World’s Greatest Super-Heroes Holiday Special #1

DC     December, 2018

Reprints: Superman #64; Walmart exclusive; 100 Page; Giant; Flash story new; Wal-mart exclusive; DCU Infinite Holiday Special #1; Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1; DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1; Batman Annual #1

The Flash: ’Twas the Riot Before Christmas; Superman: Metropolis Mailbag; Supergirl: All I Want for Christmas…; Batman and Alfred: Good Boy; Batwoman: Light in the Dark; Harley Quinn: Killin’ Time; Green Lanterns: The Epiphany

 Scott Lobdell, Dan Jurgens, Joe Kelly, Tom King, K. Perkins, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Steve Orlando, Vita Ayala

 Brett Booth, Jackson Guice, Ale Garza, David Finch, Paolo Pantalena, Darwyn Cooke, V. Kenneth Marion

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