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1015Battle Picture LibraryE Boat Alley
1231Battle Picture LibraryE Boat Busters
24CimiteriaE Cenere Tornerai
73Fantastici Quattro (Edizioni Star)E chi sopravviverà, Alternative, Bambini vi guardano
28BiancaneveE Dopo Nove Mesi
69Fantastici Quattro, IE Finisce Cosi’
5Hulk: GrayE is for Elephant
3Super Information Hijinks: Reality Check! (2nd Series)E is for Europa
1Marvel Must Haves: New X-Men #114–116E is for Extinction
Bk 1New X-Men, TheE is for Extinction
114New X-Men, TheE Is for Extinction, Part 1
114-2New X-Men, TheE Is for Extinction, Part 1
115New X-Men, TheE Is for Extinction, Part 2
115/ANew X-Men, TheE Is for Extinction, Part 2
116New X-Men, TheE Is for Extinction, Part 3
Dlx 1New X-Men, TheE is for Extinction; Germ Free Generation; Imperial
Dlx 1/HCNew X-Men, TheE is for Extinction; Germ Free Generation; Imperial
92Fantastici Quattro (Edizioni Star)E Non Riesci A Svegliarti, Bei Sogni, Uomini Finti
3Lobo: Un-American GladiatorsE Pluribus Fraggum!
2Black Zeppelin (Gene Day’s…)E Pluribus Unum; Slaughter House Passing; Quiet In The Green
272Wolverine (Marvel Italia)E poi iniziò la guerra; Moonwalk, seconda parte; La teoria del caos, conclusione; Vittima non confermata
234Thor (Il Mitico…)E poi ne rimase uno solo
291Uomo Ragno, L’ (Marvel Italia)E poi ne rimasero…; … Come nascono i sogni (cap. 3): La sveglia; Pelle e Ossa
67Doom Patrol (2nd Series)E Rose In The Autos
129Fantastici Quattro (Edizioni Star)E Se Guerra Deve Essere!,dreadface Vive! (seconda Parte), Rimpinza Mento
2Star Magazine Oro (Edizioni Star)E se l’Uomo Ragno non avesse sposato Mary Jane?; Interludio; E se l’Uomo Ragno avesse sposato la Gatta Nera?; Qualcuno attaccò il nido del cuculo; La terribile prova di Taskmaster; Lo scontro; La vendetta di Bitsy
582Spider-Man (Marvel Italia)E se lo zio dell’Uomo ragno fosse vissuto?; Una sola occasione
1Collana Tex ColorE venne Il Giorno
Anl 1Collana Tex GiganteE venne il giorno
295Air Ace Picture LibraryE-Boat Busters
24AGE-mail; Depression; Miku’s Sexual Orgy Diary; Sketch Book; Sexy Losers
1E-Man (5th Series)E-Man Meets ’e’-Man; Mr. Jigsaw: A Day in the Park
1-2E-Man (1st series)E-Man Part 1, The Beginning; E-Man Part 2, The Brain and the Bomb; Melifera Adamsonii on the Warpath (text)
1E-Man (1st series)E-Man Part 1, The Beginning; E-Man Part 2, The Brain and the Bomb; Melifera Adamsonii on the Warpath (text); Operation: Rotten Apple!
1E-Man (3rd Series)E-Man: Quark and the Real World; Michael Mauser, Private Eye: Into Thin Air
3/ACharlton Arrow, The (Vol. 2)E-Man: The Great Battle; Edison Corliss’s Industrial Steam & Ironworks; Deathwatch; Blank: Let’s You and HIm Fight; Mr. Mixit: Lost in Limbo!
3/BCharlton Arrow, The (Vol. 2)E-Man: The Great Battle; Edison Corliss’s Industrial Steam & Ironworks; Deathwatch; Blank: Let’s You and HIm Fight; Mr. Mixit: Lost in Limbo!
1Charlton Arrow, The (Vol. 2)E-Man:The Homecoming; Monster Hunter: Here There Be Monsters; Mr. Mixit: The Dreamweaver; Edison Corles Industrial Steam & Ironworks; Deathwatch: Dead Reckoning
822Detective ComicsE. Nigma, Consulting Detective
1-2Enormous (2nd Series)E.L.E.
