Crespi1970-1971
Albo di Capitan Miki, L’Dardo Editore1989-1993
Albumklubben TrumfInterpresse1983
Album of LoveFox1949
Albums du Journal Spirou (Dupuis)Dupuis 
Album Starring Batman and BatmanFederal1985
Al Capp's Shmoo the Complete Newspaper StripsDark Horse2011
Alcatraz HighAlcatraz High2005
Alchemist, TheHyperion2010
Alchemist, The (H.P. Lovecraft’s… )Caliber2021
Alchemist Who Survived Now Dreams of a Quiet City Life, TheYen2020
AlcheringaStephanie Alia2018
Alcina La MagaEditrice La Terza1972-1973
Alcoholic, TheVertigo2008
Alcoholism in the FamilyKrames1986-1988
Aldnoah.Zero Season OneYen2015-2016
Alec DearMediocre Concepts1996
Alec: Episodes From the Life of Alec MacGarryEscape1984
Alec: How To Be An ArtistTop Shelf 
Alec: Love and BeerglassesEscape1985
Alec: the King Canute CrowdEddie Campbell2000
Alec: The Years Have PantsTop Shelf2009
Alec: Three Piece SuitEddie Campbell2001
Alef-Thau: Diamantha!ComicArt1986
Aleister & AdolfDark Horse2016
Aleister ArcaneIdea + Design Works2004
AlenaDark Horse2016
AlexFantagraphics1994-1995, 2006
Alexa (Stan Lee’s…)iBooks2005
Alex + AdaImage2013
Alexander HamiltonAntarctic2016
Alexander Hamilton: The Graphic History of America’s Most Celebrated Founding FatherFirst2021
Alexander The Great: The Life of a King and ConquerorRosen Central2005
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman ForceDevil’s Due2019
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force SquadDevil’s Due2019
Alex AutomaticCabal2016
Alexis (Vol. 1)Eros1994
Alexis (Vol. 2)Eros1995-1996
Alex Rider: Eagle StrikeCandlewick2017
Alex Rider: ScorpiaCandlewick2017
Alex Sheikman Sketchbook 2010Alex Sheikman2010
Alex Toth (Kitchen Sink)Kitchen Sink1995
Alex Toth: Edge of GeniusPure Imagination2007
Alex Toth Goes HollywoodPure Imagination2009
Alex Toth: Last ChancePure Imagination2011
Alex Toth Reader, ThePure Imagination2005
Alf (Marvel UK)Marvel UK1988
Alf Comics MagazineMarvel1988-1989
Alf Magazine (Welsh)Welsh1989
Alfred J. KwakRedan1991
Alganon Quest OnlineDC2011
Algeria is Beautiful Like AmericaLion Forge2018
Algie (Key)Key1953-1954
Alias (Marvel)Marvel2001-2004
Alias: Black & WhiteAntarctic2021
Alias OmnibusMarvel2006
Alias Yearbook 2005Titan2005
Ali Baba & The Forty Thieves ReloadedCampfire2011
Ali-Baba: Scourge of the DesertGauntlet1992
Alice (About Comics)About2004
Alice 19thViz2003-2004
Alice and the EngineStraw Dog2003-2004
Alice & ZourokuSeven Seas2018
Alice au royaume de CoeurKi-oon2010-2011
Alice au royaume de JokerKi-oon2015
Alice au royaume de TrèfleKi-oon2013-2014
Alice Cooper (Vol. 1)Dynamite2014
Alice Cooper Vs. Chaos!Dynamite2015-2016
Alice DarkEditoriale Aurea2010
Alice: From Dream to Dream OriginalBoom!2018
Alice in BlunderlandIndustrial Services1952
Alice In ComiclandIdea + Design Works2014
Alice In Country Diamonds: Junk Box DiamondsSeven Seas2016
Alice In LeatherlandBlack Mask2021
Alice in Lost WorldRadio Comix2000
Alice In MurderlandYen2015-2016
Alice in SexlandEros2001-2002
Alice in Sexland ExtremeEros2003-2004
Alice in SunderlandDark Horse2007
Alice in the Country of CloverSeven Seas2012
Alice in the Country of Clover: Black Lizard and Bitter TasteSeven Seas2015
Alice in the Country of Clover: Cheshire Cat WaltzSeven Seas2012
Alice in the Country of Clover: Knight’s KnowledgeSeven Seas2014
Alice in the Country of Clover: NightmareSeven Seas2014
Alice in the Country of Diamonds: Bet My HeartSeven Seas2014
Alice in the Country of Diamonds: Bet on My HeartSeven Seas2014
Alice in the Country Of HeartsTokyopop2010
