Cracked #162

Globe     September, 1979

Diff’rent Strokes; Cracked’s Playful Ways to Make Work Fun; Products Designed for Overweight Americans; Cracked Interviews the Psychiatric King; Shut-Ups; A Typical College Registrar’s Bulletin Board; The Cracked Fact Pack: Housing; Shylock Homes and the Case of the Lifted Locket; Sagebrush; A Cracked Look at a Golf Course; The Cracked Theory on the Relativity of Time; And Yet Once Again Still Some More From the Cracked Lens; Are You Musclebound?

 George Gladir, Daniel Gutman, Mike Pellowski, Donald Wong, John Ficarra, Charles Brown, Randy Epley, Elaine Ozimok

 Bill Ward, Don Orehek, Howard Nostrand, John Severin, Samuel Whitehead, Sururi Gumen, Warren Sattler

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