Shooting Star Comics Anthology

    (Shooting Star, 2004-2005)
™ and © Shooting Star Comisc, LLC

Shooting Star doesn’t stick to a single genre in its anthologies. In fact, each one crams in about as many different genres and art styles as is possible in comics. Naturally, the result, as is the case with most anthologies, is a collection of hits and misses. When this is on target, the stories are good and deserve their own series (and several have graduated). When it misses, it raises the question: With all the excellent comics writers and artists out of work, why did the editors choose these guys? Shooting Star would be well served by raising its standards.

One of the best of the bunch is “Aym Geronimo and the Postmodern Pioneers” by writer J. Morgan Neal and artist Todd Fox. It’s an origin of sorts for the mystical Native American hero in the title. Aym, a Native American woman who lives in the outside world, has joined her brother Wind in a “vision quest.” While there, she sees an ancestor appear before her. A series starring Aym would be worth picking up, since this short story ends before it’s ready.

— Steve Horton

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 Summer 2002Denny O’Neil, Chuck Dixon, Sarah Beach, Erik Burnham, Carlin Trammel, Scott Rogers, Sean Taylor, Lance Stahlberg, J. Morgan Neal, Scott McCullarGordon Purcell, Todd Fox, Bill Wiist, Scott Rogers, J.P. Dupas, Mariano de la Torre, J. David Bock, Scott McCullar, Erik Burnham, Enrique Villagran


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  Sean Taylor, John Morgan Neal, Jeffrey Moy, C. Adam Volle, Erik Burnham, Michael Hutchison, Scott McCullar, Sarah Beach, Scott RogersJ.P. Dupras, Jeffrey Moy, Dustin Griffin, Erik Burnham, Phil Meadows, Scott McCullar, Scott Rogers, Todd Fox


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  Stefan Petrucha, Scott Hileman, Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Scott McCullar, J. Morgan Neal, Scott Rogers, Gregg W. Noon, Sean TaylorChris Franklin, Lori Krell, Scott McCullar, Todd Fox, Scott Rogers, Sinclair Elliot, Sean Taylor


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  Danny DonovanNat Jones