1/AEnormous (2nd Series)E.L.E.
1/BEnormous (2nd Series)E.L.E.
1/CEnormous (2nd Series)E.L.E.
1/DEnormous (2nd Series)E.L.E.
Anl 2X-Files, TheE.L.F.s
1E-Man (2nd Series)E.M., Phone Home; Rog-2000 Vs Auntie Decay!
1Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius 2.0, TheE.T. Go Home
Bk 1Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius 2.0, TheE.T. Go Home; How The West Was Weened; Target: Ween or The Truth Is Out There With Men In Black Who Trust No One; Sketch Gallery
1E.Z. WolfE.Z. Wolf; Jimmy Otter Slept Here; Tales Of Ezekiel Wolf; E.Z. Wolf Pays the Rent; Bible Salesman; Jimmy Otter Gets Some Down Home Advice; Jimmy Otter Gets an Ear Full!; Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door; Tales of Ezekiel Wolf: Mashville; The Wit and Wisdom of E.Z. Wolf; What Ever Happened To Speckle Pig?; Ezekiel Wolf; E.Z. Wolf as Wolfjack in The Case of the Missing Quack; Art, Poor Ol’ Art; Art Poor Ol’ Art: Epilogue; E.Z. Wolfe’s Kangaroo Court
4Supernatural Law Secretary MavisE:A:N:D:O:
3Cave BangE=MC2; Passion; Trust Me; Sex vs Romance; Jealousy; Cave Mankind; Love and…Abandon
245Uomo Ragno, L’ (Marvel Italia)E’ importante avere amici (dell’umanità?); Vertigini; Niente può fermare il Fenomeno
620Spider-Man (Marvel Italia)E’ mio ora; Diventare un arrampicamuri-parte 3; Diventare un arrampicamuri-parte 4; Kaine
229Uomo Ragno, L’ (Marvel Italia)E’ sempre più buio…; Galleria dei più famosi nemici dell’Uomo Ragno; La giustizia… come il fulmine!
257Uomo Ragno, L’ (1st Series)E’ TORNATO GOBLIN
211Fantastici Quattro (Edizioni Star)E’ Troppo Tardi Per Fermarsi!, Poi Mi Sono Svegliato…
23Poison Elves (Sirius)E’jja
39Young Love (Crestwood)Each Day I Die!; Marriage on the Rocks!; Lovers Quarrel!; Will You Help Me?; My Fear of Men!
74Sgt. FuryEach Man Alone!
1Outer DarknessEach Other’s Throat, Part 1; Captain on the Bridge
1/AOuter DarknessEach Other’s Throat, Part 1; Captain on the Bridge
2Outer DarknessEach Other’s Throat, Part 2; Red Alert
3Outer DarknessEach Other’s Throat, Part 3; Away Team
4Outer DarknessEach Other’s Throat, Part 4; Elox
5Outer DarknessEach Other’s Throat, Part 5; Planetfall
6Outer DarknessEach Other’s Throat, Part 6; PLanetfall 2
1Cities Service Dealers Present… Eager Beaver Story BookEager Beaver Gets an Idea; Eager Beaver Goes to Work; Eager Beaver’s Fables: The Dog and the Frog; Eager Beaver and the Runaway Bike; Eager Beaver’s Fables: The Fox and the Grapes; Eager Beaver Takes a Trip; Eager Beaver Demonstrates; Eager Beaver Plays It Safe
5Superman: American AlienEagle
5/ASuperman: American AlienEagle
961Five Cent Wide Awake LibraryEagle Dan The Boy Hermit of the Rockies
79TomahawkEagle Eye’s Debt of Honor; cartoon: Buck Skinner; Night of the Betrayal; Frontier Supermarket (text); educ: Indian Album; The Alien Indian Chief
12-Headed GiantEagle Heart; The Cavalier and the Cutthroat; The Nine Lives of the Cat-Handler
2497CommandoEagle in the Sun
322Buffalo Bill Library (2nd Series)Eagle Kit, the Sky Dwarf
3261CommandoEagle On The Shore
1280Battle Picture LibraryEagle Roost
23Air Ace Picture LibraryEagle Warrior
4Resurrection (Vol. 2)Eagle; 42
27Buster Brown Comic BookEagle’s Prey; Smilin’ Ed Visits Gremlin Land; Tiger’s Trust
2Namor, The Sub-MarinerEagle’s Wing And Lion’s Claw!
