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27Petits Hommes, LesC + C = Boum
475Air Ace Picture LibraryC For Crusader
3Hulk: GrayC is for Cry
1Crimson Gash vs Satan, TheC*m-Spit of Doom!; Welcome to Hell; Bring a Chair for Satan!!!; The Lair of Lamasthu
1/ACrimson Gash vs Satan, TheC*m-Spit of Doom!; Welcome to Hell; Bring a Chair for Satan!!!; The Lair of Lamasthu
6C•23C-23 story; Planetary preview, Nuclear Spring
541Detective ComicsC-C-Cold!; Green Arrow: The Nightfly, Part 1
541Detective Comics (Canadian Edition)C-C-Cold!; Green Arrow: The Nightfly, Part 1
4Web, TheC-O-V-E-R-T!
8Tick, The: Karma TornadoC-Spandex
8-2Tick, The: Karma TornadoC-Spandex; Scenes from the Comet Club
2Hexagon Comics Library, TheC.L.A.S.H. and Silver Shadow
95Brave and the Bold, TheC.O.D. Corpse on Delivery
86All Favourites ComicC.O.D. Corpse on Delivery; Earth’s Unlucky Day; Escape into the Unknown; The King of New Orleans
2Dudley Do-RightC.O.D.; S.W.M.P.; Not Very Stable
1/AVengeance of the VaporC‘era Una Colta Il Western
1/BVengeance of the VaporC‘era Una Colta Il Western
284Uomo Ragno, L’ (Marvel Italia)C’è un perché!; Ricordi; E’ fantastica; Ragno Ragno
269Uomo Ragno, L’ (Marvel Italia)C’era una volta un Ragno…; La riunione dei cinque - parte 1: Acquisizioni; La riunione dei cinque - parte 2: Giornata calda nella cità vecchia
31Uomo Ragno, L’ (1st Series)C’era una volta un Robot
3Art D’EccoC’est Aussi la Trahison de la Langage
5Aces High (E.C.)C’est la Guerre!; Airman Unknown (text); Iron Man!; Spade were Trump; Ordeal
5Aces High (RCP)C’est la Guerre!; Airman Unknown (text); Iron Man!; Spade were Trump; Ordeal
1976Sparky (National Fire Protection Agency)C’mon Kids Let’s Learn Not to Burn
5EverythingC’mon, Get Happy
543Fantastic Four (Vol. 1)C’mon, Suzie, Don’t Leave Us Hangin’; If This Be… Anniversary!; A Day at the Races
74Simpson, Les (Panini)CA BARDE
372099 (Panini)Ca Piquait Quand Tu M’embrassais; Enfer Sur Terre; A Feu Et A Sang; La Cite Des Morts, Part 2
46Transformers, TheCa$h and Car-nage!
1Miracle of the White Stallions, The (Walt Disney’s…)ca. 1963
2Blackmask (Eastern)ca. 1988
7Twin Earthsca. 1992
2Twin Earths: Sunday Pagesca. 1993
3Twin Earths: Sunday Pagesca. 1993
4Twin Earths: Sunday Pagesca. 1993
5Twin Earths: Sunday Pagesca. 1993
Bk 1Levi’s Worldca. 2003
1Liberty From Hellca. 2004
1-2Batman: Gotham By Gaslightca. 2006
0/AJungle Girl (Dynamite)ca. 2007
230Mandy Picture Story LibraryCab For Hire !
