Action Comics #544

DC     June, 1983

1st Appearance of Brainiac (robotic body); 1st Appearance of Lex Luthor (in armor); 1st Appearance of Brainiac (New); 1st appearance of Lex Luthor (New); Death of Ardora; Death of Lex Luthor Jr.; Origin Braniac (New); Origin of Brainiac (New); Origin of Lex Luthor (New); Origin of Brainiac (robotic body); Origin of Lex Luthor (in armor); Origin of Brainiac retold; Origin of Lex Luthor retold; Versus Lex Luthor; Versus Brainiac; Joe Shuster pin-up; Giant-sized; Pinup of new Luthor by George Perez; Pinup of new Brainiac by Ed Hannigan and Dick Giordano; 45th Anniversay issue; Happy 45th Anniversary; Superman! text by Jerry Siegel/Joe Shuster; New Luthor and Braniac; C:45th anniversary issue (giant-sized); 45th Anniversary issue; Brainiac pin-up; New Brainiac; New Lex Luthor; Destruction of Lexor; Lex Luthor pin-up

Luthor Unleashed!; Rebirth!; Happy 45th Anniversary, Superman! (text)

 Cary Bates, Marv Wolfman, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster

 Curt Swan, Gil Kane, George Pérez, Ed Hannigan, Joe Shuster

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