Cracked #237

Globe     August, 1988

30th Anniversary Celebration; RoboCop parody

The Attack of Don Martin; False Rumors About CRACKED; Radzilla; CRACKED Fold-Up; CRACKED Olympic Lens; Press and Jerk; The Return of the Ron Rover; One Shots; CRACKED Olympic Lens II; Couch Potato Catalogue; Canine the Barkbarian; The Uggly Family; The Revenge of Don Martin; Robocops and Roborobbers; Form & Function: Baseball; History of CRACKED; Hudd & Dini; Head of the Klass Report Cards; CRACKED Olympic Lens III; Olympic One Shots; Don Martin’s Last Word; The Sabotuer Handbook; Shut Ups

 George Gladir, Roger Brown, Randy Epley, Eel O’Brien, Moe McMahon, Joe Catalano, John Arcudi, Darren Auck, Don Martin

 John Severin, Don Martin, Mike Ricigliano, Don Orehek, Vic Martin, Bo Badman, Al Scaduto, Rick Altergott, Stosh Gillespie, Gary Fields, Wally Brogan

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