Epic Illustrated #16

Epic     February, 1983

Feb. 1982 misprint date on indicia page

Abraxas and the Earthman: The Awakening; Arise, Awake; The Beguiling; A Path of Stars; Bookview; The Horde; Arnold the Isshurian; The Woman Who Loved the Moon; Tribute to Gene Day; The Last of the Dragons: the Vision; Gameview; Jack Tales: Two Sisters; Mediaview

 Rick Veitch, Marc Hempel, Barry Windsor-Smith, Mary Jo Duffy, Archie Goodwin, Dave Sim, Elizabeth A. Lynn, Carl Potts, Denny O’Neil, Steven Grant, Charles Vess

 Rick Veitch, Marc Hempel, Barry Windsor-Smith, Dave Sim, Trina Robbins, Carl Potts, Charles Vess

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