Apple Pie #3

Histrionic     July, 1975

The Legend; Existential Follies; Your Party Line Make Me See Red Alright! Take Five Ivan!; Last Foe; Doctor Adolph’s VQ Test; The O’Toole’s in A Penchant For Doom; My Most Unforgettable Character: I Remember Charlie Manson; National Scar; The Ifiest Moment in Civilization; Rasputin; Rowdy Noody; We Was Just Killin’ Time; Murder on the Long Island Express; Violence Among the Very Rich; Violent Themes That Break the Heart of Mankind and Crush the Bones of the Human Race; Genocide; How to Throw Pies; Slaughter in Psycho-City; Ugh Slug!!; Smacky Duck; Buster Brown Commits a Crime; Heather Feather; Tales of Ezekiel Wolf; Whatever Happened to Speckle Pig?; The Night Grocer

 Leonard Nafzger, Jerry Lane, Joachin Themal, Rex Weiner, Eleventh Hour, Patricia Krinkwinkle, Justin Green, Ernie Wages, Bill Skurski, Maurice E., Neke Carson, Kim Deitch, Ned Sonnetag, Michael W. Kaluta, Dennis Lopez, Ted Richards

 Vince Aiosa, Pete Bramley, Howard Chaykin, Continuity Studios, Tom Fischer, Maurice E., Nano Riley, Pat Rosenkranz, Bill Skurski, Michael Sullivan, Cathi Ann Thomas, Jack Abel, Terry Austin, Kim Deitch, Justin Green, Jerry Lane, S. Clay Wilson, Ned Sonntag, Ted Richards, Michael W. Kaluta

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