Alice in the Country of Hearts: Love Labyrinth of ThornsSeven Seas2014
Alice in the Country of Hearts: Mad Hatter’s Tea PartySeven Seas2013
Alice in the Country Of Hearts: My Fanatic RabbitYen2012
Alice in the Country Of Hearts: The Clockmaker’s StorySeven Seas2013
Alice in the Country of Hearts: The Mad Hatter’s Late Night Tea PartySeven Seas2013
Alice In the Country of Hearts: White Rabbit and Some Afternoon TeaSeven Seas2015
Alice in the Country of Joker: Circus & Liars GameSeven Seas2013
Alice in the Country of Joker: The Nightmare TrilogySeven Seas2014
Alice In Twin World: Love, Storms, and Flower ClocksSeven Seas2016
Alice in WonderlandGold Key1965
Alice in Wonderland (Campfire)Campfire2010
Alice In Wonderland (Dark Horse)Dark Horse2013
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Alice in Wonderland (Tokyopop)Tokyopop2016
Alice on DeadlinesYen2007
Alice’s Adventures in WonderlandIdea + Design Works2018
Alice Sinn and the Waking DreamSirius2003
Alice Sinn: Dead WonderlandSirius2006
Alice the 101stDigital Manga2010
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Ali di FarfallaPanini2014
A.L.I.E.E.E.N.:01 First Second2006
Alien (Marvel)Marvel2021
Alien 3Dark Horse1992
Alien 3 (UK Edition)Dark Horse 
Alien 3 (William Gibson’s… )Dark Horse2018
Alien Apocalypse 2006Frog2001
Alien at LargePlatinum2008
Alien Bounty HunterVault2017
Alien Carnival ComixThru Black Holes1982
Alien Diaries, TheP.J. Castellaneta2002
Alien DiceKeenspot2005
Alien DucklingsBlackthorne1986-1987
Alien Encounters (Eclipse)Eclipse1985-1987
Alien Encounters (Fantaco)FantaCo1981
Alien FireKitchen Sink1987
Alien Fire: Pass in ThunderKitchen Sink1995
Alien HeroZen1999
Alien HunterImageryMedia.com2004
Alien: InvasionTitan2016
Alien: IsolationDark Horse2014
Alien Legion (Vol. 1)Epic1984-1987, 2005
Alien Legion (Vol. 2)Epic1987-1990, 2002
Alien Legion: A Grey Day to DieMarvel1986
Alien Legion: Binary DeepEpic1993
Alien Legion: Jugger GrimrodEpic1992
Alien Legion OmnibusDark Horse2009
Alien Legion: One Planet at a TimeEpic1993
Alien Legion: On the EdgeEpic1990-1991
Alien Legion: Tenants of HellEpic1991
Alien Legion: Uncivil WarTitan2014
Alien Mutant WarBC1991
Alien NateKids Can2020
Alien NationDC1988
Alien Nation: A Breed ApartAdventure1990-1991
Alien Nation: The FirstcomersAdventure1991
Alien Nation: The Lost EpisodeMalibu1991
Alien Nation: The Public EnemyAdventure1991-1992
Alien Nation: The Skin TradeAdventure1991
Alien Nation: The SpartansAdventure1991
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Alien Nine: EmulatorsCPM2004
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Alien PrincessFrank Brunner1990
Alien RacersMGA2005
Alien ResurrectionDark Horse1997
Aliens, TheGold Key1967, 1982
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Aliens (Vol. 2)Dark Horse1989-1990, 1996
Aliens (6th Series)Dark Horse2009
Aliens (Magazine, Vol. 1)Trident1991-1992
Aliens (Magazine, Vol. 2)Dark Horse1992-1994
Aliens (Wetta)Wetta2019
Aliens 30th Anniversary: The Original Comics SeriesDark Horse2016
Aliens: AftermathMarvel2021
Aliens: AlchemyDark Horse1997
Aliens Among UsElevator Pitch2012
Aliens: Apocalypse—The Destroying AngelsDark Horse1999
Aliens Ate My TrousersKnockabout1998
Aliens: BerserkerDark Horse1995
Aliens: CauldronDark Horse2007
Aliens: Colonial MarinesDark Horse1993
Aliens: Colonial Marines — No Man Left BehindDark Horse2012
Aliens: Colonial Marines—Rising ThreatDark Horse2019
Aliens: Countdown (Special Mini Comic)Dark Horse Comix1993
Aliens: Dead OrbitDark Horse2017
