Urth 4

    (Continuity, 1989-1990)
™ and ©1989 Continuity Publishing, Inc.

Urth, Fyre, Ayre, and Watr are four ordinary humans who were installed with elemental forces and charged with the responsibility to protect our planet from the ravages of environmental indifference by Earth’s life force.

This force, who insists she’s not Mother Earth, transformed Dwight Good, Kelly Kane, Baron Cotter, and Dennis Swan into the Urth 4 team in order to have them battle their anti-environment counterparts who are hiding a site of unlawful strip-mining. Visually, the characters are reminiscent of the Fantastic Four, even though they have mystical, not scientific origin. This title endeavors to have an environmental social conscience but may be a bit heavy-handed even for sincere nature activists.

These four heroes were first introduced in Ms. Mystic (Pacific) #2.

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