Slightly Bent Comics

    (Slightly Bent, 1988-1989)
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Flying in the face of the grim-and-gritty trend as well as the we’re-only-in-it-for-the-money trend, (although that second part may not be intentional), writer Walt Jaschek and a collection of artists deliver humor with a wry sense of the absurd. Dude-Guy, Earth’s Best Pal and Mel Cool: Mall Cop are two of the strips featured in Slightly Bent Comics.

Dude Guy is the enthusiastic protector of the environment clashing with the minions of the Zomboid King and his hired assassin, Big Hair Babs. But beneath his apparent superficiality lies a plot that strikes to the very heart of pop culture…merchandizing!

Mel Cool is the hard-bitten film-noir security officer of the Massive Mall ever alert for transgressors that would threaten the joyous experience you have every right to expect in any mall sojourn.

These strips, along with Danger Dad and Those Dang Gnats!, not to mention Jaschek’s sublime editorial edicts of personal pontification round out this two-issue series.

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Fall 1998; B&WWalt JaschekCraig Skaggs, Don Secrease, Jim Riley, Paul Daly, Tony Patti


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Winter 1999; B&WWalt JaschekPaul Daly, Darren Goodhart, Bill Lux, Tony Patti, Jim Riley, Don Secrease, Craig Skaggs