6MomeCab Ride; Love Love Tentapod (After T. Saeki); Iacocca High; Hopscotch; Testosterone; The Notary; Everyday I Love You Less and Less; Jillian Banks, Debutante of the underworld; Iraq; Frustration Land; Dad’s Chickens; Everyday Terrorists; Harvest Dance; Virgin Vinyl; Life With Mr. Dangerous, Part 5; Love Gazebo; Diarrhea; First Teen Fancy; At Loose Ends, Part 1; Dupes; Gabrielle the Third; Nothing Eve, Part 2
3Phantom 2040Cabal Strikes
63Patrulla-X, La (Planeta DeAgostini, 2nd Series)Caballeros de Moscú
8Compagnie des Glaces, LaCabaret Miki Cycle: Le Peuple du sel
11Compagnie des Glaces, LaCabaret Miki Cycle:Big Tube
12Compagnie des Glaces, LaCabaret Miki Cycle:La Fin d’un Rêve
9Compagnie des Glaces, LaCabaret Miki Cycle:Otage des glaces
10Compagnie des Glaces, LaCabaret Miki Cycle:Zone Occidentale
11Punisher, The (6th Series)Cabattoir
9Gathering, TheCabbage Boy and Ogre; The Snake & the Spider; Dragon Tales; Damsel; The Dragon & the Wolf; The Black Volcano; Stitches
29Star Spangled ComicsCabbages and Comics; The Picadilly Seal; Found: The Lost Chord; Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Hills; Catalyst for Catastrophe; Robbie, the Robotdog
194StarblazerCabel And The She Warrior
27HarbingerCabin Fever
63Sabrina (Vol. 2)Cabin Fever
1Tick’s Big Summer Fun Special, TheCabin Fever!
352PepCabin Fever; Kite Fright; Miss Forgiveness; Archie’s Gag Bag; Traveling in Style!; Green Eyed Monster
148Looney Tunes (DC)Cabin Flavor; Build Hare; Pie Hero
Bk 16Ultimate X-MenCable
14X-Men ExtraCable & Machine Man: METAMORPHOSE; Cable & Machine Man: DEUS EX MACHINA
75Ultimate X-MenCable, Part 1; Extracurricular
76Ultimate X-MenCable, Part 2
77Ultimate X-MenCable, Part 3
78Ultimate X-MenCable, Part 4
1X-Men Hors Série (Panini, 2nd Series)Cable: LE GRAND RETOUR
13X-Men Universe (Panini, 1st Series)Cable: PESTE; Mutant X: IL ETAIT UNE FOIS; Gambit: EN ATTENDANT LA PRINCESSE; X-Force: FONDATION EN PERIL
12X-Men ExtraCable: SANS ISSUE; Cable: ASSIEGE; Cable: D’HOMME A HOMME
7X-Men Universe (Panini, 1st Series)Cable: SUR LES PAS DES DIEUX; Cable: SI LOIN, SI PROCHE; Mutant X: LE PROCES DE LA BRUTE; X-Force: REVEIL BRUTAL
Dlx 8/HCUltimate X-MenCable; Aftermath; Cliffhangers; The Underdeath; Sentinels; Extracurricular
58Poison Elves (Sirius)Cables
3Winnie the Pooh (Walt Disney…)Caboose on the Loose; A Hairy Problem; The Gollywhopper Egg; The Flip-Flop Float
30Winnie the Pooh (Walt Disney…)Caboose on the Loose; Eeyore’s Half-a-Birthday; The Runaway Bridge; Sign Painter Pooh
YB 1FreshmenCacaphony, Seductress, Wannabe, Puppeteer, Intoxicator, Beaver, Drama Twins, Professor and Frat Guys, Jacques, Green Thumb, Quaker, Long Dong
YB 1/AFreshmenCacaphony, Seductress, Wannabe, Puppeteer, Intoxicator, Beaver, Drama Twins, Professor and Frat Guys, Jacques, Green Thumb, Quaker, Long Dong
26Maxi TexCaccia a Tiger Jack, Il veleno della zingara
448Collana Tex GiganteCaccia ai diamanti
SE 3Nathan Never (Sergio Bonelli)Caccia al ladro
137Uomo Ragno, L’ (1st Series)CACCIA AL LUPO
29CimiteriaCaccia al Mostro
257Uomo Ragno, L’ (Marvel Italia)Caccia al ragno - parte 1: Iniziano le danze; Caccia al ragno - parte 2: La preda
258Uomo Ragno, L’ (Marvel Italia)Caccia al ragno - parte 3: Ragno, Ragno; Caccia al ragno - parte 4: Un nuovo Goblin si aggira per le strade
84Uomo Ragno, L’ (Edizioni Star)Caccia al Ragno; Affari esteri; Ace II (seconda parte)
183Collana Tex GiganteCaccia all’uomo
55Nathan Never (Sergio Bonelli)Caccia all’uomo
171Uomo Ragno, L’ (Marvel Italia)Caccia all’uomo (prima parte): Il sogno infranto; Caccia all’uomo (seconda parte): Dura realtà; Caccia all’uomo (terza parte): La fine della pista
172Uomo Ragno, L’ (Marvel Italia)Caccia all’uomo (quarta parte): L’uomo senza volto; La danza della pioggia; Cicli e catene
92Martin MystèreCaccia alla strega
9CandidaCaccia Alla Volpe
606Collana Tex GiganteCaccia infernale
28Dragonero (Sergio Bonelli)Cacciatori di kraken
69Nathan Never (Sergio Bonelli)Cacciatori di virus
39Nathan Never (Sergio Bonelli)Cacciatori e prede
31Uomo Ragno, L’ (Edizioni Star)Cacciatori nel buio; Delitto e castigo; Tempesta scatenata (prima parte)
34Captain America (3rd Series)Cache is King!