Aliens: DefianceDark Horse2016-2017
Aliens: Dust to DustDark Horse2018-2019
Aliens: Earth AngelDark Horse1994
Aliens: Earth WarDark Horse1990, 1996
Alien Sex/Monster LustFantagraphics1992
Aliens: Fast Track To HeavenDark Horse2010
Aliens: Fire and StoneDark Horse2014
Aliens: GenocideDark Horse1991-1992, 1995, 1997
Aliens: Glass CorridorDark Horse1988
Aliens: HavocDark Horse1997
Aliens: HiveDark Horse1992, 1998
Aliens: Inhuman ConditionDark Horse2013
Aliens: KidnappedDark Horse1997-1999
Aliens: LabyrinthDark Horse1993-1995
Aliens: Life and DeathDark Horse2016
Aliens: LovesickDark Horse1996
Aliens Mini-ComicDark Horse1993
Aliens: Mondo HeatDark Horse1996
Aliens: Mondo PestDark Horse1995
Aliens: Music of the SpearsDark Horse1994
Aliens: Newt’s TaleDark Horse1992
Aliens OmnibusDark Horse2007-2009
Aliens: PigDark Horse1997
Aliens Predator Prometheus AVP: Fire and StoneDark Horse2018
Aliens/Predator: The Deadliest of the SpeciesDark Horse1993-1996
Aliens: PurgeDark Horse1997
Aliens: RescueDark Horse2019
Aliens: ResistanceDark Horse2019
Aliens: RogueDark Horse1993, 1997
Aliens: SacrificeDark Horse1993
Aliens: SalvationDark Horse1993
Aliens: Salvation and SacrificeDark Horse2001
Aliens: SpecialDark Horse1997
Aliens: StalkerDark Horse1998
Aliens: StrongholdDark Horse1994, 1997
Aliens: SurvivalDark Horse1998
Aliens: The Essential ComicsDark Horse2018
Aliens: The Original Comics Series Nightmare Asylum and Earth WarDark Horse2019
Aliens: The Original Years OmnibusMarvel2021
Aliens vs. ParkerBoom!2013
Aliens vs. PredatorDark Horse1990, 1999
Aliens vs. Predator: BootyDark Horse1996
Aliens vs. Predator: DeadspaceDark Horse2008
Aliens vs. Predator: DuelDark Horse1995
Aliens vs. Predator: EternalDark Horse1998
Aliens vs. Predator OmnibusDark Horse2007
Aliens vs. Predator: The Essential ComicsDark Horse2019
Aliens vs. Predator: Three World WarDark Horse2010
Aliens vs. Predator vs. The TerminatorDark Horse2000
Aliens vs. Predator: WarDark Horse1995-1996
Aliens vs. Predator: XenogenesisDark Horse1999-2000
Aliens Vs. ZombiesZenescope2015
Aliens: WraithDark Horse1998
Aliens: XenogenesisDark Horse1999
Alien: The Illustrated StoryHM Communications1979
Alien: The Original ScreenplayDark Horse2020
Alien Toilet MonstersOmnimorphic2018
Alien vs. Predator: ArmageddonTitan2016
Alien vs. Predator: Civilized BeastsDark Horse2008
Alien vs. Predator: Fire and StoneDark Horse2014-2015
Alien Vs. Predator: Life and DeathDark Horse2016
Alien vs. Predator: Thicker Than BloodDark Horse2019-2020
Alien vs. Predator: Thrill of the HuntDark Horse2004
Alien WorldsPacific1982-1985
Alien Worlds (Blackthorne)Blackthorne1988
Aline and the OthersDrawn and Quarterly2006
Alison and Her Rock Awesome RobotAction Lab2019
Alison Dare and the Heart of the MaidenOni2002
Alison Dare, Little Miss AdventuresOni2000, 2002
Alister the SlayerMidnight1995
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Alita (2nd Series)Panini2016
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Alita Last OrderPanini2003
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Alley Cat PreludeImage1999
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Alley Oop (Argo)Argo1955-1956
Alley Oop (Dell)Dell1962-1963
Alley Oop (Dragon Lady)Dragon Lady1996-1997
Alley Oop (Standard)Standard1947-1949
Alley Oop AdventuresAntarctic1998
Alley Oop: First Trip to the MoonKitchen Sink1995
Alley Oop Fun BookRandom House1981
Alley Oop: Mystery of the SphinxKitchen Sink1991
Alley Oop QuarterlyAntarctic1999-2000
