Epic Illustrated #12

Epic     June, 1982

Weirdworld: The Dark Stratagem; Bookview; Small Gifts; Pursuit; Marada the She-Wolf: Royal Hunt; The Transition; Gameview; The World According to Wolverton; Spacehawk: The Superhuman Enemy of Crime; Cabin Fever; To Slay a Dragon

 Doug Moench, Mary Jo Duffy, Jon J. Muth, Chris Claremont, Rick Veitch, Bruce Sakow, Steven Grant, Ron Goulart, Basil Wolverton, Ralph Reese, Zoran Vanjaka

 John Buscema, Marie Severin, Jon J. Muth, John Bolton, Rick Veitch, Gerald Slater, Ron Goulart, Ralph Reese, Basil Wolverton, Zoran Vanjaka

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