Jonny Quest (Comico) #12

COMICO     May, 1987

Wraparound cover

Pinup by Ken Steacy

Buried Treasure

 William Messner-Loebs

 Dan Spiegle, Ken Steacy, John K. Snyder

Lowest Price: $1.53

20 copies from $1.53 to $4.50
Near Mint  
United States bolt_boy $3.50  
Canada roberts-comics-cards $3.99 Wraparound cover
United States CapCoComics $4.00 Wraparound cover
United States $4.50  
Very Fine to Near Mint  
United States $1.53 BandW
United States RFontaine $2.25  
United States donner5 $2.50 Box L-1A
United States RHobold $2.75 Binding Quality: slight mis-centering of cover, Corners: slightly blunted
United States fabficbk $4.00  

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