Alley Oop: The Complete SundaysDark Horse2014
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All Fall DownArcana2011
All-Famous CrimeStar Publications1950-1951
All-Famous Crime StoriesFox1949
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All Top ComicsFox1946-1949
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All We Ever Do Is Talk About WoodDrawn and Quarterly2008
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Ally Sloper Half Holiday (3rd Series)Gilbert Dalziell1949
Alma GrandePublicaciones Herrerias1962-1973
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Almanacco della FantascienzaSergio Bonelli1993-2011
Almanacco dell’AvventuraSergio Bonelli1996-2011
Almanacco Del MisteroSergio Bonelli1987-2014
Almanacco del WestSergio Bonelli1994-present
Almanacco TopolinoMondadori1957-1984
Almanacco Topolino (2nd Series)Walt Disney Italia1999-2000
Almanaque da MônicaEditora Globo S/A1987-2006
Almanaque DisneyEditora Abril1970
Almanaque do CascãoEditora Globo S/A1987-2006
Almanaque do CebolinhaEditora Globo S/A1987
Almanaque do Cebolinha (Editora Abril)Editora Abril1978
Almanaque do Cebolinha (Panini Brasil)Panini Brasil2007
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Almanaque do Fantasma (2nd Series)RGE1979
Almanaque MarvelRio Gráfica1979-1981
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Almost AmericanAfterShock2021
Almost Completely Baxter: New and Selected BlurtingsNew York Review2016
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Alone in the Shade SpecialAlchemy 
Along the CanadianObion2004
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Alpha & OmegaAPG2001
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AlphabetDark Visions1993
Alphabet CityDouble Take2016
Alphabet of MurderVerotik1994
Alphabet SupesBig Bad World1999
Alpha: Big TimeMarvel2013
Alpha Centauri: Power of the Mind WormsNBM1999
Alpha Centurion SpecialDC1996
Alpha ComicsNew Dimensions in Education1977
Alpha Flight (1st Series)Marvel1983-1994
Alpha Flight (1st Series, Canadian Edition)Marvel1983–1986
Alpha Flight (2nd Series)Marvel1997-1999
Alpha Flight (3rd Series)Marvel2004-2005
Alpha Flight (4th Series)Marvel2011
Alpha Flight (Aus. Edition)Federal1984
Alpha Flight (Comics Forum, 1st Series)Comics Forum 
Alpha Flight (Comics Forum, 2nd Series)Comics Forum1998-1999
Alpha Flight by John Byrne OmnibusMarvel2016
Alpha Flight SpecialMarvel1991
Alpha Flight: The Complete Series by Greg Pak & Fred Van LenteMarvel 
Alpha Flight: True NorthMarvel2019
Alpha GirlImage2012
Alpha GodsAAM/Markosia 
Alpha IllustratedAlpha1994
Alpha KorpsDiversity1996
Alpha LeagueeigoMANGA2010
Alpha Omega CollectionAlpha Omega1990
Alpha ShadeAlpha Shade2005
Alpha Team OmegaFantasy Graphics 
Alpha TrackFantasy General1985
Alpha WaveDarkline 
Al Plastino: Last Superman StandingTwoMorrows2016
Alpträume einer MarionetteArboris1990-1995
Alraune GesamtausgabeSchwarzer Turm2012
Also Known AsArcana2016
Alt Control DeleteSecond Sight2021
AltercationsSleeping Giant 
Altered Carbon: Download BluesDynamite2019
Altered History of Willow Sparks, TheOni2018
Altered ImageImage1998
Altered RealitiesAltered Reality 
Altered Realities (Cactus Fusion)Cactus Fusion2003
Altered States: Doc SavageDynamite2015
Altered States: Red SonjaDynamite2015
Altered States: The ShadowDynamite2015
Altered States: VampirellaDynamite2015
Alter EgoFirst1986, 2005
Alter Ego (Heroic)Heroic2011, 2012
Alterna Anniverseries: 10 Years of AlternaAlterna2016
Alterna CalenderAlterna2020
Alterna Giants: Blood RealmAlterna2019