1FannyEagles and Amazons; The First Casualty; Spoils of War; Victim; Punch; Home Front; War Men; Camper; A Proud Nation at War; Moya
342Air Ace Picture LibraryEagles Fly High
451Treasure Chest of Fun and FactEamon de Valera, Hero of Ireland, Part 4; Did You Know?; Monkey Business; Marian Fathers (text piece); The Rocket is Missing (text story); Pierre; Sock Jones in the Deep Six Mystery, Part 5; Pup; Chuck White; A Hole in One
1Espers (Caliber)Eapers Introduction; The Gathering of Power; The McVicar File; The Coming Storm; Los Desaparecidos (The Disappearing Ones); Thunderhead; Nightfall; The Tempest
15Richie Rich InventionsEar Conditioning; Smellervision Dog; The Unrefreshment; Pie Golly
8Archie’s Double Digest MagazineEar Today and Gone Tomorrow; Cover Up; Betty’s Maze; Jughead’s Gag Bag; Captain Kidder; Heat Rave; Jughead Gag Bag; Canvas Candor; Going Steady; Betty Presents Bowling Tips For Girl Bowlers; Betty and Veronica Gag Bag; Sell Me Pretty Maiden!; Old Tricks; Smack Smack; File Smile; Hopless Heap; Swith Witch; Archie Seeing Double Puzzle; Betty and Veronic Gag Bag; Joker’s Wild; Happy Hobby; Cracked; A Fish Story; The Charm Course!; Jughead’s Capital Idea Puzzle; The Little Archies in Summer Camp Story; Hang Up!; Lucky Peace; Super Duck in Double Trouble; Hot Dog’s Customized Dog Houses; Kite Kaper; Fats and Figures; Archie’s Gag Bag; Square Deal!; The Truth Hurts; Bend Over; Jugheads ?????? Riddle Page; Ice Cream For You; The Lucky Day; Archie’s Guide to Fishy Fishing; Vidiocy; T.V. Dinners; Ice Going; Arty Smarty; To Catch a Thief; Winner Take All; Fair
7Bulco Mini ComicEarful
5Rocko’s Modern LifeEarl & Water Don’t Mix; Spunky’s Kinda Funky
1Reactor GirlEarl; A Conversation; Twister; My House Never Sleeps; Normal; Magnetic Social; The ’ABC’s’ of Things That Make You Bleed; Reactor Girl
8Sword Art OnlineEarly and Late
102Everything’s ArchieEarly Bird Special; On the Fence; Archie’s Gag Bag; The Last Day of School; Speed Demon; Drum Roll
314Uncanny X-Men, TheEarly Frost
5Chroma-Tick, TheEarly Morning of a Million-Zillion Ninjas
5Tick, TheEarly Morning of a Million-Zillion Ninjas
5-2Tick, TheEarly Morning of a Million-Zillion Ninjas
5-3Tick, TheEarly Morning of a Million-Zillion Ninjas
5-4Tick, TheEarly Morning of a Million-Zillion Ninjas
5-5Tick, TheEarly Morning of a Million-Zillion Ninjas
1Sock Monkey (Tony Millionaire’s…)Early One Morning in Angelino Heights…; One Summer On Staten Island
