DC 100 Page Super Spectacular #4

DC     November, 1973

Back cover pin-up

Reprints from My Greatest Adventure #8, 12, 14, 15, 20, Sensation Mystery #110, 116, House of Secrets #2, Phantom Stranger (1st Series) #1, Tales of the Unexpected #15, 24, and House of Mystery #49; Weird Mystery Tales

I Was the Last Man on Earth; The Phantom Enemy; I Fought the Clocks of Doom; The Witch’s Candles!; I Was Lost in a Mirage; Horror in the Lake!; The Haunters from Beyond!; I Was the Last Martian!; I Hunted the World’s Wildest Animals; The City of Three Dooms; The Jungle Boy of Jupiter; The Mysterious Mr. Omen

 John Broome, Robert Kanigher

 Mort Drucker, Carmine Infantino, Mort Meskin, John Prentice, Frank Giacoia, Jim Mooney, Nick Cardy, Lou Cameron, Leonard Starr, Bernie Wrightson

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