433Spirit, The (1st Series)Cache McStash
1Demonic CalligraphyCacoethes Scribendi, Calligraphy & Cacography as Sacred & Profane Arts
1/ADemonic CalligraphyCacoethes Scribendi, Calligraphy & Cacography As Sacred & Profane Arts
76Devil KidsCactus Rides Again; The Fantastic Flower; Eerie Old England; Exercise Land (text story); Stumbo: The Mighty Acrobat
2/AGrimm Tales Of Terror (Vol. 3)Cadaver Arm
2/BGrimm Tales Of Terror (Vol. 3)Cadaver Arm
2/CGrimm Tales Of Terror (Vol. 3)Cadaver Arm
10Crossfire (Eclipse)Cadaver Goes Hollywood!
3Crypt of HorrorCadaver Lover; From All Our Darkrooms; Monster of Zollmort Castle; Thing From Under the Sea; Curse Castle; The Black Crows; Two Frightened People; The Grim Unreality; The Strange Fate of Capatain Fenton; The Haunted Corspe; Witches Tales; Curse of the Bulaga; Doctor Molnar’s Corpse; Your Coffin Is Waiting, Sir!; A Moving Performance; The Ghost of Fanciful Hawkins; Monsters of the Mind
15DNAgentsCadaver; Rainbow: Invitation to Dinner
3CimiteriaCadavere Senza Nome
7Captain MidnightCadaverous Clinger; The Spy of the Spanish Main: The Stange Secret of the Invisible Plane!; Doomed Wings; The Flying Guinnea Pig!
17Richie Rich Dollars & CentsCadbury Courageous!; Little Lotta: The Old Pill; Little Lotta: One Dragon - Coming Up!; Little Dot: Call Me Soapy (text story); Stingy; How are you Healing?; Richieland; Little Lotta: Sort of Touchy; The Secret of the Desk (text story); Little Dot: Any Dotted Thing for a Pal
30Richie Rich Dollars & CentsCadbury Fired!; The Butler Did It!; Cadbury: Movie Struck; Instant Traveling; The Good Skate (text story); Going, Going, Gone!; Journey to Nowhere; This is Magna; Home Again; Little Dot: Branes’ Timepiece (text story); Little Dot: Daddy’s Boy
6Richie Rich and CadburyCadbury is Suspected; The Eye is Less Quick than the Hand; Most Butlerish; The Incredible Shrinking Boy; Bigger is Better; Little Dot: My Darlin’ Daughter; Little Lotta: Panic in the City!
