Cinder and Ashe

    (DC, 1988)

Cinder and Ashe was a four-issue mini-series by Gerry Conway and José L. Garcia Lopez. Cinder is an red-headed girl of mixed heritage who grew up in war-torn Viet Nam. Jake Ashe is a Cajun who went off to serve in that war in hopes of finding his real father. Instead, he met Cinder, his future partner.

Today, Cinder and Ashe are investigators working out of New Orleans, but their latest case feels a bit like going back to war. A farmer named Wilson Starger hired them to find his missing daughter, Jennifer. However, the more they look into the case, the stranger things become. Their employer turns out to be a cipher—a man without a credit record, driver’s license, or official presence of any kind. Moreover, the people they contact regarding the case are exhibiting a nasty tendency to turn up dead.

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 Gerry ConwayJosé Luis García-López


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Collects Cinder and Ashe #1-4Gerry ConwayJosé Luis García-López