Alterna Giants: Cyko KoAlterna2020
Alterna GIANTS: Cyko KO! Color Your OwnAlterna2020
Alterna Giants: Mr. CryptAlterna2020
Alternate215 Ink2011
Alternate ExistanceDragonmaster1982, 1985
Alternate HeroesPrelude1986
Alternate Paths: Raven HexBroadsword2020
Alternating CrimesAlternating Crimes1996-1997
Alter NationImage2004
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Alternative ComicsRevolutionary1994
Alternative Comics (Alternative)Alternative2003-2004
Alternative Comics Are DeadAlternative2015
Alternator: Eight StoriesGoelch Publications1998
Alternator: Grand JunctionCarrie Golus1999
Alula BeBopSound & Vision2002
Aluria Chronicles, TheYaoi2006
Alvar Mayor: Death and Silver4Winds 
Alvin and His Pals in Merry Christmas with Clyde Crashcup and LeonardoDell1964
Alvin and the ChipmunksHarvey1992-1994
Alvin for PresidentDell1964
Always An InvaderMarvel2020
Always Punch NazisPilot2017-2020
Al Williamson AdventuresInsight Studios2003
Al Williamson Reader, ThePure Imagination2008
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Amadeo & MaladeoFantagraphics2016
Amadeus Cho: Genius At WorkMarvel2016
Amala’s BladeDark Horse2013
Amalgam Age of Comics, The: The DC Comics CollectionAmalgam1996
Amalgam Age of Comics, The: The Marvel Comics CollectionAmalgam1996
Amalgama: Space ZombieAction Lab2019-2020
Amalgama: Space Zombie: The Galaxy’s Most WantedAction Lab2020
Amami Lo StessoPanini 
AmandaEura Editoriale2000
Amanda (Ken Pierce)Ken Pierce1984
Amanda and GunnImage1997
Amanda Show, TheTokyopop2005
Amar Chitra KathaH.G. Mirchandani1967-Present
AM Archive Edition of Rocky & BullwinkleAmerican Mythology2019
AmarilloSuicidal Chef2001
Amaterasu: Return of the SunLerner2007
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Amazing Adult FantasyMarvel1961–1962, 1994
Amazing Adult Fantasy (UK Edition)Marvel1961-1962
Amazing AdventureMarvel1988
Amazing Adventure FunniesCentaur1940
Amazing Adventures (1st series)Ziff-Davis1950-1952
Amazing Adventures (2nd Series)Marvel1961
Amazing Adventures (3rd Series)Marvel1970-1976
Amazing Adventures (4th Series)Marvel1979-1981
Amazing Adventures (UK Edition)Marvel1970-1976
Amazing Adventures From Zoom’s AcademyMoon Factor2003
Amazing Adventures of Ace International, TheStarhead1993
Amazing Adventures of Frank and Jolly (Alan Groening’s…)Press This1994-1997
Amazing Adventures of Professor Jones, TheAntarctic1996-1997
Amazing Adventures of the DC Super-Pets, The: Cave of Kryptonite!Capstone2020
Amazing Adventures of the DC Super-Pets, The: Crime-Fighting Cat!Capstone2020
Amazing Adventures of the DC Super-Pets. The: The Ice Cream CaperCapstone2020
Amazing Adventures of the DC Super-Pets, The: Trouble on Paradise IslandCapstone2020
Amazing Adventures of the Escapist, The (Michael Chabon Presents…)Dark Horse2004-2005
Amazing Adventures of the JLADC2006
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Amazing Agent JenniferSeven Seas2012
Amazing Agent LunaSeven Seas2005-2015
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Amazing Batvark, TheAardvark-Vanaheim2021
Amazing But True Facts About Milk and Milk ProductionSealright1956
Amazing CerebusAardvark-Vanaheim2018
Amazing Chan and the Chan ClanGold Key1973-1974
Amazing Colossal Amazon WomanFantaCo1998
Amazing Colossal Felix the Cat, TheFelix2003
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Amazing Comics (Marvel)Marvel1944
Amazing Comics PremieresAmazing1987
Amazing Cow HeroesCFA Properties, Inc.2010
Amazing Cow Heroes Team-UpCFA Properties, Inc. 
