Sinister Dexter #3


Reprints from 2000 A.D. #1084-1086, 1088-1095, 1097-1099, 1102-1109, 1111-1115, 1123-1124; ca. 2005

London Town; The Big Stiff; Lyrical Bollards; To the Devil a Detour; Drop Dead Gorgeous; Mother Lode and the Red Admiral; Tan Lines; Tax Returns; Bullfighting Days; End of the Line; Slay Per View; Dead Man Whacking; Death is a Lonely Donegan; Anatomy of a Throwdown; Unofficial Business; Sucker Punch; Grey’s Allergy; ’Twas thte Fight Before Christmas

 Dan Abnett

 Greg Staples, Alex Ronald, Simon Davis, Andy Clarke, Calum Alexander Watt, Paul Johnson, David Millgate, Marc Wigmore, Julian Gibson, Steve Yeowell, Steve Sampson, Sean Phillips, Stephen Baskerville

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