Prime/Captain America

    (Malibu, 1996)
™ and © Malibu Comics Entertainment, Inc.

Marvel Comics bought Malibu Comics in 1995, and the dimension-hopping began in earnest with Thor showing up in the Godwheel limited series, the Black Knight turning up in the relaunched UltraForce, and a full-fledged UltraForce/Avengers crossover, as well as the following limited edition one-shots: Prime Vs. The Incredible Hulk, Night Man Vs. Wolverine, and X-Men Vs. Exiles.

Prime/Captain America finds the Star-Spangled Avenger headed for a meeting with the President of the United States when he is suddenly whisked away to the Ultraverse, where he joins forces with resident caped strong-guy Prime to stop a plan to replace key government officials—like the POTUS—and Prime himself with evil doppelgangers. Along the way, Cap and Prime meet and inspire Liberty, a patriotic-themed Ultraverse hero who makes his debut in this fast-paced one-shot.

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  Gerard Jones, Len StrazewskiNorm Breyfogle