38Mad Super SpecialEarly One Morning in the Near Future; Rockhead; MAD Baseball Primer, The; Don Martin On the Golf Course; A MAD Look of Sports; You Know You’re REALLY A FOOTBALL FAN When…; One Day at the Ocean; MAD Game of Basebrawl, The; What Coaches Say… In Public… and… In Private; A Psalm For a Sabbath Morning; MAD Ice Hockey Primer, The; MAD Look at Hunting, A; Sports Typography; Hunter, The; Surfing; Howard at the Mike; In the Locker Room; Little League Hall of Fame, The; MAD Look at the Joys of SCUBA Diving (A Study in Depth), A; A Sports Fan’s Garden of Verses; MAD Gun Owners and Other Small Bores Primer, The; A Nostalgic Look at Sandlot Baseball; MAD Magazine Introduces 43-Man Squamish; A MAD Look at Bicycling; Outdoor Sports Indoors; Sports Spectators’ Hall of Fame, The; One Night at the Fights; Longest Yardbird, The; Finish, The; One Day at the Beach
6Abbott & Costello (Charlton)Early One Morning; Thought for Food; Far Out West; Telegraph Trees; The Big Push; Crime Does Not Pay; Gof of Course; Up Stroke; Too Small; Little Orphan Riding Hood
80/ABeep Beep, The Road Runner (Gold Key)Early Risers; Retreat and Return; A Helping Hand; Follow That Beat
51Batman: Gotham AdventuresEarly Thaw
1Harvey Collectors ComicsEarly to Bed; For the Birds; Little Dot: Uncle Tape’s Speedy Fixer; Little Lotta: Singing Sensation; The Golden Touch; Sleepytime Boy; Little Dot: Uncle Rush; Little Lotta: The Project
1Richie Rich (1st Series)Early to Bed; For the Birds; Little Dot: Uncle Tape’s Speedy Fixer; The Funny Bunny (text); The Wall (text); Little Lotta: Singing Sensation
1Patty Cake & Friends (Vol. 2)Early to Rise; For Art’s Sake; Why Hothead Totally Rules!; Strange Bedfellows
116Groo the WandererEarly Uno Morning…; Rufferto
2Star Trek OmnibusEarly Voyages
1W.O.W. The World of WardEarly Ward; Operation: Moonlight Bay; The Origin of Torchy; Ward’s Telephone Girls; Centerfold Cocktail Party!; The Pin Up Art of Jack Cole: Just Jake!; Bill Ward’s Showgirls; Ward on Crime!
25HellblazerEarly Warning
Bk 3NutmegEarly Winter: Femme Brulee
12Phoenix (Viz)Early Works
257ArchieEarly Worms Get the Bird; Dip Quip; Stairs in Your Eyes; Archie’s Gag Bag; It’s a Racket; Summer Bummer; Swan Song; Risky Rescue
Bk 8Exiles (Marvel)Earn Your Wings
46Exiles (Marvel)Earn Your Wings, Part 1
47Exiles (Marvel)Earn Your Wings, Part 2
48Exiles (Marvel)Earn Your Wings, Part 3
1071Combat Picture Library (2nd Series)Earned With Honour
46WarEarning a D.S.C.; Ski’s Gun; Recon Squad; The Growth of Fear
1Ratchet & ClankEars of War
1Planetary ExpansionEarth
42Spider-Man 2099Earth
2Street Fighter III Ryu FinalEarth
Bk 3Sword, TheEarth
24Captain America (Marvel UK)Earth 33 1/3; BlockBuster!; Minute of Madness— Dark Day of Doom!
25Captain America (Marvel UK)Earth 33 1/3; Fort Apache, The Hulk! BlockBuster!; Minute of Madness— Dark Day of Doom!
31Captain America (Marvel UK)Earth 33 1/3; Prison Reform!
88CableEarth Abides
261Avengers, TheEarth And Beyond!
1Inu-Yasha Part 3Earth and Bones
33Hawkman (4th series)Earth and Sky
1Aliens: Earth AngelEarth Angel
Bk 3CrimsonEarth Angel
2Saint SinnerEarth Angel
Bk 1Dark FangEarth Calling
15Challengers of the Unknown (2nd Series)Earth Came A-Walkin’
1ProbeEarth Case
447BatmanEarth Day! Demon Night!