11Richie Rich And…Cadbury: At Your Service!; Tiger Shark; Butlering In; Cadbury: Butler Development; Smoked Fish; To Tea or not to Tea
41Fantastici Quattro (Edizioni Star)Cadde dal cielo,Salvezza, Frammenti mentali
197PepCaddy On!; The Dud; Comic Books!; Dashng
1619Battle Picture LibraryCade
295Battle Picture Library (2nd Series)Cade
269Fantastici Quattro (Edizioni Star)Cade Il Martello Spazio Seconda Parte, La Mia Cena Con Destino, Amore Ed Eros Prima Parte, Amore Ed Eros Seconda Parte
268Fantastici Quattro (Edizioni Star)Cade Il Martello, Vite Private Volti Pubblici, Fallout, Amore Ed Eros Prima Parte
101VigorCadeau d’anniversaire
259Wolverine (Marvel Italia)Cadere; Wolverine all’inferno capitolo 1; Terra bruciata prima parte; Sogno di morte prima parte
2Pocket ComicsCadet Blakely Spirit of ’76 Battles Satan Lord of Evil; The Black Cat and the Doomed Orphans (text)
18/AStar Trek: Starfleet AcademyCadet Challenge
18/BStar Trek: Starfleet AcademyCadet Challenge
FCBD 20182000 A.D.Cadet Dredd: Crowd Control; Strontium Dog: Trial Run!; Chet Jetstream: Hell Island; Tharg’s Future Shocks: Humancraft; Dr & Quinch: Hijack Free Comic Book Day
18Shock SuspenStories (E.C.)Cadillac Fever; The Trap; Blowhard (text); In the Bag; Rundown
18Shock SuspenStories (RCP)Cadillac Fever; The Trap; Blowhard (text); In the Bag; Rundown
Bk 1Xenozoic TalesCadillacs & Dinosaurs; An Archipelago of Stone; Opportunosts; The Road Not Taken; Law of the Land; Rogue; Xenozoic!; Mammoth Pitfall!; The Rules of the Game; Benefactor; Postal Service; History Lesson
Bk 1-2Xenozoic TalesCadillacs & Dinosaurs; An Archipelago of Stone; Opportunosts; The Road Not Taken; Law of the Land; Rogue; Xenozoic!; Mammoth Pitfall!; The Rules of the Game; Benefactor; Postal Service; History Lesson
Bk 1/LEXenozoic TalesCadillacs & Dinosaurs; An Archipelago of Stone; Opportunosts; The Road Not Taken; Law of the Land; Rogue; Xenozoic!; Mammoth Pitfall!; The Rules of the Game; Benefactor; Postal Service; History Lesson
268Uomo Ragno, L’ (Marvel Italia)Caduta libera; Più che una sensazione; Un vero bambino - parte 2
464 Fantásticos, LosCae el planeta; ¡Feliz cumpleaños, cariño!
41Catwoman (4th Series)Caesar or Nothing, Part 1
41/ACatwoman (4th Series)Caesar or Nothing, Part 1
130Classics Illustrated (Gilberton)Caesar’s Conquests
130-2Classics Illustrated (Gilberton)Caesar’s Conquests
130-3Classics Illustrated (Gilberton)Caesar’s Conquests
130-4Classics Illustrated (Gilberton)Caesar’s Conquests
130-5Classics Illustrated (Gilberton)Caesar’s Conquests
130-6Classics Illustrated (Gilberton)Caesar’s Conquests
130-7Classics Illustrated (Gilberton)Caesar’s Conquests
130-8Classics Illustrated (Gilberton)Caesar’s Conquests
22Ghost (Vol. 2)Caesura
25Young BridesCafé Society Lover; After the Honeymoon (text story); A Little Understanding; Last Hope; Beauty Budget (text story); His Beautiful Visitor
