Kilroy is Here (Image) #1


Collects from Negative Burn #1, 4, 6, 13, 24, 47 and 50, Kilroy is Here #0–10, Kilroy: Revelations #1, St.Germaine #6 and #7, Calibrations #1, High Caliber, and A Caliber Christmas; ca. 2006

Reflections, Epilogue: Tiananmen Square, Safe Haven; Reflections, Chapter One; Reflections, Chapter Two; Reflections, Chapter Three; Reflections, Chapter Four; Reflections, Chapter Five; Pride, Prejudice and Persecution, Chaper One; Pride, Prejudice and Persecution, Chaper Two; Pride, Prejudice and Persecution, Chaper Three; Stalked; To Live and Die in Mogadishu; Revelations; Sympathy for the Devil; Living in Hell; Kilroy is Here; Seasons Greetings; Rosewood; The Accused; Henry; In Rememberance; Cat Lives; The Death of Billy the Kid; Christmas for Charlie

 Joe Pruett

 Brian Bolland, Tim Bradstreet, Dan Brereton, Guy Burwell, Mark Erickson, Michael Gaydos, Craig Gilmore, Fredd Gorham, Doug Gregory, Paul Grist, Jon Haward, Ed Herrera, Don Kramer, Kevin Landwehr, Bruce McCorkindale, Ken Meyer Jr., Michael Avon Oeming, Joe Quesada, Ande Parks, Michael Perkins, Andrew Robinson, Bill Ruth, Matthew Smith, Ray Snyder, Andrew Walls, Jim Woodward

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