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Jeff Conklin  (Jeffsmoola)

Wing Commander

Avg. Rating: 4.7
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About Me

More than 30 years of collecting, buying and selling comic books. More than 1,000 sales on Atomic Avenue with a 4.7 rating!† † With stores on Ebay (100% + Feedback - WholeBodyStore ID) and 100% in Amazon Store (Also WholeBodyStore). We are committed to customer service, great packaging and reasonable prices for top quality comic books. Look around our collection - we have more than 25,000 Comics listed on Atomic Avenue, and most are the lowest priced in the best conditions! Plus we offer FREE SHIPPING when you buy $39.99 or more! You canít lose! Lots of special issue comics and graphic novels including variant covers, signed editions and others.

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9/20/2018106393 kporter814
Awesome seller! Thank you for the amazing deals =0)
9/14/2018106237 kporter814
Excellent Seller! Still one of my top 3 to buy from on this amazing website =0)
Response: Thanks Kevin - Happy to have you as our customer!
9/14/2018106215 kporter814
Excellent Seller! One of my top 3 to buy from on this awesome website =0)
9/12/2018106122 doughboymike
comics received very quickly and are as described
9/5/201861404 kporter814
Awesome seller!
9/5/201860951 kporter814
Smooth and Fast. Thank you
9/5/2018105942 kporter814
Ordering more soon because of efficiency and awesomeness =0)
Response: Thanks Kevin!
8/21/2018105668 Bunny Rabies
thanks again
Response: You're Welcome - Thank you for your order!