7World of Archie Double DigestCafeteria Cook Showdown!; Guzzle Puzzle or Jig Saw What?; Sale Tale; The Killer; Little Boy Blew; Mad House: Captain Sprocket: Mr. Fix-it of the Space World; Mad Hose: Six Fix; Mad House: Ocean Commotion; Mad House: His Royal Minus; Double Play; The Big Ape; Blue and Gold Yearbook; Fair Weather Friends; Down Home Horror; Josie: Sweater Girls; Josie: A Bad Sort; Josie: Native Nuisance; Josie: Force Feed; Chuck Clayton Amateur Boxer!; Video Strategy; The Moosinator; Riverdale Roughriders; Trail Troubles!; Ride Like the Wind!; Showdown!; The Gig
Bk 8ThunderboltsCage
Bk 8/HCThunderboltsCage
14Casper the Friendly Ghost (1st Series)Cage Fright; Brave Warriors; Little Boo Peep; Baby Huey: Huey’s Other Mother
2Finder (Digital Manga)Cage in the View Finder
1Daredevil: Cage MatchCage Match
5Power Man and Iron Fist (2nd Series)Cage Match
4Batman Family, TheCage Me or Kill Me!; Robin’s Very White Christmas!; Batman Meets Fatman; The Secret War of the Phantom General
17Avengers (Vol. 3)Cage of Freedom
173Young Romance (DC)Cage of Love; Please Don’t Steal My Man; What Love is All About; Unhappy Birthday; Love is Standing on a Corner
59Doctor Strange: Sorcerer SupremeCage of Refuge
138Tarzan (Gold Key)Cage of Terror; The Smoking Island; The Eye of Ramadan (text); Harvest of Fear
1Cage (2nd series)Cage, Part 1
2Cage (2nd series)Cage, Part 2
3Cage (2nd series)Cage, Part 3
4Cage (2nd series)Cage, Part 4
5Cage (2nd series)Cage, Part 5
7Black Panther (Vol. 2)Caged
178Flash (2nd Series)Caged
2Luke CageCaged
Bk 2Luke CageCaged
44Wonder Woman (2nd Series)Caged
2Thunderbolts by Warren EllisCaged Angels
2/HCThunderbolts by Warren EllisCaged Angels
116ThunderboltsCaged Angels, Part 1
117ThunderboltsCaged Angels, Part 2
118ThunderboltsCaged Angels, Part 3
119ThunderboltsCaged Angels, Part 4
120ThunderboltsCaged Angels, Part 5
121ThunderboltsCaged Angels, Part 6
33Eros Graphic AlbumCaged Heat
3Caged Heat 3000Caged Heat Quiz Page
73GrimjackCaged Heat; Youngblood, Part 4
76Jonah HexCaged!
4Arrow (DC)Caged; Huntress Year One; Limbo
Anl 2Batman (2nd Series)Cages
26New Avengers (3rd Series)Cages
26/ANew Avengers (3rd Series)Cages
54Silver Surfer, The (Vol. 3)Cages
5Hawk & Dove (5th Series)Cages and Crossroads
36Master of Kung FuCages of Myth, Menagerie of Mirrors!
36Master of Kung Fu (UK Edition)Cages of Myth, Menagerie of Mirrors!
7Blood of the DemonCages of the Mind
117Eerie (Warren)Cagim; Brother’s Keeper; Bruce Bloodletter; Haxtur
38Suicide SquadCaging the Tiger!
3/AChimera Brigade, The (2nd Series)Cagliostro
3/BChimera Brigade, The (2nd Series)Cagliostro
3/CChimera Brigade, The (2nd Series)Cagliostro
3/DChimera Brigade, The (2nd Series)Cagliostro
1DorohedoroCaiman; Hungry Bug; The Nightmare Man; In the Bag; Eat Quietly During Meals
3Mr. Hero-The Newmatic Man (Neil Gaiman’s…, 1st Series)Cain
5Bible Tales for Young FolkCain and Abel; Queen Esther; Wise Sayings; The Fall of Judah; Daniel in the Lion’s Den; The Good Shepard; Jesus and the Pharisee; The True Believer
101Crime Does Not PayCain Versus Able; The Case of the Crooked Politician; Murder Bait (text story); Murder is a Stranger; Say it With Bullets!
9Hard LooksCain; Working Roots; Joy Ride; Placebo
20Zack Comic BoxCaine: Töte, um zu leben!
2G-I In Battle (2nd Series)Caissons In Action; Trick Rescue (text story); Locked In The Sky; Battle Report; Big Push, The
577Action ComicsCaitiff: First of the Vampires!