Amazing Cynicalman, TheEclipse1987
Amazing Cynicalman, The (Not Available)Not Available 
Amazing Detective CasesMarvel1950-1952
Amazing, Enlightening and Absolutely True Adventures of Katherine Whaley, TheFantagraphics2013
Amazing Facts & BeyondLeon Beyond2011
Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous MemoirTouchstone2015
Amazing FantasyMarvel1962, 1995-1996
Amazing Fantasy (2nd Series)Marvel2004-2006
Amazing Fantasy (3rd Series)Marvel2021
Amazing Fantasy (Panini)Panini1999
Amazing Fantasy (Turkish)Marvel2019
Amazing Fantasy OmnibusMarvel2007
Amazing ForestIdea + Design Works2016
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Amazing High AdventureMarvel1984-1986
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Amazing Joy Buzzards, The (Vol. 2)Image2005
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Amazing MysteriesMarvel1949-1950
Amazing Mystery FunniesCentaur1938-1940
Amazing Remarkable Monsieur Leotard, The:01 First Second2008
Amazing Scarlet Spider, TheMarvel1995
Amazing Screw-On Head, TheDark Horse2002
Amazing Screw On Head & Other Curious Objects, TheDark Horse2010
Amazing Spider-GirlMarvel2006–2009
Amazing Spider-Man, TheMarvel1963-1998, 2003-2014, 2017-2018
Amazing Spider-Man, The (Vol. 2)Marvel1999-2003
Amazing Spider-Man, The (3rd Series)Marvel2014-2015
Amazing Spider-Man, The (4th Series)Marvel2015-2018
Amazing Spider-Man, The (5th Series)Marvel2018-2022
Amazing Spider-Man, The (Aus. Edition)Marvel1991–1993
Amazing Spider-Man, The (Canadian Edition)Marvel1983
Amazing Spider-Man (Editions Heritage)Editions Heritage1978
Amazing Spider-Man (Eksmo)Eksmo2019
Amazing Spider-Man, The (Federal)Federal1983-1986
Amazing Spider-Man (Fireside Book)Fireside 
Amazing Spider-Man, The (Golden)Golden1977
Amazing Spider-Man, The (Lancer)Marvel1966
Amazing Spider-Man, The (Newton)Newton1974-1976
Amazing Spider-Man, The (Pocket Books, 1st Series)Marvel 
Amazing Spider-Man, The (Pocket Books, 2nd Series)Pocket1980
Amazing Spider-Man, The (Public Service Series)Marvel1990, 1993
Amazing Spider-Man, The (UK Edition)Marvel1963-1981
Amazing Spider-Man 2 PreludeMarvel2014
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The: Rise of ElectroMarvel2014
Amazing Spider-Man 2099 CompanionMarvel2020
Amazing Spider-Man & Silk: The Spider(Fly) EffectMarvel2016
Amazing Spider-Man Annual, TheWorld Distributors1974
Amazing Spider-Man Artifact Edition, The (John Romita’s…)Idea + Design Works2015
Amazing Spider-Man Artisan Edition, The (John Romita’s…)Idea + Design Works2021
Amazing Spider-Man Artist’s Edition, The (Gil Kane’s…)Idea + Design Works2013
Amazing Spider-Man Artist’s Edition, The (John Romita’s…)Idea + Design Works2012
Amazing Spider-Man Battles Ignorance, TheMarvel1992
Amazing Spider-Man by David Michelinie & Todd McFarlane OmnibusMarvel2011
Amazing Spider-Man by J. Michael Straczynski OmnibusMarvel2019
Amazing Spider-Man by JMS Ultimate CollectionMarvel2009-2010
Amazing Spider-Man, The: Carnage on CampusMarvel1993
Amazing Spider-Man Collector’s Album, The (Lancer)Lancer1966
Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the EarthMarvel2012
Amazing Spider-Man Epic CollectionMarvel2013
Amazing Spider-Man: Extra!Marvel2009
Amazing Spider-Man FamilyMarvel2008-2009
Amazing Spider-Man: Family BusinessMarvel2014
Amazing Spider-Man Fights Substance AbuseMarvel 
Amazing Spider-Man Free Behind-The-Scenes EditionMarvel2018
Amazing Spider-Man: Full CircleMarvel2019
Amazing Spider-Man/Ghost Rider: MotorstormMarvel2011
Amazing Spider-Man GiveawaysMarvel1977
Amazing Spider-Man: Going BigMarvel2019
Amazing Spider-Man: HookyMarvel1986
Amazing Spider-Man: InfestedMarvel2011
Amazing Spider-Man/Inhumans/All-New Captain AmericaMarvel2016
Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks, TheMarvel1992
Amazing Spider-Man NACME Series, TheMarvel1990-1991
Amazing Spider-Man OmnibusMarvel2007
Amazing Spider-Man: Parallel LivesMarvel1989
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Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows (2nd Series)Marvel2017-2018
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Amazing Spider-Man, The: Soul of the HunterMarvel1992
Amazing Spider-Man Super Special, TheMarvel1995
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Amazing Spider-Man: The Clone ConspiracyMarvel2017
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Amazing Spider-Man, The: The Movie AdaptationMarvel2014
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