Mystery Comics Digest #18

Gold Key     July, 1974

Mars: Dead Or Alive; The Spirit is Killing; The Menace from Out There; The Bridegroom; Voices from the Twilight Zone; If the Shoe Fits; The Midas Wheel; They Dwell Among Us; The Scapfaggot Witch; Doom by Prediction; The Demon of Central Park; Past, Present…Eternity!; Journeys into Oblivion; The Most Menacing Man Alive; The Treasure Of His Company; The Wanted One; When The Ball Is Over; Unidentified Aircraft; Journeys Into the Twilight Zone; A Spell in the Night; Beware the Kewpie Dolls

 Dick Wood, Don Glut, Leo Dorfman, Paul S. Newman

 Nevio Zeccara, Mike Royer, Fred Fredericks, George Evans, Dan Spiegle, Frank Thorne, Don Heck, Art Saaf, Reed Crandall, Roger Brand, Joe Certa, Frank Bolle, John Celardo

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