3Hot Mexican Love ComicsCajones Past; El Chupa Chupa Cabra; El Murceilagito; The Bunny Bros; Trabajadon De Noche; An Epic L.A. Love Story; Crystal Blue Sensation; It Sucks South of the Border; Later; El Pasion del Hombre Increible!; Yo Quiero Tequila; Pacho Clokey; L.A. 8/15/2127; Don’t Drink the Water; Finish the Mission; Video Store; El Paso; The Angriest Worm; The Anus and the Hair; Telefono Sexo; Hot Mexican Love Comics
8Jughead’s Double DigestCajun Chaos
18Betty and Veronica Double DigestCajun Cutie; Beware Scare; Back To Square One; The Gay Blades; Dress Mess; Ski Tee Hee; The Celebrity; The Plane Truth; Little Miss Nobody; Surprise; Weather Retort; Chime Time; Modern Smart; Snow Job; Two For The Money; Snow Flaky; Goof Proof; Grin and Bear It; The Hero; The Choice; Karate Dotty; Ring Around; Snow Flakey; Cold Courage; Deal Zeal; Run Fun; Label Me Snob; Root Of All Evil; Miss Nice; Bear Facts; Ski and See; The Cut Up; Work Shirk; An Ice Crack; Inferior Intelligence; A Helping Hand!; Kiss Twist; Chow Time; Inspiration; Clean Scene!; High Hopes; That Guilty Feeling; What’s A Buddy For?; Wooden You Know; Car-Rumba; Whose’s Pushing?; The Magic Hat; Birth-Say!; Voice Your Choice; Funny Girl; Stuck; Nifty Gifty; Window Pain; The Knitpicker; Bleary Theory; Bill Chill; Surprize; Know Your Enemy
36Reggie’s Wise Guy JokesCake Ache; Divine Valentine; Borrow Sorrow; Crawl Brawl; Name Game
233House of MysteryCake!
15Herbie (ACG)Cal Me Schlemiehl; Herbie Goes Nap-Happy
1Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: Calamari RisingCalamari Rising, Part 1
1/AWormwood: Gentleman Corpse: Calamari RisingCalamari Rising, Part 1
2Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: Calamari RisingCalamari Rising, Part 2
2/AWormwood: Gentleman Corpse: Calamari RisingCalamari Rising, Part 2
3Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: Calamari RisingCalamari Rising, Part 3
4Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: Calamari RisingCalamari Rising, Part 4
4/AWormwood: Gentleman Corpse: Calamari RisingCalamari Rising, Part 4
3NelsonCalamité à plein temps
9Gotham AcademyCalamity
70Judy Picture Story LibraryCalamity Café
169Incredible Hulk, TheCalamity in the Clouds!
169Incredible Hulk, The (UK Edition)Calamity in the Clouds!
8Lucky Luke (Cinebook)Calamity Jane
30Lucky Luke (Dupuis)Calamity Jane
446Combat Picture Library (2nd Series)CALAMITY JIM
291Jughead (Vol. 1)Calamity Jones; Charley: Book Mark; Jughead’s Gag Bag; The Hat Trick; The Candy Man; Wheel Wail
Bk 9Goon, The (Dark Horse)Calamity of Conscience
35Fantastic Four (Vol. 1)Calamity on the Campus!
35Fantastic Four (UK Edition, Vol. 1)Calamity on the Campus!
1True Believers: Fantastic Four—Dragon ManCalamity On The Campus!
27Marvel’s Greatest ComicsCalamity on the Campus!; Break-Out in Cell Block 10!; If I Must Die, Let it Be with Honor!; If Eternity Should Fail!
1Aniverse, TheCalamity, Part 1
2Aniverse, TheCalamity, Part 2
158Uomo Ragno, L’ (Marvel Italia)Calcio d’inizio; Alleanze difficili; Spade sguainate
244Richie Rich (1st Series)Calcuco, Son of Computer!; The Misfit; Penny Van Dough: Bad Penny!; Cadbury: You May Call Me a Lumber-John
78Air Ace Picture LibraryCalculated Risk
1379Battle Picture LibraryCalculated Risk
2Jonny Quest ClassicsCalcutta Adventure; Questions and Answers (text)
44Uomo Ragno, L’ (Edizioni Star)Calda notte alla vecchia morgue; Il lato buio della luna; La vita che ho vissuto
4Salt Water TaffyCaldera’s Revenge
54Marvel PremiereCaleb Hammer: The Devil’s Starry Anvil!
3Supernatural (Vol. 4)Caledonia: Emma of the Isles, Part 1
4Supernatural (Vol. 4)Caledonia: Emma of the Isles, Part 2
5Supernatural (Vol. 4)Caledonia: Emma of the Isles, Part 3
6Supernatural (Vol. 4)Caledonia: Emma of the Isles, Part 4
1Supernatural (Vol. 4)Caledonia: The Dogs of Edinburgh, Part 1
2Supernatural (Vol. 4)Caledonia: The Dogs of Edinburgh, Part 2
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