Jack the Ripper (Eternity)

    (Eternity, 1989)
™ and ©1989 Bruce Balfour

The Whitechapel murders were a series of grisly prostitute slayings that began on August 31, 1888 in a rough area of London, England. The assailant, who was never caught, called himself “Jack” in a letter he sent mocking the police. To the world, he became known as “Jack the Ripper,” and his legend lives on as one of the most infamous serial killers in history.

Many companies have published their version of the murders, including Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore’s well-regarded From Hell. Eternity Comics took an earlier “stab” at the story in 1989 with this three-issue mini-series. In this version of Jack the Ripper, writer Bruce Balfour portrays the infamous murderer as an almost ghost-like entity who picks up lonely females and offers them a ride in his carriage. Darkly fascinating, it’s a worthwhile (if not overly serious) retelling of the famous murder mystery.

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