215Archie’s Pals ’n GalsEarth Day; I Beg your Pardon; The Perfect Voice; The Lesson
9Infinite Crisis: Fight for the MultiverseEarth Engine
89Strange AdventuresEarth for Sale; Prisoner of the Rainbow; Detour in Time; Mystery of the Unknown Invention
BK 1Shade, The Changing GirlEarth Girl Made Easy
1Shade, The Changing GirlEarth Girl Made Easy, Part 1; Running Off to the Great Blue
1/AShade, The Changing GirlEarth Girl Made Easy, Part 1; Running Off to the Great Blue
1/BShade, The Changing GirlEarth Girl Made Easy, Part 1; Running Off to the Great Blue
2Shade, The Changing GirlEarth Girl Made Easy, Part 2; School is Hell
2/AShade, The Changing GirlEarth Girl Made Easy, Part 2; School is Hell
3Avengers ArenaEarth Girls Aren’t Easy
3-2Avengers ArenaEarth Girls Aren’t Easy
3/AAvengers ArenaEarth Girls Aren’t Easy
148Strange AdventuresEarth Hero Number One!; educ: Amazing Ratios!; Earth-The Forbidden Planet!; educ: Science Says You’re Wrong if You Believe That—; The Evolutionary Ensign of Space!
1Howling Commandos Of S.H.I.E.L.D.Earth Idol
1/AHowling Commandos Of S.H.I.E.L.D.Earth Idol
1/BHowling Commandos Of S.H.I.E.L.D.Earth Idol
1/CHowling Commandos Of S.H.I.E.L.D.Earth Idol
1/DHowling Commandos Of S.H.I.E.L.D.Earth Idol
1/EHowling Commandos Of S.H.I.E.L.D.Earth Idol
6Ame-Comi GirlsEarth In Crisis
Bk 2Ame-Comi GirlsEarth In Crisis
Bk 3-2Authority, TheEarth Inferno
Bk 3Authority, TheEarth Inferno and Other Stories
17Authority, TheEarth Inferno, Part 1
18Authority, TheEarth Inferno, Part 2
19Authority, TheEarth Inferno, Part 3
20Authority, TheEarth Inferno, Part 4
1Alien Encounters (Fantaco)Earth Invasion; Chairman Mao and the Men from Mars; There’s No Business Like Space Business!!!; Fast Food; Saucer Attack; Surviving Son; Pick of the Litter; Watcher from the Skies; Big Marvy: U.F.O. Indoors; Outpost
69Pow!Earth Is Out Of Bounds; Bring Back My Goblin To Me; The Tiddlers And The Dolls; Experiment X; Georgie’s Germs; Sammy Shrink; Dare-A-Day Davy; The Two Faces Of Janus; The Cloak And The Ancient Egg Caper; The Fantastic Four!
26Mystery in SpaceEarth is the Target; Calling Space-Doctor Duncan; One-Man Planet; Mystery of the Counterfeit Space-Cabby
FCBD 2016Spectrum (Automatic)Earth met its first alien neighbor quite by accident. The second time humans ventured in another star system, they ran smack into four disabled spaceships drifting toward their death. Inside they found the Tamarans. They looked cute. The astronauts brought them back and the world embraced them. They gifted earth with new technologies, new religions and shared stories of others within our universe. It was the new dawn of mankind until their own military came looking for these traitors of the empricical Tamarian regime. Over 300 million humans died as the alien forces tried to kill only a handful of their own. When the executions of their rebels were finished, they simply left Earth to clean up the mess.
12Ka-Zar (3rd Series)Earth Mother
1Zombie War (Tundra)Earth Must Be Destroyed!
1Zombie War: Earth Must Be DestroyedEarth Must be Destroyed!
2Witching, TheEarth Oddity
SE 13DC Comics: Graphic Novel CollectionEarth One: Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Teen Titans
3Doom Patrol (5th Series)Earth Science; Metal Men: I… Robot Huater!
3/ADoom Patrol (5th Series)Earth Science; Metal Men: I… Robot Huater!
