The Comic Cavalcade Archives #1

DC     June, 2005

Collects Comic Cavalcade #1-3; Foreword by Michael Uslan and Robert Klein; Wonder Woman; Red, White and Blue; Ghost Patrol; Fat and Slat; Black Pirate; Green Lantern; Wildcat; Scribbly Jibbet; Flash; Simp O’Dill; Mutt & Jeff; The King; Hop Harrigan; Sargon the Sorcerer

Wonder Woman; Red, White and Blue; educ: Flying Colors; The Ghost Patrol; Japanese Beetle Trouble (text story); Fat and Slat; Fingers of Fate; Personality Day; The Scourge of the Seas; The Adventure of Luckless Lenore!; Wildcat; Fate and a Mule! (text story); Scribbly; Crime’s Birthday Party!!; The Haunted Tank; Simp O’Dill; Black Pirate and Son; The Tin-Fish Bobsled (text story); Covered Caravan; The Corn Doctors; Mutt & Jeff; The Case of Handsome John Riley; The Story Behind the Bellyache; He Saved the President-Almost (text story); Punk Junk; The City on Wheels; The Guy Who Liked Bananas!; Master Sergeant Meyer Levin; A Little Savage Revenge!; One-Way Ticket (text story); The Man Most Likely to Succeed; The Minute Man Answers the Call; The Bushmaster!; The Story of Vasco Nunez De Balboa; Last of the Thunderbirds (text story); The Laws of Pumpkin Center

 Gardner Fox, William Moulton Marston, Bill Finger, Ted Udall, John M. Jenks, Ed Wheelan, Sheldon Mayer, Sol Hess, Jon L. Blummer, Bud Fisher, Al Smith, Evelyn Gaines, John B. Wentworth, M.C. Gaines, Michael Uslan, Robert Klein

 Irwin Hasen, Harry G. Peter, Frank Godwin, Sheldon Moldoff, Frank Harry, Howard Purcell, John M. Jenks, Ed Wheelan, Lou Ferstadt, Sheldon Mayer, Jon Chester Kozlak, Sol Hess, Bud Fisher, Al Smith, Joe Gallagher, Everett E. Hibbard, Hal Sharp, Stan Aschmeier, Harry Tschida

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