Weird Business Book #1


ca. 1995

Introduction; Gorilla Gunslinger; Becoming the Monster; Till the Cows Come Home; Steel Valentine; Stranger; That Hellbound Train; Coccyx; If I Close My Eyes Forever; Jesting With Chaos; Dinosaur Love; Masque of the Red Death; Real Thing; Franklin & the Can of Whup-ass; Chip of Fools; Man With Legs; King of the Cows; In Repose; Trolling; Green Brother; And I Only Am Escaped To Tell These; Case of the dancing Corpse; Heilage Nacht; Oil of the Dog

 Joe Lansdale, Norman Partridge, Mark Evans, Richard Klaw, Brian Biggs, Robert Bloch, Neal Barrett Jr., John Bergin, Charles de Lint, Michael Moorcock, Franz Henkel, Edgar Allan Poe, Eric Burnham, Nancy Collins, Bill Crider, Chet Williamson, Al Sarrantonio, Scott A. Cupp, Marc Paoletti, F. Paul Wilson, Howard Waldrop, Steve Utley, Roger Zelazny, Paul Miles, Jerry Prosser, Ambrose Bierce

 John Garcia, Miran Kim, Kenneth Huey, Mark Erickson, Brian Briggs, Phil Hester, Andre Walls, Ande Parks, John Bergin, Pia Guerra, Shea Anton Pensa, Ted Naifeh, Newt Manwich, Morgan, Tom Foxmarnick, John Picacio, Doug Potter, Matthew Guest, Michael Lark, Bill D. Fountain, John Lucas, Barb Spoon, Theodore Spoon, Jason Morgan, Omaha Pérez, Dean Rohrer

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