1/ATall TailsEarth Shaking
1Tall Tails: Thieves’ Quest (Vision Comics)Earth shaking
1Tall Tales (Vision Comics)Earth shaking
7From Beyond the UnknownEarth Shall Not Die!; The Menace Of Saturn’s Rings; Next Year - Andromeda!; Do Not Open Till Doomsday!; World At The Edge Of The Universe!; The Twice-Told Tale!; The Giant From Beyond!
29Astonishing Tales (UK Edition)Earth Shall Overcome
29Astonishing TalesEarth Shall Overcome!
62Captain Marvel (1st Series)Earth Skirmish
62Captain Marvel (UK Edition)Earth Skirmish
166Sonic the ComicEarth Spirits
Bk 5-2Saga of the Swamp Thing, TheEarth to Earth
55Swamp Thing (2nd Series)Earth to Earth
2Haven: The Broken CityEarth to Haven
2Phantom Zone, TheEarth Under Seige!
4Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless WaltzEarth Under Siege
Bk 1Prophet: Earth WarEarth War
84Alpha Flight (1st Series)Earth War, Part 1; The Big Picture
6Newcomers IllustratedEarth War; Garv Racer = Hollow Victories; Zandar’s Adventures in Spacae; Nine
8Micronauts (Vol. 1)Earth Wars
37Justice League of AmericaEarth Without a Justice League
30Marvel (Panini)EARTH X; TERRAIN INCONNU, Part 2
2Micronauts (Vol. 1)Earth!
2-2Micronauts (Vol. 1)Earth!
16Guardians of the Galaxy (2nd Series)Earth, Overcome
3Crisis on Multiple EarthsEarth- The Monster-Maker!; Solomon Grundy- The One and Only; The Unknown Soldier of Victory!; The Hand That Shook the World; And One of Us Must Die!; Crisis on Earth-X!; Thirteen Against the Earth!; The Creature in the Velvet Cage
Anl 1Justice Society of America (2nd Series)Earth-2
8Young Avengers (2nd Series)Earth-616
103Green Lantern (2nd Series)Earth-Asylum for an Alien
3James Bond Jr.Earth-Cracker!
2Star-Lord (Marvel, 3rd Series)Earth-Lord, Part 2
2/AStar-Lord (Marvel, 3rd Series)Earth-Lord, Part 2
3Star-Lord (Marvel, 3rd Series)Earth-Lord, Part 3; Making Your Way In the World Today Takes Everything You’ve Got
3/AStar-Lord (Marvel, 3rd Series)Earth-Lord, Part 3; Making Your Way In the World Today Takes Everything You’ve Got
4Star-Lord (Marvel, 3rd Series)Earth-Lord, Part 4; Silver & Diamonds
5Star-Lord (Marvel, 3rd Series)Earth-Lord, Part 5; The Heist
6Star-Lord (Marvel, 3rd Series)Earth-Lord, Part 6
3Legion of Super-Heroes (6th Series)Earth-Man’s Choice
3/ALegion of Super-Heroes (6th Series)Earth-Man’s Choice
1Low SocietyEarth-Pig Reborn; Everything; Cerebus 700: That Was Then, This Is Now!; The Sound of One Hand Honking; Morning Stroll; Legacy A.K.A.: Issue 300.1
187Wonder Woman (1st Series)Earth-Quaker
10Contest of ChampionsEarth’s Fightiest Hereos
10/AContest of ChampionsEarth’s Fightiest Hereos
150Superman (2nd Series)Earth’s Final Hour
150/SCSuperman (2nd Series)Earth’s Final Hour
86Justice League of AmericaEarth’s Final Hour!
153Justice League of AmericaEarth’s First and Last Super-Hero!
154Strange AdventuresEarth’s Friendly Invaders!; educ: Amazing Ratios!; The Beast That Broke the Time Barrier!; PSA: A Tree Grows On Second Street; Escape-Artist of Space!
13From Beyond the UnknownEarth’s Friendly Invaders; Yes, Virginia— There Is A Martian!; Quest Of The Star-Flowers!; The Monster That Fished For Men!; The Phantom Spaceman!
