Negative Burn #49

Caliber     July, 1997

80 pages; B&W

All Robot Style; Mr. Mamoulian: Mamouliology; A Week During The Apocalypse; Goo; Object D’Art; A Stranger From Atair; Patty Cake: That’s The News; Pleasant Valley Sundays; Revolution; Suicide Kings; T.O.M. Foolery; Project High; Jaiden

 Scott Morse, Brian Bolland, Steve Rasnic Tem, Phil Hester, Del Stone Jr., David Boller, Scott Roberts, Chris Kemp, Joe Pruett, Mike Carey, Jeff Bailey, Marty Golia, Ken Meyer Jr., Chris Campana

 Scott Morse, Brian Bolland, Mike Perkins, Andy Kuhn, Tom Biondolillo, Hondo, Scott Roberts, Michael Cherkas, Andrew Robinson, Tim Bradstreet, Paul Holden, Joe Staton, Ken Meyer Jr., Chris Campana

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