The Golden Age Of Comic Fandom #1 - 2nd printing

Hamster     March 15, 1999

1st revised edition; The Book-Length History Of Comic Fandom’s Early Years…Now Revised And Expanded!; Introduction by Roy Thomas

Introduction: The Altered Ego; Before The Golden Age; The Birth of Alter-Ego; Out of the Woodwork; Advent of the Amateur Comic Strip; The Academy and RB-CC; The First Comic Book Convention; 1965: A Watershed Year; Fanzine Mania; Regional Fan Scenes; Comics andComicons Grow Up; Coming of the Pro-Zines; Brave New Comicdom; A Personal Postscript (Epilogue); Special Report: Fandom Reunion 1997; Author’s Addendum: Revised Edition

 Bill Schelly, Roy Thomas

 Mike Vosburg, Ron Foss, Dave Stevens, Archie Goodwin, Robert Crumb, Bill Schelly, Roy Thomas, Grass Green, Biljo White, Steve Stiles, Don Fowler, Buddy Saunders, Landon Chesney, D. Bruce Berry, Joe Staton, Steve Ditko, Dick Memorich, Rudi Franke, Bill Dubay, Larry Ivie, John Fantucchio, Marie Severin, Gil Kane, Bill Everett, Jeff Jones, Reed Crandall, George Metzger, Vaughn Bodé, Will Gould, Dan Adkins, Wally Wood, Basil Wolverton, Howard Nostrand, Ralph Bakshi, Bernie Wrightson, Ken Barr, John G. Fantucchio, Don Newton, Al Feldstein, Graham Ingels, Howard Keltner, Jerry Mayer, Steve Fritz, Harry Habblitz, Wayne Howard, Alan Hanley, Roger Brand, Dave Herring, Rich Buckler, Richard Corben, C.C. Beck, Jack Kirby, Bill Black, Vince Davis, Jim Starlin, Alan Weiss, Jim Steranko, Michael W. Kaluta, Phil Seuling, Mark Gruenwald, Jay Lynch, Frank Miller, Dave Cockrum

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