81All Star Adventure ComicEarth’s Frozen Heat Wave
161Strange AdventuresEarth’s Frozen Heat Wave!; No Yesterday—No Tomorrow—No Nothing!; Space Museum Of The Dead World!
233Strange AdventuresEarth’s Frozen Heat Wave; Strange Adventures in Mathematics!; The Invisible Invaders of Rann; The Man Who Stole The Air; What Happened On Sirius-4?
478Action ComicsEarth’s Last Day!
243Superboy and the Legion of Super-HeroesEarth’s Last Stand
4Super Powers (1st Series)Earth’s Last Stand
4Super Powers (1st Series, Canadian Edition)Earth’s Last Stand
175Dark Avengers (2nd Series)Earth’s Mightest…
175/ADark Avengers (2nd Series)Earth’s Mightest…
Bk 5Mighty AvengersEarth’s Mightiest
Bk 5/HCMighty AvengersEarth’s Mightiest
6Avengers (Vol. 3)Earth’s Mightiest Frauds?
Bk 5Captain Marvel (10th Series)Earth’s Mightiest Hero
Bk 1Captain Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest HeroEarth’s Mightiest Hero
Bk 2Captain Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest HeroEarth’s Mightiest Hero
Bk 3Captain Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest HeroEarth’s Mightiest Hero
Bk 4Captain Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest HeroEarth’s Mightiest Hero
Bk 5Captain Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest HeroEarth’s Mightiest Hero
1Avengers Epic Collection, TheEarth’s Mightiest Heroes
1/HC-2Ultimates OmnibusEarth’s Mightiest Heroes: An Introduction by Joss Whedon; Ultimates (Vol. 1), #1, 3/2002: Super-Human; Ultimates (Vol. 1), #2, 4/2002: Big; Ultimates (Vol. 1), #3, 5/2002: 21st Century Boy; Ultimates (Vol. 1), #4, 6/2002: Thunder; Ultimates (Vol. 1), #5, 7/2002: Hulk Does Manhattan; Ultimates (Vol. 1), #6, 8/2002: Giant Man vs. the Wasp; Ultimates (Vol. 1), #7, 9/2002: Homeland Security; Ultimates (Vol. 1), #8, 11/2002: The Experts; Ultimates (Vol. 1), #9, 4/2003: Captain America vs. Giant Man; Ultimates (Vol. 1), #10, 7/2003: Devil in Disguise; Ultimates (Vol. 1), #11, 9/2003: The Art of War; Ultimates (Vol. 1), #12, 11/2003: Persons of Mass Destruction; Ultimates (Vol. 1), #13, 4/2004: How I Learned to Love the Hulk; Introduction to Ultimates 2 by Johathan Ross; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #1, 2/2005: Gods and Monsters; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #2, 5/2005: Dead Man Walking; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #3, 4/2005: The Trial of the Hulk; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #4, 5/2005: Brothers; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #5, 6/2005: The Passion Play; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #6, 7/2005: The Defenders; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #7, 9/2005: Wolf in the Fold; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #8, 11/2005: Born on the Fourth of July; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #9, 1/2006: Grand Theft America; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #10, 3/2006: Axis of Evil; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #11, 7/2006: America Strikes Back; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #12, 8/2006: The Avengers; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #13, 2/2007: Independence Day; Ultimates Annual (Vol. 1), #1, 10/2005: The Reserves; Ultimates Commentry Featuring Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch; Bonus Features; Ultimates 2 (Vol. 1), #1 Sketch Variant, 2/2005: Gods and Monsters; Biographies
1Avengers vs. AtlasEarth’s Mightiest Super Heroes, Part 1; Defender of the Deep
1/AAvengers vs. AtlasEarth’s Mightiest Super Heroes, Part 1; Defender of the Deep
2Avengers vs. AtlasEarth’s Mightiest Super Heroes, Part 2; S (take)out!
2/AAvengers vs. AtlasEarth’s Mightiest Super Heroes, Part 2; S (take)out!
3/AAvengers vs. AtlasEarth’s Mightiest Super Heroes, Part 3; Hey, Venus!
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